Diane Christman

Christman shepherded The Cable Center’s successful launch of its new operating brand—Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center—in March 2023, driving a valuable array of intrapreneurship and innovation programs, collaboration events and thought leadership to support workforce development. With this sharpened focus, Syndeo Institute accelerates the expansion of workforce development programs to address critical needs of the C-Suite and HR leaders including employee retention, intrapreneurship to accelerate innovation and talent pipeline development.

What emerging industry trend are you most excited by? I’m excited about emerging innovations in CX, especially how the integration of AI can enhance the customer experience.

TV Series everyone should binge: “Emily in Paris.” There’s not enough appreciation for acting like a boss while wearing stilettos.

Book that greatly influenced my leadership style: The four statements that lead to wisdom from Chief Inspector Armand Gamache – “I was wrong.” “I’m sorry.” “I don’t know.” And “I need help.” Four excellent statements that influence my leadership style and my personal life. From the Louise Penny Chief Inspector Gamache Mystery Series.

Business-speak buzzword I find most annoying: During the pandemic, working from home, my husband let me know I was circling back a lot. Worse still, I tended to circle back about low-hanging fruit. Newly aware, I now lean in to win-win situations only if they move the needle.

Ways to destress: The connectivity industry plays a prominent role in all my favorite destressing activities. Between binge watching my favorite shows, playing Wordle daily, and my online shopping habit, I put the broad in broadband.

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