Emeka Ofodile

The Why? Ofodile has taken ownership of ESPN’s Champion Black Businesses year after year, and in 2022 he helped lead the team by expanding support to four local businesses in four markets. In addition, he’s made significant contributions to ESPN’s efforts around social and racial justice, such as creating the Social Justice Sports Workshop to gather professional league partners and drive meaningful change.

He says… “For us, the Champion Black Businesses program is a great example of how brands can make a positive impact on local communities. It gives us the opportunity to spotlight the stories of Black-owned businesses and showcase the dedication they put in day-in and day-out to make an impact.  It lives into our mission is to serve sports fans anytime, anywhere and that means all fans. In all communities. Anytime. Anywhere.” 

A movie that inspires me: Adam Sandler and LeBron James’ “Hustle” on Netflix

What TV series or movie inspires you? Adam Sandler and LeBron James’ ‘Hustle’ on Netflix. One of the best basketball movies made. However, I loved the human story of it. It is about hard work. It is about pushing through the struggle. It is about family. It is about answering doubters. It is about people believing in you to give you a chance. Finally, it is about bringing your best. In a lot of ways, you can make parallels to one’s own career and what it takes to succeed.

First event attended IRL when live reopened? An Islanders playoff game in 2021 with my NHL league marketing partners in Long Island at Nassau Coliseum. It was pretty electric, surreal, and amazing all at once. On one hand, you couldn’t believe you were actually back in person. On the other hand, you felt the rush that only a live sports event could provide and just how important it was to celebrate and be with a community of sports fans.

Organization you’re proud to support? Africa Soft Power. A thought-leadership platform that brings different voices across the globe to help propel Africa to play a leading role in global discourse. Being Nigerian, it is great to see an organization championing Africa’s leading voices in global discourse to help transform the trajectory of Africa.

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