Anthony Pope

Pope feels a lot of pride on what he and his team have accomplished this year—from transitioning employees to remote work without sacrificing productivity to championing social justice initiatives, stocking local food banks and providing low-income households with broadband and devices. As a leader at Cox, he’s had the opportunity to lend his voice to the conversations taking place within the company on race, equity and social justice. “It is important that our corporate leaders understand that experiences of racial injustice are often lived journeys of its African American executives,” Pope says.

The conversation about racial injustice in 2020 has been… gut-wrenching. Necessary. Inspiring. The catalyst for these conversations is heartbreaking, but I see Americans, particularly Corporate America, standing up, reaching out and listening. 

What are some of the tough conversations this industry needs to have?
What are we doing at this very moment, right now, to ensure minorities and women are reflected in senior level leadership positions? What are we doing wrong and what must we – no – what will we do differently, right now, to ensure that diverse leaders are invited to have a seat at the table?

How have you been a champion of diversity & inclusion in your professional life?
I use my platform in forums across the country to illustrate the importance of living these values 24/7. I have been very intentional in developing and nurturing minority talent and using diversity, equity and inclusion as a lens through which I lead.

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