If you want to know what the next generation of viewing experiences will look like, you need to talk to Fitzgerald. Her current passions are holographic displays and light field technology, and she’s guiding the work needed to make those displays more commonplace. Fitzgerald’s leadership at the Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance led to the first immersive media specification that will allow holographic content to deploy over a HFC network. She’s also played a key role in the implementation and success of energy efficiency voluntary agreements all across North America. “I think everyone should read ‘Loonshots’ by Safi Bahcall to be inspired to innovate,” she says.

What’s one way your company has broadened the recruiting process to ensure greater diversity?
CableLabs has a strong internship program where we are finding great recruits with more diversity. Our two most recent C-staff hires were women as well.

What question(s) should you ask to ensure you’re achieving pay equity?
I’m more concerned about opportunities to learn and grow than pay equity, maybe because I’ve been blessed to work for organizations with transparent salary structures. I feel if someone consistently demonstrates they’re contributing and operating at the next level, they should be recognized and elevated to that next level.

How would you rate the industry regarding gender bias in shows/characters?
Improving, but I’d like to see more strong females in science and technology-based roles.

Best advice for someone looking to re-enter the workforce after a hiatus?
I would advise someone to take advantage of all the great educational opportunities online to help them ramp up and jump start their contributions, to explore their connections and networks, be courageous and jump in with both feet.

Do you have an example of male allyship that made a difference to you?
I work closely with many amazing men in the industry who have helped shape who I am today. I value my high-trust relationships with many male colleagues, and I appreciate that they treat me the same as everyone else.

What one female empowerment book do you think every woman should read?
I think everyone should read “Loonshots” by Safi Bahcall to be inspired to innovate, but it’s not quite a “female empowerment” book. “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg is my favorite in that category.

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