The Why? As a member of the AAPI community, Kim prioritizes work that reflects issues and stories impacting all members of the NBC News audience. Helping to build out four diversity verticals, she has paved the way for the network to emphasize award-winning reporting on minority communities. Kim also works with the NBCU Academy to mentor and speak on the challenges and opportunities of advocating for yourself in the workplace.

She Says… “My coworkers describe me as a strong, direct, strategic and principled leader.”

First event I attended IRL when live reopened: VidCon 2022 in Anaheim

Coworkers describe me as… A strong, direct, strategic and principled leader

What TV series or movie inspires you? Stay Tuned (by NBC News on Snapchat)

Who has kicked down a door for you? Susan Zirinsky (president of See It Now Studios, Paramount+, CBS, VIacomCBS)

Honored For: