4G Networking Equipment

Actiontec Electronics

4G LTE Router

Actiontec has been on the forefront of Long Term Evolution (LTE) development, and it’s launched a 4G router designed for the home/SOHO marketed. The 4GRN-LV 4G Router includes 4G service speeds, wireless N networking, a Gigabit Ethernet switch and two VoIP ports. The Gigabit Ethernet switch is available on both the LAN and WAN sides to support speeds as fast as 1,000 Mbps. Further, the 4G LTE router integrates the 4G radio directly inside; as a result, broadband service providers are able to control the radio directly. In addition, the router supports TR-069 remote-management capabilities that help operators provide better customer service and support with fewer truck rolls. The 4G LTE router also offers more revenue options through bundled applications. With support for Java Virtual Machine and Java Runtime software, the operator can offer such apps as home automation, home security and personal media as soon as they are ordered by the subscriber.

Honorable Mentions:

Metaswitch Networks
Perimeta Session Border Controller

Test Equipment



The IxNetwork measures the functionality and performance of tunneling mechanisms on network equipment prior to deployment of DS-Lite and 6rd. To offer customers a seamless IPv6 transition, IxNetwork helps ensure service providers can deliver with requisite quality guarantees, allowing them to design and configure networks through protocol and traffic stress-testing to identify the scalability limits of each device. It is equally important to validate interoperability of the different network devices, especially given the compatibility risks between IPv4 and IPv6 devices. IxNetwork provides critical validation as it enables repeatable measurements across network devices. It emulates the customer premises and home devices as well as the Internet services surrounding each broadband network device under test (DUT). This allows service providers to test network equipment under real-world scenarios without the time and expense of building extensive test beds of real gear. IxNetwork can emulate clients and servers surrounding the dual-stack DUT.

Honorable Mentions:


FOCIS Fiber-Optic Connector

Sunrise Telecom
AT2500 PLUS Spectrum Analyzer Family

RF/HFC Technology

Aurora Networks

Node QAM Technology

Node QAM technology combines a modular QAM platform with field-deployed optical nodes. It receives optically transported digital multiplexes (effectively via baseband digital) from the headend, and its output are these multiplexes, either modulated into RF directly downstream or first combined in the node with legacy RF signals. It continues to interest industry players. To some, the concept seems familiar, but questions remain about how it works and its compatibility with other industry initiatives. Those who see something recognizable in the Node QAM technology may be recalling other attempts to enhance the node’s capabilities. A more comparable implementation these days is a premises-based unit that can create lineups for the hospitality or multi-dwelling unit (MDU) markets. Aurora’s Node QAM solution is an industry first: the first QAM product designed to be installed remotely in a cable-TV node. Using the Remote QAM Node QAM modules, QAMs can be allocated and configured on a node-by-node basis, as service needs arise and shift. The Node QAM also opens up a migration path to digital HFC architecture, and the solution is complementary with CableLabs’ CCAP initiative; extending the logical boundary of the headend out to the node and minimizing the analog portion of the HFC remains consistent with the goals and specifications of CCAP.

Honorable Mention:

TAT6281 FTTH Variable Gain Receiver

Digital Rights Management, Conditional Access & Authentication

Verimatrix Inc.

Verimatrix MultiRights for DASH

Verimatrix MultiRights for DASH is a component within the third-generation Video Content Authority System (VCAS) 3 that supports the secure delivery of video content via the newly ratified MPEG-DASH adaptive streaming standard. The support of DASH within the MultiRights architecture is consistent with the philosophy of the Common Encryption approach, while also exploiting existing Verimatrix integrations with the major adaptive streaming encoder vendor product ranges. Leveraging this unique approach provides an effective upgrade path from today’s de facto adaptive streaming systems to the new DASH compliant delivery standards while limiting integration changes in both head-end and client-side components. MultiRights lets consumers enjoy the latest in IP-based, OTT and mobile entertainment and other services. With the addition of DASH support, the company expects adoption to become even more widespread.

Honorable Mentions:

VideoGuard Connect

Motorola Mobility
Motorola SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+

Cloud Software For Providers

Motorola Mobility

Motorola DreamGallery Cloud-Based Multi-Screen Video Navigation Software

The DreamGallery Cloud-Based Multi-Screen Video Navigation Software provides a development framework that simplifies the development environment by extending desktop publishing development tools to set-tops and a range of connected TVs, mobile devices and tablets. It is World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards-based, and it offers a software development kit (SDK) for development of client-side applications and custom GUIs. Using the DreamGallery SDK toolkit, video service providers can build their own customized GUI experience using in-house development resources or can contract with Motorola to build custom interfaces according to their specifications. New features can be instantly published across all set-tops or other devices without requiring a reset or restart. DreamGallery will also enable TV providers to deliver consistent on-screen experience across multiple devices. Standards-based interfaces allow video service providers to easily plug in HTML5 applications and to “hot-deploy” new applications using the DreamGallery Portal Generator, enabling a broader choice of functions and features for the consumer within the GUI, beyond linear and VOD navigation. DreamGallery has been deployed in more than 24 markets worldwide, more than 20 of them in Europe and the United States.

Honorable Mention:

TelVue Corporation
TelVue Connect

Home Networking/ Automation Technology

Comtrend Corporation

PG-9141S Powerline Ethernet Adapter

The PG-9141S is plug and play unit that can plug into three-prong outlets to activate the ClearPath Technology by Sigma Designs. This small unit excels on two fronts. First, it is cost-competitive through distribution and direct purchasing when compared with competing technologies, including wireless, as well as with other powerline vendors. Without Sigma Designs’ patent-pending ClearPath technology, other powerline alternatives use two and not three wires. By excluding the ground wire, they forgo the unencumbered and unused wire to optimize signal- and bandwidth. The benefit of using powerline technology is well-known because placement requires no new wiring or technical expertise.

Honorable Mention:

Motorola Mobility
Motorola 4Home Connected Home Gateway

BSS/OSS Deployment

StepOne Inc.

StepOne Wave and Support Solution

Targeting MSOs, telcos and consumer-electronics manufacturers, StepOne’s patent-pending Wave and Support solution puts personalized troubleshooting in the consumer’s or technician’s hand by creating customized tags that leverage QR Code and Near Field Communications smartphone technologies and the smartphone’s Internet connection to provide contextually relevant information directly to the individual — the right information at the right place at the right time. Deployment of the solution is easy because it makes use of mobile technologies already in place, and it can link to existing self-help content. A cable operator can be up and running in a matter of weeks, with the hardest part being a small change in the logistics process to place a sticker on a device and to associate it with the device’s ID and the customer’s account. The Wave and Support solution also saves money by reducing customer-service calls and truck rolls that do occur more efficient. Provider business cases show ROIs of between 250 percent and 600 percent.

Honorable Mentions:

Sigma Systems
Device Provisioning Manager (DPM)

TOA Technologies

Network Policy-Control Solution

Comptel Corporation

Comptel Policy Control

Comptel Policy Control helps mobile broadband operators combine complicated charging rules for multivendor 3G, LTE, WiMAX, fixed and cable networks with the real-time application of network and business policy. It pre-integrates usage monitoring, service control, contextual intelligence and customer-charging capabilities, and its engine can be configured for various use cases, including a Policy and Charging Rules function (PCRF), Fair Usage Control, End-to-End Policy Management with Intelligent Congestion Control, Roaming Cost Control and Analytics-Driven Policy Management. Comptel believes that policy control is especially an essential part of the LTE architecture and is integral to all network transactions. The PCRF intelligently manages each data session and decides how services should be categorized to use different data pipes, how services should be delivered within the pipe in terms of quality and how they should be charged. And as networks’ central elements become more capable of managing and applying dynamic policies, Comptel Policy Control enables CSPs to shift their focus to more business and customer-oriented policy control. This means that while the customer experience can be effectively controlled based on such technical parameters as device, application and location, it can be further qualified by such business parameters as subscribers’ identities, and their tariffs and SLAs.

Residential Set-Tops & Gateways


ARRIS Whole Home Solution

The ARRIS Whole Home Solution is a converged voice, data and video platform consisting of media and transport gateways, players, operating systems, middleware and user interfaces. Key features include the ability to customize the subscriber’s whole-home entertainment and communications experience, deliver DOCSIS 3.0 wideband data and carrier-grade voice service, streamline installation and provisioning, deliver advanced services at the premises with a lower subscriber cost of acquisition and offer a Wi-Fi 802.11n option for subscribers without a Wi-Fi network. The advanced architecture employed by ARRIS focuses on a single headless (no direct connection to the TV or audio system) triple-play box, allows for a one device installation and single multi-stream CableCARD. From a cost-comparison basis, installing the ARRIS Whole Home Solution, with its whole-home HD DVR, triple-play wireless routing and other functionalities become a less-expensive proposition for the MSO after a second (and subsequent) TV screen(s) is connected to an ARRIS Media Player.

Honorable Mention:

Espial Group
Espial TV Browser for STB

Coaxial Distribution System & Equipment

Alpha Technologies


The XM3-HP can be integrated seamlessly into the existing cable network. Replacement of an existing power supply with the XM3-HP requires no additional maintenance or infrastructure changes. The product is smaller and lighter in size than Alpha’s Gen 2 power supply, and it can be deployed at any point when a power system is scheduled for preventive maintenance.

Internet-Connected TV/Smart TV Solution

Espial Group

Espial TV Browser

Because consumers continue to demand a more compelling, personalized viewing experience, consumer electronics manufacturers increasingly are requiring software technologies to support the challenging browser requirements of connected TVs. The Espial TV Browser caters to this need by offering a complete user interface, Web browsing and over-the-top video experience on a wide range of devices, including Smart TVs. Based on the powerful WebKit rendering engine also used by Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers, the Espial TV Browser is Web-video ready with built-in Adobe Flash; it supports HTML5 and the latest w3c ct, nWeb and interactive TV standards, including HbbTV and OIPF. Also preset into the browser are such popular Web sites as Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter; and in more than 25 languages. The browser is portable across chipsets and devices, and the software development kit simplifies integration with middleware media players, video plug-ins and JavaScript extensions. The Espial TV Browser has been deployed by such Tier 1 smart-TV vendors as Sharp in China, Japan and North America; Toshiba in North America; and Hitachi worldwide.

Honorable Mentions:

Rovi Corporation
Rovi Advertising Network


Digital Headend Equipment

Harmonic Inc.

ProStream 1000 with ACE

To enable the flexible streamed viewing environment consumers demand, service providers need a cost-effective and scalable solution that can be integrated with their current broadcasting infrastructure, that can seamlessly adapt to codec changes, and that can repurpose content from different sources and formats, all while maximizing their subscribers’ quality of experience. Harmonic’s ProStream 1000 with ACE real-time SD/HD processing and transcoding solution for advanced processing and transcoding of SD and HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video and audio for broadcast and over-the-top (OTT) mobile/Web applications from a single, highly scalable 1-RU device. The ProStream 1000 ACE integrates with Harmonic’s ProMedia file transcoders, adaptive bit rate packager and origin server; and with the MediaGrid active storage system. It includes multiscreen transcoding functionality, enabling users to transcode as many as 20 HD streams and 80 adaptive streaming profiles in a single, power-efficient 1RU appliance. In addition to video transcoding, Pro-Stream 1000 with ACE also features an array of stream processing functionality, including multiplexing and encryption as well as audio transcoding and CALM Act-compliant audio level control. In addition, the ProStream 1000 with ACE lowers an operator’s energy output and costs by emitting only 10 watts of energy per HD channel and fewer than 3 watts per SD channel.

Honorable Mentions:

Motorola Mobility
Motorola APEX3000 High Density Universal Edge QAM

Blonder Tongue

CommScope Inc.
Universal Wideband Edge QAM

Energy-Saving (Green) Technology

Alpha Technologies


The XM3-HP can be integrated seamlessly into the existing cable network. Replacement of an existing power supply with the XM3-HP requires no additional maintenance or infrastructure changes. The product is smaller and lighter in size than Alpha’s Gen 2 power supply, and it can be deployed at any point when a power system is scheduled for preventive maintenance.

Honorable Mention:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Solution

Wireless and Wi-Fi Product/Service

TriQuint Semiconductor

TriConnect TQP6M9017

TriQuint Semiconductor says its TriConnect TQP6M9017 is first to market when it comes to 802.11ac Wi-Fi RF technology. In addition to supporting faster download speeds for video streaming and other broadband applications on smartphones, tablets and e-readers, the WLAN module enables connectivity from greater distances, allowing nearly 60-percent farther range than its predecessor. The device integrates two power amplifiers for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands with a switch, filtering, baluns and other components housed in a 4 mm x 4 mm package.

Honorable Mentions:

SCr and SCe Small Cell SoftClock Solutions

Comtrend Corporation
WAP-5836 Wireless Extender

Actiontec Electronics

Data Communications Equipment Or Service


ASSIA DSL Expresse

DSL offers a tremendous cost advantage over competing broadband technologies because it leverages the copper lines and plant that have already been built and set in place right into the building. Increasingly, service providers worldwide recognize that DSL is the best and fastest economic path to keeping up with the demand for broadband services, and reducing customer churn. Still, service providers face many challenges in effectively managing DSL networks and achieving the speeds necessary for next-generation services. ASSIA offers solutions that address these challenges with powerful software that lets service providers effectively manage their DSL networks and offer the 100+ Mbps speeds that not only meet current demand, but that also give them a competitive edge. The latest release of ASSIA DSL Express software, version 2.7, offers advanced features that let DSL operators extend the rate and reach of their DSL systems to support such next-gen services as IPTV while maximizing service quality and minimizing maintenance costs. The software applies Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) Level 2, a standards-compliant approach pioneered by ASSIA has pioneered, and it optimizes the operating parameters (or profile) of each DSL line, producing detailed line-level and network-level diagnostics for both copper plant and DSL service. It can scale to more than 20 million lines and is compatible with all standards-based ADSL1, ADSL2/2+ and VDSL2 DSLAMs; it also supports pair-bonded deployments.

Honorable Mentions:

Orbit 3020 Video Server

Comtrend Corporation
PG-9141S Powerline Ethernet Adapter

Video Advertising Campaign

Time Warner Cable

"Anthem" TV Commercial

Time Warner Cable (TWC) offers a diverse entertainment experience, from premium entertainment channels to broadband Internet through technological prowess and constant innovation. To illustrate and reinforce this, it hired Ogilvie & Mather to develop and deploy a $1.5 million new brand platform and advertising campaign showing how technology brands communicate and build relevance with consumers. The epic and cinematic commercial "Anthem" combined action, sports and gaming in an ostensibly believable setting; its narrative was threaded by the performance of big-name comedian Ricky Gervais. The involvement of several programming partners, including ESPN and Showtime, was crucial in both paying off the strategy and being entertaining. Staying true to TWC’s new unifying thought, the spot wrapped the story’s pieces with the simple new endline, "Enjoy Better,” which allows TWC to claim, “Whatever you’re passionate about, Time Warner Cable invents better ways for you to love it, share it and get lost in it even more.” The spot aired across TWC’s broadcast and cable footprints, and it was streamed in online advertising, and on social-media and video sites like Hulu, YouTube and Facebook. Quantitative surveys proved high out-of-the-gate memorability; during its first week, the spot scored higher than the competitive broadcast average in the sector for general recall.

Honorable Mention:

McKinsey Development
“Unleash Your Inner Warrior” Campaign

Integrated Marketing



At the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), ESPN dazzled and entertained participants with a week-long slate of live, ESPN 3D experiences aimed at demonstrating the network’s ongoing commitment to and investment in 3D technology for sports programming. ESPN converted its exhibit space into a regulation-size boxing ring that served as ESPN’s home throughout the tradeshow, drawing sizable crowds of participants, media and industry influencers. ESPN communicated the event schedule daily to press and arranged several press interviews throughout the week. ESPN also posted behind-the-scenes updates on social platforms and on the company’s corporate blog, ESPN Front Row. In addition to the live events on the show floor, ESPN offered a live ESPN 3D screening of the BCS Championship Game at the Las Vegas Hilton Theater. Key influencers and media were invited to enjoy the game and to experience ESPN 3D firsthand. The results of all this? In addition to generating buzz on social platforms throughout the week, ESPN 3D secured media coverage in consumer, trade and major industry publications. Media coverage highlighted ESPN as a first-mover and leader in the 3D arena while praising execution around the booth and live events at CES.

Honorable Mention:

Butterfinger Presents FearNet Roadtrip: Comic-Con 2011

Multiscreen Video Solution or Deployment (mobile)

SeaChange International Inc.

QuickLink QR/Matrix Bar Code to Link Set-Top Box to Mobile Devices

SeaChange International’s patent-pending technology, QuickLink, helps eliminate the frustration regarding linkage of a mobile device to a set-top box. The much more efficient and secure way to link set-top box (STB) information to user accounts and devices utilizes matrix barcode technology like the QR Code. QR (quick response) code is a simple two-dimensional matrix code manufactured with the intent of decoding it at very high speeds. The QR is generated automatically and uniquely, allowing a given STB to be paired with a device. The code allows not only the pairing of the devices but it also offers secure, easy configuration. The matrix barcode image is encoded with first-device ID data that identifies the first device, and it is associated with a preexisting subscriber account stored in a subscriber database. The technology works with SeaChange International’s back offices as well as with other back offices, with only a minor integration effort. Using a QR code reader (often a simple downloadable app loaded on the user’s wireless device), a user can link his/her device to the corresponding STB. Once linked, the user can access many options from his/her mobile/tablet/PC devices to make purchasing and browsing content much easier. With the influx of mobile applications being used in conjunction with cable boxes and the TV, this simple linking solution will help eliminate MSO pain points of identifying which device belongs to which account.

Honorable Mention:

PowerMedia XMS

Multiscreen Video Solution or Deployment (fixed)

Harmonic Inc.

ProMedia Suite

Harmonic’s ProMedia Suite offers broadcasters and service providers a comprehensive software solution designed to optimize multiscreen and production video workflows. ProMedia performs a broad range of processing and streaming functions — including capture, transcoding, packaging and origin server — to enable high-quality video creation and delivery to TVs, PCs, tablets, phones and other IP-connected devices, all from a single, scalable software platform that can easily grow to support a user’s evolving needs. The integrated suite of software products can be deployed individually or as an end-to-end video processing solution, offering users the flexibility, performance and quality required for today’s multiformat video services. Thanks to its standards-based design, ProMedia can be integrated with leading digital rights management (DRM) systems, media asset management (MAM) systems and content distribution networks (CDNs), in addition to other Harmonic products that include encoders, receivers, playout servers and storage. Last summer, NBC Olympics used ProMedia Carbon to generate the high-quality multiformat video delivered to TVs, PCs and mobile devices via the NBCOlympics.com Web site.

Honorable Mentions:

Motorola Mobility
Motorola SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+

Verimatrix Inc.
Verimatrix MultiRights for DASH

Elemental Technologies
Elemental Live

Fiber-Optic Distribution System & Equipment

Zhone Technologies

Zhone MXK 194 and MXK 198

The newest additions to the MXK family, the Zhone MXK 194 and MXK 198 platforms provide a cost-effective solution that can be scaled for both large and independent operators. These platforms, consisting of high-density 1U form-factor Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) and Optical Line Terminals (OLTs) can be stacked together for larger deployments, thereby reducing overall costs. The MXK 194 is a 1U Single Line Multi-Service (SLMS)-based platform providing 4-port GPON high-speed FTTP connectivity supporting as many as 256 ONTs/ONUs, 8x FE/GE and optional 2x 10GE uplink ports, ONT Management and Control Interface (OMCI), Link Aggregation, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS) support and network management via the Zhone Management System (ZMS). The MXK 198 is a 1U SLMS-based platform providing 8-port GPON high-speed FTTP connectivity supporting as many as 512 ONTs/ONUs with all the other features and functionality provided by the MXK 194 platform. With the new MXK 194/198 platforms supporting GPON, Zhone’s 1U form-factor portfolio targets urban residents and businesses including urban users, rural areas and multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

Honorable Mention:

Infinera DTN-X Platform

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