You’re back in the office after last week’s National Show, a pile of business cards on your desk, a stack of shiny folders on the floor and scrawled notes in the bottom of a canvas bag. None of it is jogging your memories of those days spent in Atlanta. This roundup of more than 60 technology and services vendors that exhibited at National should bring your daytime experiences back into focus. You’ll have to look elsewhere to piece together your after-hours memories. AMERICAN ANTENNA
BOOTH 3456
National Show highlights: Showed its Liberty Series earth station high-gain antennas, available in 4.0, 5.0 and 6.1 meters, and in a variety of mounts.
Contact: Chuck Forsyth, ARCWAVE
BOOTH 2463
National Show highlights: Featured its ARCXtend solution, which enables cable operators to deliver data and VoIP service to commercial customers located within a few miles of their plants. ARCXtend creates a wireless bridge between a cable network and commercial customer sites.
Contact: Chris Martin, ARGO SYSTEMS
BOOTH 2552
National Show highlights: Showed its Medea affiliate management solution, which allows for the integration of all affiliate departments. The company also introduced Nestor, a programming cost accounting solution for MSOs designed to assist operators in managing payments to their content providers while implementing SOX compliance.
Contact: Erika Harris, BELAIR NETWORKS
BOOTH 3519
National Show highlights: Showed two new carrier-grade wireless mesh products that enable cable operators to quickly expand their broadband offerings by deploying wireless mesh nodes directly on their existing wired network. The BelAir50S and BelAir100S are strand-mounted, plant-powered and offer a DOCSIS 2.0 interface.
Contact: Sheila Burpee Duncan, BIGBAND NETWORKS
BOOTH 2252
National Show highlights: BigBand Networks featured its BMR1200 (Broadband Multimedia-Service Router), a platform for network delivery of video services.
Contact: Bradley Robinson, BLUESTREAK
BOOTH 3459
National Show highlights: Demonstrated MachBlue, its software platform designed for operators, device manufacturers and content providers that allows enhanced TV applications on television and mobile handsets. The company also showed its Orange League 1 soccer application, powered by MachBlue for Mobile, where consumers can follow all matches in multiplex and receive highlights, news, commentaries and text/video alerts.
Contact: Stacy Oaksmith, BLUETIE
BOOTH 2518
National Show highlights: Demonstrated its new AJAX-based Web client and significant upgrades to its e-mail, calendar, contact management, task management and other applications.
BOOTH 1849
National Show highlights: Featured its "My Music Anywhere" product demonstration. Using OCAP technologies, this product and service will enable MSOs to deploy value-added music download services for purchasing and playback on multiple devices in the home.
Contact: Tom Gomez, BROADBUS
BOOTH 3113
National Show highlights: Broadbus’ flagship product, the B-1 Video Server, a solid-state, carrier-class solution for the delivery of on-demand video services, was featured at this year’s show. It’s designed to solve streaming scale, space, power consumption, reliability and live ingest issues for communications service providers deploying advanced video services.
BOOTH 3613
National Show highlights: Featured its Buzztime Billiards multiplayer game, allowing for head-to-head competition and including virtual player tables that highlight cable systems’ two-way network as an advantage over satellite.
Contact: Maura Conway, CAMIANT
BOOTH 4237
National Show highlights: Camiant, a provider of policy control solutions for delivery of IP-based multimedia applications, demonstrated the ability for operators to differentiate services with new applications such as SIP-based telephony, video communications, streaming media, games and commercial services.
Contact: Jacey Godfrey, C-COR
BOOTH 2567
National Show highlights: Demonstrated its 1GHz 1311nm Forward Path Transmitter, which supports CWDM spacing compliant with the ITU G.695 standard, allowing utilization of adjacent wavelengths for additional revenue-generating services on a single fiber. Also featured its PLEXiS BXE, Multi-Service Managed Access Platform, enabling performance-sensitive, carrier-class, tiered gigabit ethernet services.
Contact: Luzetta Valentine, CEDAR POINT COMMUNICATIONS
BOOTH 2669
National Show highlights: Demonstrated its implementation of SIP "triggers" that enable support of third-party services like business features and caller ID on the television via its SAFARI C3 Multimedia Switching System.
Contact: JoAnn Brien, CEON CORP.
BOOTH 3351
National Show highlights: Demonstrated its service fulfillment software, which bridges the gap between service creation, product marketing and service fulfillment for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and IP-based services.
Contact: Yogen Patel, CIENA
BOOTH: 3253
National Show highlights: Demonstrated multiple optical transport and switching products, including its CN 4200 FlexSelect Advanced Services Platform, a reconfigurable WDM software system for metro and regional networks.
BOOTH 1855
National Show highlights: Demonstrated several of its IP solutions, geared toward service providers.
Contact: Esther Falevits, COMPEDIA
National Show highlights: Launched Compedia Universe, a virtual interactive world for children ages 4 to 9. Compedia Universe features personalization, bandwidth maximization system and streaming engine to enable CD-ROM quality content. The product was designed especially for MSOs and ISPs.
Contact: Nir Bendov, DELTATHREE
BOOTH 3442
National Show highlights: Showed its Outsourced Platform Solution, a scalable and customized VoIP offering for telecom, cable, Internet and wireless service providers.
Contact: Tatiana Kirkbride, EGT
BOOTH 1819
National Show highlights: Showed HEMi (Head End Micro), its head-end micro encoder for cable operators. HEMi is a high-density encoder for off-site insertion of hyper local channels specific to the MDU or closed community.
Contact: Liz Gainsford, EMUSE TECHNOLOGIES
BOOTH 3245
National Show highlights: Demonstrated an OCAP- and ETV-based advertising solution for cable operators which allows them to add interactive elements to traditional advertising spots. These interactive elements can be customized using a web-based update tool.
National Show highlights: Announced design wins with Motorola, Tellabs and 2Wire, and a design and development kit for Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) members developing products based on the MoCA standard.
Contact: Kathleen Murphy, GALLERY IP TELEPHONY
BOOTH 3569
National Show highlights: Showed Cassiopeia, its network-based softswitch suite that offers a solution supporting a seamless combination and a smooth migration of PacketCable1.5 and PacketCable2.0.
Contact: Michelle Specktor, HIGHDEAL
BOOTH 3347
National Show highlights: Introduced its Highdeal Transactive pricing and rating engine, which delivers unconstrained pricing and packaging flexibility to service providers offering IPTV, triple-play and quadruple-play services, while also allowing them to leverage existing billing assets.
Contact: David McNierney, HOSTWAY CORP.
BOOTH 2512
National Show highlights: Featured domain name registration, website design, Web hosting, e-mail, e-commerce, search engine optimization and Sharepoint.
Contact: Jennifer Mussman, ICTV
BOOTH 2871
National Show highlights: Demonstrated a customizable video mosaic for video-rich navigation that can be aligned to reflect individual subscribers’ viewing preferences. ICTV also showed how its HeadendWare platform can enable cable system operators to create active video channels of Web-driven video programming on TV.
Contact: Bina Mirchandani, IMMCO
BOOTH 1853
National Show highlights: Showed, iBISS, a GIS-enabled software solution for the broadband industry which can integrate and display system maps, billing system data, trouble tickets, third-party data and more to help cable operators reduce expenses and generate additional revenue.
Contact: Jill Nowicki, INTELLIVERSE
BOOTH 3319
National Show highlights: Introduced its next-generation VoIP product, Talking Planet, designed to be rapidly deployed as a private label service for cable companies and offers a complete suite of customizable features including unlimited local and long-distance calling, caller ID and call waiting.
Contact: Lisa Curry, ITAAS
BOOTH 1036
National Show highlights: In a joint venture with eMbience Inc., launched MPTV, a platform that enables TV-to-mobile asset delivery.
Contact: Smita Pawar, JACOBSRIMELL
BOOTH 3325
National Show highlights: Featured its APS automated television, voice and data service fulfillment platform that enables rapid service adoption through customer self care and simplified CSR services provisioning. Demonstrated its IMS extensions including SIP provisioning and HSS population.
Contact: Joe Frost, MAXTOR CORP.
National Show highlights: Featured its QuickView consumer electronics hard drives, available in capacities up to 500 GB and optimized for high-definition multi-stream digital video recorders, set-top boxes and DVD/HDD combo devices.
Contact: Kristy Hughes, METALINK
BOOTH 3452
National Show highlights: Demonstrated WLANPlus, an advanced Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) technology, designed to enable high-throughput, rich-content, quality-critical applications. Targeted at the emerging 802.11n standard, WLANPlus introduces an increase in WLAN throughput and range over 802.11a or 802.11g.
Contact: Ester Bercovitch, MIND CTI VOICENET
National Show highlights: Showed MindBill, a convergent end-to-end billing and customer care solution that facilitates triple- and quadruple-play services for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers in mobile, broadband and wireline networks.
Contact: Danny Engle, MIXED SIGNALS
BOOTH 4165
National Show highlights: Featured its Sentry Digital Content Monitor, designed to enable service providers to future-proof and maximize their return on investment in digital media networks by providing comprehensive intelligence about overall network transport stream behavior and integrated analysis of signal and stream data patterns.
Contact: Cori Mozilo, MOCA
BOOTH 1715
National Show highlights: Announced the completion of its certification wave and ratification of the standard, MoCA 1.0. Also announced its new members Tellabs, AT&T/SBC, Fujitsu and Entrisphere.
Contact: Kurt Kyvik, NARAD NETWORKS
National Show highlights: Showed its 10 Gbps FTTxSWITH, an outdoor HFC switch with carrier-ethernet based solutions for delivering business voice, wireless and premium residential data services. Joint partner demonstrations featured voice solutions for TDM emulation and VoIP as well as solutions for various wireless applications.
Contact: Rebecca Metschke, NCR CORP.
BOOTH 1946
National Show highlights: Showed the redesigned graphics used for the touch screen of its NCR EasyPoint Xpress Payment solution, which allows customers to pay bills without staff assistance.
Contact: Tonya Sloan, NDS
National Show highlights: Showed newly deployed games that are offered on Cablevision’s iO Interactive service including Sesame Street Games, a suite of educational games designed to teach children and Choppy, an arcade-style game that pushes the capabilities of the set-top box. Also demonstrated production tools including: RapiVision, which enables the development of enhanced TV applications for multiple platforms, and IEX, which runs automated test sequences simultaneously across multiple types of set-top boxes.
Contact: Patti Daino, NORTEL
National Show highlights: Exhibited its IMS infrastructure, enabling consumers to access services wherever they may be, on whichever device is available. Also demonstrated the capability for a subscriber to access local cable content via a broadband connection.
BOOTH 1847
National Show highlights: Featured the RGN-10GXF, a multi-rate optical regenerator that uses XFP hot-swappable, small-form factor pluggable transceivers to provide cost-effective solutions for 10Gbps fiber transport.
BOOTH 1953
National Show highlights: Debuted its all-digital, dual-tuner Vegas SD-DVR, as well as other products such as the Tahoe HD-DVR, along with the complete family of cable products including multi-room media servers for home networking and eMTAs for VoIP.
Contact: Ashley Glover, PERFTECH
National Show highlights: Featured an enhancement to its Bulletin System product line for direct-to-browser marketing and subscriber communications for high-speed Internet providers. Also announced its implementation of an automated, immediate delivery via the Internet of alerts generated by the national Emergency Alert System.
Contact: Rhonda Grimm, PHILIPS HOME CONTROL
BOOTH 1952
National Show highlights: Featured its KW70 wireless keyboard, providing intuitive access to interactive digital services from the living room sofa. The keyboard combines wireless text input, mouse navigation and general remote control functionality.
Contact: Ans Tambuyzer, PIXELPLAY
National Show highlights: Announced single-player and multiplayer Texas Hold ‘Em games, first in a series of World Poker Tour branded content. Also announced an exclusive license agreement with WPT Enterprises to develop and distribute WPT-branded casino games for interactive television platforms worldwide.
Contact: Jonathan Boltax, PROMPTU (FORMERLY AGILETV)
National Show highlights: Demonstrated its voice-activated search and navigation services, which lets consumers use their voices to find content on various devices including televisions and wireless handsets.
Contact: Dave Hanson, REALNETWORKS
National Show highlights: Demonstrated its RealArcade games package for broadband. Also showed its Helix OnlineTV, an end-to-end system for rich video applications delivered over DOCSIS to PCs and connected home networking devices as operator-branded services.
Contact: Celeste Cole, RENTRAK CORP.
BOOTH 3221
National Show highlights: Featured its OnDemand Essentials and AdEssentials Traker products, which collect, manage, analyze and report detailed point-of-sale data.
Contact: Laura Toney, RR ENTERPRISES
BOOTH 2431
National Show highlights: Exhibited its Triple Play subscriber management and billing system, which makes all cable services—voice, video or data—available to a CSR for order entry.
Contact: Paul Parsons, SAMSUNG
National Show highlights: Exhibited an OCAP 1.0 56-inch DLP HDTV; an OpenCable-based host 2.0 high definition set-top box; a downloadable conditional access system (DCAS) set-top box; and Wi-Fi and IP video phones that enable advanced digital voice and video applications.
Contact: Stephen Goldstein, SITEL CORP.
BOOTH 1044
National Show highlights: Featured its Interactive Collections calling product, which extends the reach and frequency of the outbound collections process and combines various technologies including speech recognition, text-to-speech and interactive voice broadcast and response to verify customer identity and engage customers in a dialogue to resolve delinquent situations.
Contact: Deb Schweizer, SOFTEL-USA
National Show highlights: Showcased Swift TX for automated caption and XDS transmission. Also featured the Swift v6 System, a caption-creation system aimed at high-end users providing vision, design, usability and productivity. Softel’s interactive TV division demonstrated ITV ads and programming running on a MediaSphere TX, which integrates into the broadcast environment from ITV pre-playout through post-playout.
Contact: Rachelle Zoffer, SPIRIT TELECOM
BOOTH 1857
National Show highlights: Unveiled a VoIP partnership program that enables MSOs to provide feature-rich, robust competition to traditional telephone service.
Contact: Scott Kearns, STREAMBOX
BOOTH 2413
National Show highlights: Showcased the SBT3-7500 ACT-L3 video transport for mobile satellite newsgathering. Also introduced the SBT3-7400 ACT-L3 video transport, a bidirectional, low latency encoding and decoding conferencing solution.
Contact: Jane Klausen, SUPPORTSOFT
BOOTH 1858
National Show highlights: Demonstrated the newest version of its Intelligent Assistance Suite for VoIP, digital video and broadband Internet. The suite is a comprehensive assisted service solution that leverages multiple support channels including Web, e-mail, live chat and phone interface.
BOOTH 2859
National Show highlights: Demonstrated MPEG4/AVC capabilities and other new ad insertion features of its DM 6400 Network CherryPicker digital video processing platform. Also highlighted the Emergency Alert System (EAS) functionality of the CP 7600G, enabling seamless delivery of EAS messages to analog subscribers served by digital simulcast networks.
Contact: Kim Dault, TOUCHTOWN
BOOTH 2427
National Show highlights: Introduced a collaborative television channel, Touchtown TV+, intended for use by retirement communities and other MDUs. Touchtown TV+ delivers a customized mix of locally generated content, Touchtown-provided content and optional advertising.
Contact: Jeff Pepper, TOURNAMENT ONE CORP.
BOOTH 3424
National Show highlights: Demonstrated golf and bowling sports tournaments that can be played over digital cable TV, IPTV over DSL and on broadband networks.
BOOTH 2119
National Show highlights: Introduced CLIKR 5, a high-caliber remote designed to give the cable operator a competitive edge. The remote combines functionality and a lineup of features including an on-demand key and programmable macros.
Contact: Mike Fruth, VCOM
BOOTH 3464
National Show highlights: Featured the CableVista edge decoder, which performs MPEG decoding, analog modulation and upconversion for up to 24 NTSC/PAL channels in a compact 1 RU chassis.
Contact: Wendy Parker, VYYO
National Show highlights: Introduced a high-density platform for the delivery of T1 over hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) networks.
Contact: Mary Mansson, WEATHER METRICS
National Show highlights: Featured 24×7 Digital Content.Net, a content management system that integrates information and data from unlimited sources and outputs a digital channel ready for air.
Contact: Julie Quickel, ZCORUM
National Show highlights: Showcased JibeMail, a web-based video e-mail product that delivers a TV-quality video message that can be played over most Internet connections. Also featured cMapp, a Web-based provisioning and control system, offering real-time provisioning of modems, along with advanced cable modem and CMTS reporting.
Contact: Kendra Wallace, ZODIAC GAMING
BOOTH 3619
National Show highlights: Demonstrated cross-platform multiplayer gaming, which will allow users to play games live between multiple types of set-top boxes as well as on other peripherals. Also showed a full-service on-demand karaoke system capable of handling over 1000 songs.
Contact: Paul Niehaus,

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