Drop-in Amp dB-tronics will debut the INET TB750G at Cable-Tec Expo. This integrated network amplifier is a drop-in replacement for Scientific-Atlanta slim line trunk and bridge amplifiers. Trunk, bridger, return amp and AGC all are housed in one module, which eliminates the need for RF interconnects. It is compatible with all standard 550 MHz or 750 MHz plug-ins. A drop-in node package is available for installation in the lid. This package will convert slim line housing into a node. In addition, a mirror amp can be used to replace amps in the reverse direction from the node. With this option, the housings do not have to be respliced. (dB-tronics, www.dbtronics.com, 800-356-2730) Optical Analyzer Module Acterna has added the OSA-300/301 analyzer to its Optical Network Tester (ONT-50) platform. This field test module combines the functionality of two instruments into one. It pairs a lab performance optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) with a resolution bandwidth of <50pm and channel isolation functionality. Designed with ultra dense wavelength division multiplexing applications in mind, the OSA-300/301 can extract specific signals up to line rates of 10.7 Gbps. Like the other modules in the product line, the OSA-300/301 offers optical measurements over the full wavelength range between 1250 nm and 1650 nm at high test speed. However it also adds a 10 dB improvement in optical rejection rate. (Acterna, www.acterna.com, 240-404-1924) Fiber Transport Force Inc.’s new fiber optic digital transport platform accommodates all combinations of broadcast formats and transports signals in strict compliance with each unique broadcast standard. The Model 3762 Digital EXCELLinx, designed particularly for studio-to-studio and studio-to-tower applications, can multiplex two channels of digital or analog formats in any combination. It can transport signals over 48 km at 1310 nm and 96 km at 1550 nm. The Model 3762 is modular in nature. Currently four modules are available: RS-250C Short-Haul, SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 310M and Auto Format Conversion. The system can be expanded to 16 transport modules per single fiber. (Force Inc., www.forceinc.com, 800-732-5252)
Streaming Video Monitor With Argus, a real-time remote streaming video monitor from IneoQuest Technologies Inc., users can inspect video over IP flows. This includes viewing video program content from remote units through the network back channel. It provides the same monitoring features as Singulus G1-T, another product in the line, but is lower in cost. Argus offers two interfaces. The first is the Java-based IQView that is supported by SNMP v2. This interface is used to monitor multiple Argus units scattered over remote locations. SNMP v2 provides for simple integration with other network management tools. The second is an HTML interface that allows a browser to be used to monitor a single target. (IneoQuest, www.ineoquest.com, 508-339-2497) Data Inserter Gets Better Rohde & Schwarz has expanded the range of its datacasting platform, adding a solution that addresses the need to insert and broadcast data according to the DVB-H standard. Specifically, the company added time slicing and forward error correction to its data inserter. In addition, a new R&S Enhanced Datacasting System (EDS) will integrate proprietary datacasting platforms with the content-management and content-editing systems of other manufacturers. EDS uses an XML/SOAP-based and open software interface for managing resources, applications and broadcasting content. The expansion of the company’s platform means that it supports major applications for DVB, including DVB-T, DVB-S, DAB and DVB-H. (Rohde & Schwarz, www.rohde-schwarz.com, +49 89 4129-13779) Network Hub
Mounts on Strand
Arcwave Inc. promises that its new ARCXtend AX1255-SM Strand Mount Network Hub will help MSOs increase their small- to medium-business (SMB) “pass rates” in a given market by 70 percent within two months. The company says that with this SMB wireless last mile solution, return on investment will be achieved “in most cases” within 12 months. The AX1255-SM combines Arcwave’s ARCSmart Intelligent Operation Engine and PureBurst Upstream Ingress Noise Suppression Technology. The company explains that PureBurst eliminates noise interference problems, which means that MSOs can send upstream DOCSIS channels over point-to-multipoint wireless links up to eight miles without impacting existing cable networks. The engine is programmable and has intelligent management capability. It dynamically will optimize broadband traffic performance based on changing conditions. Customer packages start at under $3,500. (Arcwave, www.arcwaveinc.com, 408-558-2300) Fiber Terminal Corning Cable Systems’ new OptiSheath Advantage Terminal is designed for connecting subscribers in emerging optical access architectures, including fiber to the business and fiber to the home. The company says that this solution will provide the flexible fiber management that operators need when installing multiple fiber drop cables and passive optical devices. With it, operators can deploy WDM filters and optical splitters. Aside from easy installation during initial deployments, the OptiSheath Advantage Terminal combined with OptiFit Drop Cable Assembly allows an operator to add subscribers without re-entering the terminal. Easy access network test points are available in the terminal for verifying and troubleshooting fiber connections and optical performance. (Corning Cable Systems, www.corning.com, 800-743-2675) Fighting Worms Sandvine Inc. has a new solution for fighting worm attacks. Its Worm/DoS Traffic Mitigation solution uses a combination of behavior recognition and signature pattern recognition to stop worm traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to proceed. The Worm/DoS Traffic Mitigation automatically connects and downloads, over the secure shell (SSH), new worm signatures as they are identified and isolated by Sandvine’s research team. The new signatures immediately eliminate worms as they are identified. Worm traffic can be “black-holed” (blocked), refused or shaped/rate limited to specified desirable levels. This isolates malicious traffic and removes pressure on other network devices and components. (Sandvine, www.sandvine.com, 519-884-9892) Monitoring with DOCSIS A single Alpha Technologies’ XMS2 Digital Embedded DOCSIS Transponder can monitor multiple power supplies, batteries and a generator. It transmits data to a management system over DOCSIS cable modem channels via the existing CMTS. Using simple network management protocol minimizes bandwidth consumption. In a plant where DOCSIS already is deployed, the transponder is installed in the powernode, with no requirement for additional headend equipment. The transponder is a result of a collaboration between Alpha and Tollgrade. (Alpha Technologies, www.alpha.com, 360-647-2360) DOCSIS 2.0 Module Motorola Inc. has released a new module for its Broadband Services Router (BSR) 64000 CMTS/edge router that supports DOCSIS 2.0 and allows operators to correct automatically for RF impairments. Each Advanced Spectrum Management CMTS module contains an extra receiver for monitoring RF spectrum performance on any upstream port. Module features such as noise measurement, ingress noise cancellation and noise avoidance capabilities allow operators to support up to 256 QAM upstream. By supporting ATDMA and SCDMA, Layer 3/4 routing and post-equalization, the module increases the throughput of DOCSIS 1.0 cable modems, allowing them to operate in 16 QAM mode anywhere they can operate in QPSK. (Motorola Inc., www.motorola.com, 215-323-1885) Managing Trouble Calls Sigma Systems has developed a new Advanced Diagnostic Manager (ADM), a script-driven diagnostic application targeted at the needs of first tier call centers managing incoming service problem calls. ADM provides a single CSR tool and interface for diagnosing all services (data, voice, video) offered by the provider. The diagnostic scripts define a step-by-step process for categorizing, troubleshooting and resolving the specific service problems encountered by subscribers. Each step in the process can incorporate automated tests, questions or information for the subscriber or CSR, and the intelligence to automatically determine the optimal next step in the process based on test results, subscriber answers or other available information. (Sigma Systems, www.sigma-systems.com, 416-943-9696) Multi-Room DVR Scientific-Atlanta’s Explorer 8300 Multi-Room DVR solution allows people in four different rooms of a house to watch different recorded content or the same program at different time-shifted points. The 8300 DVR functions as a mini server and utilizes existing coax cable. Operators can redeploy non-DVR Explorer digital set tops, including those from the Explorer 2X00 (rev. 3 or higher), 3X00 or 4X00 series. The 8300 DVR solution utilizes MPEG-2 digitally encrypted signals to ensure content integrity. It is completely integrated with the program guide. Scientific-Atlanta says a survey of Explorer 8000 DVR subscribers showed that 67 percent were interested in accessing the DVR from other television sets. The 8300 DVR is in field trials with Time Warner Cable in an undisclosed location. (Scientific-Atlanta Inc., www.sciatl.com, 770-236-7871) T1 Business Services Xtend Networks Ltd.’s T1 XTMS system allows cable operators to offer small- and medium-sized businesses symmetrical T1 services. The DOCSIS-compatible solution combines Xtend’s headend modular system, which services up to 24 T1 links, and the V301–CPE T1 modem. Operators can transmit data in bandwidths between 860 MHz and 3 GHz so they can offer hundreds of T1 links over the existing HFC network without affecting residential network configurations. With the XTMS T1 access concentrator, cable operators can place 24 T1 links at the headend and use a T1 access hub to deliver data to T1 modems. (Xtend Networks Ltd., www.xtendnetworks.com, 678-501-3400) Enterprise Connectivity CommScope Inc. has begun marketing end-to-end solutions for Enterprise/LAN applications under the name Uniprise. They combine technology from CommScope’s recent acquisition of Avaya Inc.’s connectivity solutions business with CommScope’s own high-performance cable. The Uniprise line will include Category 5e and Category 6 cabling as well as multimode and singlemode fiber. The products will include a 20-year warranty. (CommScope, www.uniprisesolutions.com, 828-459-5212) Multimedia Termination ARRIS has introduced a digital multimedia termination system (DMTS), the ARRIS Q5 DMTS. It enables delivery of MPEG-2Ts and DVB-C based digital video content as well as DOCSIS-based IP digital multimedia content and signaling. The combination of QAM and DOCSIS/Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 CMTS technologies with multiplexing features supports a variety of digital multimedia service delivery applications. The DMTS is a 2RU device configured with four Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) WAN ports. Available modules include the Dual Quad QAM and the Quad Upstream DOCSIS/Euro-DOCSIS. Configurations include a combination of eight to 48 MPEG transport downstream channels in four-block converted channel groupings and “Phy-less” 24 upstream CMTS with GigE downstream interface. The company expects the product to ship by the end of the year. (ARRIS, www.arrisi.com, 678-473-8327) Boosting CMTS Performance The Cisco MC28U Broadband Processing Engine is a line card designed for the company’s uBR7246VXR CMTS router. Cisco says the card will provide the 17,000 VXRs in service today with a 10-fold performance increase compared to what they could have achieved previously. The MC28U offers full implementation of the DOCSIS 2.0 advanced time-division multiple access specification; advanced spectrum management including RF intelligence; the Cisco MAC chip, which helps with channel assignment; and an advanced physical layer for ingress noise cancellation. An onboard processor allows more devices, like CMTSs, to be supported than previously. (Cisco Systems Inc., www.cisco.com, 800-553-6387)

Tubular Line Finder Diversified Control Inc. has developed a Tubular Line Finder that provides a low-cost way to identify permanently all cable drops electronically. The programmable device allows a technician to label each drop during installation with up to 19 alpha numeric characters. Once installed, all drops can be identified permanently from within the box by utilizing a hand-held reader. Daily installs and disconnects can be performed without requiring entry into the customer’s home, which is useful for a nonpaid disconnect. The product is invisible to upstream and downstream signals, and is load invariant. (Diversified Control Inc., 716-822-0700) E-Services NID Metrobility Optical Systems unveiled its E-Services Network Interface Device (NID), which provides a secure Ethernet demarcation point between carrier and customer network equipment. The E-Services NID provides remote troubleshooting and monitoring for a 100 Mbps and gigabit Ethernet (GigE) optical link. The unit may be managed using a secure ping, SNMP or via Metrobility’s element management software, NetBeacon. The embedded software in the E-Services NID is field-upgradable to ensure service providers a seamless migration to Ethernet standards-based operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) while supporting SNMP-based management. (Metrobility Optical Systems, www.metrobility.com, 603-880-1833) Fox Electronics
Introduces QoIP
Fox Electronics has launched the QoIP (Cue over Internet Protocol). QoIP is a point-to-point/point-to-multipoint system designed to transport both local commercial cue commands from six independent networks and six relay/GPI commands over IP. Relay/GPI commands can be tied to the dual tone multifrequency (DTMF) cues or can be transmitted separately, providing up to six independent switches for equipment at one or more remote sites. Multiple QoIP transmitters and receivers can be interconnected for applications requiring the transport of more than six networks and/or relay/GPI commands. QoIP configures automatically once connected to the network. Special system applications and updates are downloadable from the company’s Web site. Applications include local commercial insertion system zoning, local control of remote switching devices such as EAS, Syndex switching, status monitoring and redundancy for existing switching networks. (Fox Electronics, www.foxelectronics.net, 800-604-0301) ICTV Delivers
Web-Enabled Content
ICTV introduced its new platform designed to enable broadcast delivery of bandwidth-efficient Web-enabled content by network operators. The WebCaster platform utilizes ICTV’s network-centric technology and an MPEG-2 transport stream to broadcast Web-based multimedia content including electronic program guides, cable promotions, national advertising and enhanced TV applications to any digital set-top box or home appliance that decodes MPEG-2. WebCaster can deliver up to 40 channels of text, images, animation and sound-and-motion video in as little as 6/8MHz of bandwidth. With WebCaster, content automatically is collected and assigned to individual channels, each of which are converted to MPEG-2 streams, multiplexed on a partial 6/8MHz channel and available via a TV remote control. (ICTV, www.ictv.com, 408-364-9200) Sumitomo Introduces Hand-Held Fusion Splicers Tailored specifically for FTTx functionality, Sumitomo’s Type 25 mobile splicers are designed to be easy to use and easy to learn, providing quick splicing times to reduce deployment costs. The splicers are full-featured and battery-operated. Customers can choose between two single-fiber splicers, one of which features dual cameras and estimation, and a four-fiber mass splicer with estimation and dual camera capabilities, intended for ribbon or higher fiber count applications. The units are designed to reduce training time and offer performance and reliability at low cost. (Sumitomo Electric, www.sumitomoelectric.com, 800-358-7378)

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