Take a breather from the bustle of The Cable Show to sample the eclectic slate of new series and specials the cable networks have gathered to amuse and rivet viewers in the coming weeks and months. Be prepared — the pace, from little person wrestling (Spike) to battling wedding designers (TLC), is anything but slow. Times listed are ET/PT unless otherwise noted. Since this is an early look, times, dates and other details are subject to change. 


The Glades (series)
Launch Date: July 13
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Detective drama stars Matt Passmore as a brilliant yet difficult homicide detective who, after being falsely accused of sleeping with his former Captain’s wife, is exiled to a small town in Florida where everything is not quite as it seems.
Stars: Matt Passmore, Kiele Sanchez and Carlos Gómez

The Squad (series)
Launch Date: TBD
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Docu-series follows eight special agents in the Tennessee Prison System who investigates major crimes in the prison.
Growing Up Twisted (series)
Launch Date: TBD
Time Slot: TBD
Premise: Docu-series chronicles rock star Dee Snider and wife Suzette as they raise their strong-willed children.

What’s next in Q4 2010?
Bob Saget’s Strange Days (working title) and an untitled David Hasselhoff project.

ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars (series)
Launch Date: June 8
Time Slot: 8 pm
Plot: Drama follows four estranged best friends reunited after the "Queen Bee" of the group goes missing.
Stars: Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse

Huge (series)
Launch Date: June 28
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: Drama based on Sasha Paley’s novel; follows teens and staff at a weight-loss camp.
Stars: Nikki Blonsky

Melissa & Joey (series)
Launch Date: August
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Comedy reunites stars of original movie My Fake Fiancé.
Stars: Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence

What’s next in Q4 2010?
ABC Family will kick of its annual "25 Days of Christmas" on Wednesday, December 1 — including original movies and holiday classics.


Rubicon (series)
Launch Date: Aug. 1
Time Slot: 8 pm
Plot: Conspiracy thriller focuses on an analyst at a New York City think-tank.
Stars: James Badge Dale, Miranda Richardson

Animal Planet

Secret Life of Elephants (special)
Launch Date: May 16
Time Slot: 8 pm
Plot: Follows wild elephants in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve.
Stars: Iain Douglas-Hamilton

Last American Cowboy
Launch Date: June 7
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Set in Montana, docu-series follows several ranches through a single calving season.

Last Chance Highway (series)
Launch Date: June 19
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Shelly Bookwalter and Kyle Peterson transport thousands of stray and abandoned dogs every year from the South to the Northeast, to their new adoptive homes.

Daredevils: Human The Animal Hoarders (series)
Launch Date: July 14
Time Slot: 10-11 pm
Plot: From the producers of A&E’s Intervention, an unflinchingly honest look at animal hoarders and the people and pets affected by them.

Dogs vs. Cats (documentary)
Launch Date: July 24
Time Slot: 8-9 pmPlot: Aims to declare a victor in the classic pet rivalry.

BBC America

The Choir(reality series)
Launch Date: June/July TBD
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: BAFTA award-winning series follows choirmaster Gareth Malone as he attempts to recruit a choir in the most unlikely settings.


The Moments…10 Years Of The BET Awards (special)
Launch Date: June 14
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Highlights the best and moments from 10 years of BET Awards.

Big Ten Network

The Next Level (series)
Launch Date: Sept. 9
Time Slot: 7 pm
Plot: An invitation into the lives of former Big Ten athletes who’ve taken their talent to the next level.


Work of Art: The Next Great Artist (series)
Launch Date: June 9
Time Slot: Premieres at 11pm (10 pm for the remainder)
Plot: 14 up-and-coming artists in NY vying for a solo show at the renowned Brooklyn Museum and a cash prize.
Stars: China Chow (host and judge); Simon de Pury (mentor); Bill Powers, Jerry Saltz, and Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn (judges)

Comedy Central

Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at The El Rey (series)
Launch Date: July 11
Time Slot: 11 pm
Plot: Russell Simmons presents stand-up comedy from the El Rey Theater.
Stars: Hosted by JB Smoove

Untitled Chris Parnell/Horatio Sanz Sitcom (series)
Launch Date: August
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: A young man who won’t let anything get in the way of his dreams, even if it means losing his job and having to move back in with his parents and sleep on their couch.
Stars: Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz

What’s next in Q4 2010?
The return of the Jon Stewart-hosted benefit Night of Too Many Stars.

Cooking Channel

Foodography (series)
Launch Date: May 31
Time Slot: Primetime
Plot: Mo Rocca showcases cultural food themes by looking at the past, present and future of iconic and trendy foods.

Drink Up! (series)
Launch Date: May 31
Time Slot: Primetime
Plot: Darryl Robinson, a.k.a. "Dr. Mixologist," of the Hudson Hotel in New York City finds the most creative and complex cocktails served by mad-scientist mixologists.

Discovery Channel

Survivorhood (series)
Launch Date: June
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Cody Lundin, a naturalist, and Dave Canterbury, who trained with the US Army’s Special Response Team, apply their expert, yet disparate, survival backgrounds in this expedition-based show.
Stars: Cody Lundin, Dave Canterbury

Mr. and Mrs. Hawke (series)
Launch Date: July
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Mykel Hawke, a former Special Forces survival expert, and his wife Ruth, a TV journalist, take on some of the most forbidding and remote locations around the world, challengng both their survival skils and their marriage.
Stars: Mykel and Ruth Hawke

Discovery en Español

Launch Date: May 23
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: A hard look at the deportation system, highlighting stories behind some of the thousands of immigrants forced to leave the US.

Los generales del fútbol (WT) (documentary)
Launch Date: June 6
Time Slot: 9pm
Plot: Explores the arduous training, winning strategies and tactics behind soccer.

What’s next in Q4 2010?
Documentaries about real-life issues concerning Hispanics in the U.S. Gangs goes inside some the most dangerous Latin American gangs. Narcosubmarinos (WT), investigates cocaine-packed subs.

Disney Channel

Den Brother (movie)
Launch Date: Summer
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: A teen hockey star must swallow his pride and lead his little sister’s Bumble Bee Troop.
Stars: Hutch Dano, Kelsey Chow, David Lambert, G. Hannelius, Taylar Hender

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
Launch Date: End of Summer
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Friends return to Camp Rock for another summer of music and fun — except now a rival camp places Rock in jeopardy.
Stars: Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Maria Canals-Barrera, Meaghan Martin


Renovation Rescue (series)
Launch Date: June
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Host and licensed contractor Kayleen McCabe (DIY’s first female Stud Finder winner) saves project-challenged homeowners who are in over their heads with their renovations.

Bath Crashers (series)
Launch Date: July 5
Time Slot: 10 pm premiere; regularly 9 pm
Plot: A licensed contractor, helps transform bathrooms into stunning, functional and modern living spaces.
Stars: Matt Muenster

Run My Renovation (series)
Launch Date: Aug. 19
Time Slot: 10:30 pm
Plot: The first home renovation television series to put online users in charge of another homeowner’s space, hosted by John DeSilvia, licensed contractor, and carpenter Joanie Dodds.

What’s next in Q4 2010?
A pair of series, I Hate My Kitchen and Renovation Virgins.

EWTN Global Catholic Network

In Conversation with… Deacon Jack (interview)
Launch Date: Sept. 12
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Fr. Sebastian Jones interviews Deacon Jack Sullivan about the Vatican-approved miracle that precipitated the fall ’10 beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman.
Stars: Fr. Sebastian Jones and Deacon Jack Sullivan


It’s Effin’ Science (series)
Launch Date: June 15
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: Explores the off-beat side of the sciences with one goal in mind: use them to build or create the kind of stuff that guys always wanted or wish they’d invented.

Food Network

Cupcake Wars (series)
Launch Date: June 18
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: It’s cupcake vs. cupcake as four of the country’s top cupcake bakers face off in a series of challenges testing their creativity, flavors and presentation.

Kid in a Candy Store (series)
Launch Date: July TBD
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Adam Gertler travels to bakeries, restaurants, food carts and candy factories searching for the nation’s sweetest, most innovative treats.

Fox Soccer Channel

Ticket to South Africa (series)
Launch Date: June 10
Time Slot: daily, 4:15 pm through July 11
Plot: Live soccer studio show recaps World Cup action.
Stars: Analysis from Andy Gray, Warren Barton and Christopher Sullivan


Louie (series)
Launch Date: June
Time Slot: 11 pm
Plot: Comedian Louie CK’s life stories intercut with his stand- up comedy.


Holly’s World (series)
Launch Date: June 13
Time Slot: 10:30 pm
Plot: Reality series follows former "Girl Next Door" Holly Madison as she lives, works and plays in her new Las Vegas home, picking up where the special preview episode in Nov ’09 left off.
Stars: Holly Madison

Fuel TV

We’re People Too (movie)
Launch Date: May 29
Time Slot: 9:00 pm
Plot: Follow the lives, personalities, travels and snowboarding of 16 pros on their quest to create the most progressive video they can image.
Stars: Bode Merril, Bryan Fox, Filippo Kratter, Jon Kooley, Jordan Mendenhall, Josh Mills


You Lucky Dog (movie)
Launch Date: June 26
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: After her mother’s sudden death, a fashion designer, returns to her family’s struggling farm she finds purpose training Lucky, a herding dog.
Stars: Natasha Henstridge, Harry Hamlin


The Special Relationship (movie)
Launch Date: May 29
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: A behind-the-scenes look at the relationship between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bill Clinton as the two became world leaders.
Stars: Michael Sheen, Dennis Quaid, Hope Davis, Helen McCrory

HD Theater

Drive: 2010 Auto Shows (series)
Launch Date: July 4
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: A round-up of the significant new car introductions and technology from the NY, Detroit, and LA auto shows.

Isle of Man TT (series)
Launch Date: Aug. 9
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: Documents the Isle of Man TT — an annual 2-week racing event held off the coast of the UK.


Color Splash Miami (series)
Launch Date: July 3
Time Slot: 10:30 pm
Plot: Designer David Bromstad takes cues from the architecture and pulse of Miami to transform ordinary rooms.
Star: David Bromstad

Candice Tells All (series)
Launch Date: Sept. 4
Time Slot: 8 pm
Plot: Candice Olson teaches the secrets of timeless design principles and fundamentals.
Stars: Candice Olson

All-American Handyman (series)
Launch Date: Sept. 5
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Ten non-professional handy men and women compete for the title of All-American Handyman.


Top Shot (series)
Launch Date: June 6
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: The network’s first competition series tests feats of marksmanship to determine who will claim the title of "Top Shot."

Investigation Discovery

Unusual Suspects (series)
Launch Date: June 21
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Profiles cases that were anything but "cut and dry."

Who the Bleep Did I Marry? (series)
Launch Date: Sept. 1
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Stories of men and women who thought they were happily married until uncovering their spouse’s double life.

American Occult (working title) (documentary miniseries)
Launch Date: Aug. 24
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: Explores some of the most haunting ritual killings in recent history.

Lifetime Movie Network

Double Wedding (movie)
Launch Date: June 20
Time Slot: 8 pm ET; 5 pm PT
Plot: Twins accidentally begin dating the same man — a man who believes that they are one and the same person.
Stars: Tia and Tamera Mowry

The List (working title) (movie)
Launch Date: July
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: A former Texas homecoming queen finds herself inadvertently in the middle of a prostitution ring.
Star: Jennifer Love Hewitt

The Devil’s Teardrop (movie)
Launch Date: August
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Special Agent Margaret Lucas calls in retired FBI agent Parker Kincaid to join in the manhunt for a deranged serial killer terrorizing D.C.


The Perfect Student (movie)
Launch Date: September
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Spoiled and beautiful high-school student Devon always gets what she wants — this time her sights are set on handsome math

The 19th Wife (movie)
Launch Date: September
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Based on David Ebershoff’s best-seller, The 19th Wife looks at the secret world of polygamy when a Fundamentalist LDS member is accused of killing her husband.

Military Channel

Toughest Military Jobs (series)
Launch Date: May 13
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: Viewers learn about some of the toughest and most challenging jobs in the US military.

National Geographic Channel

Interrogating Saddam (special/interview)
Launch Date: May 30
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: FBI Agent George Piro details how he patiently built an emotional bond with Saddam in hopes of persuading him to reveal the truth about weapons of mass destruction and alleged ties to Al Qaeda.

How the Earth Changed History (special)
Launch Date: June 20 – June 22
Time Slot: 9-11 pm
Plot: Earth scientist Dr. Iain Stewart travels to seven continents to explore five exceptional aspects of human history, from the rise of industry to the downfall of civilizations.
Stars: Dr. Ian Stewart

Nat Geo Wild

World’s Deadliest (series)
Launch Date: June 28
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Delves into the hunting abilities of a host of apex predators who thrive by sticking together, including lions, humpback whales, leopard seals, army ants and painted dogs.

Outdoor Channel

Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors (series)
Launch Date: July 3
Time Slot: 11 am
Plot: Follows musician and outdoorsman Craig Morgan as he and his crew pursue big game, big thrills and big laughs across North America.
Stars: Craig Morgan

Jim Shockey’s The Professionals (series)
Launch Date: June 29
Time Slot: 7 pm
Plot: Takes viewers into the life of Jim Shockey and his production team as they travel to the world’s most dangerous outdoor destinations.
Stars: Jim Shockey

Truck Academy (series)
Launch Date: June 28
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: Takes a "do it yourself" angle on everyday upgrading and maintenance of pickup trucks and off-road vehicles.
Stars: Kimberly Pressler

What’s next in Q4 2010?
The Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge.


Jersey Couture (series)
Launch Date: June 1
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Tells the story of the Scalis, who run one of the Garden State’s most glamorous destinations for extravagant women’s formal wear, combining business with family.

Hair Battle Spectacular (series)
Launch Date: TBD
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: 10 of America’s hottest stylists compete to see who can deliver the biggest and best in fantasy hair design.
Stars: Brook Burns

Planet Green

No Impact Man (documentary)
Launch Date: August
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Follows the Beavan family as they trade their comfortable NY lifestyle for a life that leaves as little environmental impact as possible.

Around the World in 90 Minutes (special)
Launch Date: July 18
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: Tells the story of what happens around the globe during a 90-minute voyage through a series of HD images broadcast from thousands of miles away.


The Green Room with Paul Provenza (series)
Launch Date: June 10
Time Slot: 10:30 pm
Plot: Top comedians in a roundtable setting, speaking off-the-cuff and uncensored in front of a studio audience.
Stars: Paul Provenza, Roseanne Barr, Sandra Bernhard, Eddie Izzard, Paul Mooney, Bob Saget, and Jonathan Winters, Drew Carey, Patrice Oneal, Andy Dick, Dana Gould, Paul Mooney, Rain Pryor, Bobby Slayton, Tommy Smothers & Penn Jillette

The Real L Word (reality series)
Launch Date: June 20
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Follows hot and happening lesbians in their daily lives at work and play in LA.

The Big C (series)
Launch Date: Aug.16
Time Slot: 10:30 pm
Premise: Laura Linney is a wife, mother and teacher who upends her life after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis.
Stars: Laura Linney, Oliver Platt, John Benjamin Hickey, Simon Kassianides, Gabriel Basso and Phyllis Somerville


Intersections (series)
Launch Date: July 21
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Each episode takes two seemingly different speed machines and compares the similarities and offers an intimate look at the people who operate them.

Stealth Rider (series)
Launch Date: July 20
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: Planned like a robbery but carried out safely and professionally, stunt man Jason Britton get stunt riding shots in unimaginable locations.
Star: Jason Britton

Battle of the Supercars (series)
Launch Date: July 22
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Pits the world’s most outrageous cars against each other on the road and track in head-to-head competition.
Stars: Tanner Foust and Paul Tracy


Half Pint Brawlers (series)
Launch Date: June 7
Time Slot: 11 pm
Plot: Chronicles the often-absurd yet astonishing wild adventures of hardcore little person wrestlers, led by their gregarious owner, Puppet "The Psycho Dwarf."

Guys Choice (special)
Launch Date: June 12
Time Slot: 10-12 pm
Plot: A forum for men to square off over the most hotly-debated rivalries from the world of sports, comedy, film, the Internet and more.

Sportsman Channel

Brush Country Monster’s (series)
Launch Date: June 28
Time Slot: 8 pm
Plot: Filmed on "The Novillos", in Deep South Texas, BCM features one of the world’s finest free-range trophy whitetail properties and will educate the viewer on habitat and herd management practices.
Stars: John Burrell, Lamar Smith and Pam Zaitz

Drake’s Migration Nation (series)
Launch Date: July 2
Time Slot: 7 pm
Plot: Offers a firsthand view into the blind with some of the best waterfowl hunters in the country.
Star: J. Paul Jackson

Davidson’s Gallery of Guns (series)
Launch Date: July 1
Time Slot: 9:30 pm
Plot: Consumers will be educated on a wide array of firearms, including detailed features, benefits and best uses.

What’s next in Q4 2010?
Hidden Creek Adventures takes viewers on "wilderness hunts" via horseback.


The Accordion Kings (documentary)
Launch Date: August 1
Time Slot: 8 pm
Plot: Once every 10 years, Colombia’s top accordion virtuosi gather in Valledupar to compete in a fierce musical battle to decide who among them is the undisputed Accordion King.
Stars: Carlos Vives

Sound Revolution: The Electric Guitar (documentary)
Launch Date: August 15
Time Slot: 8 pm
Plot: Takes the viewer on a musical journey covering the invention and innovation of the electric guitar.
Stars: Henry Rollins (narrator)

All You Need is Klaus (series)
Launch Date: August 22
Time Slot: 8 pm
Plot: An inside look at the history of Rock n’ Roll via a journey into the incredible life of Klaus Voormann.

What’s next in Q4 2010?

Mystery of the Hope Diamond will premiere in November, investigating the secrets of the cherished gem.


The Pillars of the Earth (miniseries)
Launch Date: July 23
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Based on Ken Follet’s best-seller, this eight-hour drama is set during the great Anarchy of 12th century England.
Stars: Ian McShane, Donald Sutherland, Rufus Sewell, Matthew Macfadyen

The Style Network

Too Fat for 15 (series)
Launch Date: September
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Docu-series looks inside the country’s leading weightloss camp for teens.

Sundance Channel

Seduce Me(short films)
Launch Date: May 25
Time Slot: 9:50 pm
Plot: Spawned from the hit series Green Porno, this series again lets Isabella Rossellini run wild in the animal kingdom. This time she acts out the bizarre seduction strategies of nature’s most unique creatures, from bed bugs to jellyfish.


Haven (series)
Launch Date: July 9
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Based on Stephen King’s novella The Colorado Kid; follows FBI agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), who arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine, to solve the murder of a local ex-con.
Stars: Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour


Are We There Yet? (series)
Launch Date: June 2
Time Slot: 9 pm
Plot: Family friendly sitcom focuses on a newly married couple whose blended family faces the challenges of everyday life.
Stars: Terry Crews, Essence Atkins, Teala Dunn, Coy Stewart, Telma Hopkins, Ice Cube, Keesha Sharpe, Christian Finnegan

Neighbors from Hell
Launch Date: June 7
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: TBS dives into original primetime animation with this irreverent series about a family of devils sent to the surface of the Earth to destroy a giant drill threatening their underworld.
Stars: The voices of Molly Shannon, Will Sasso and Patton Oswalt

What’s next in Q4 2010?

Uh, you mean besides a certain tall, lanky red-headed comedian who used to host The Tonight Show? TBS also is developing hour-long comedies and has several primetime animation projects in development.


Memphis Beat (series)
Launch Date: June 22
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Drama follows Dwight Hendricks, a quirky Memphis police detective with an intimate connection to the city, a passion for blues music and a close relationship with his mother.
Stars: Jason Lee, Alfre Woodard, Sam Hennings, DJ Qualls, Celia Weston, Abraham Benrubi, Leonard Earl Howze

Rizzoli & Isles (series)
Launch Date: July
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Based on the crime novels of Tess Gerritsen, this series centers on Boston detective Jane Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles, good friends and sometimes partners, who together solve crimes and bust some of Boston’s most notorious criminals.
Stars: Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, Billie Burke, Lorraine Bracco, Bruce McGill, Jordan Bridges, Lee Thompson Young

What’s next in Q4 2010?
New episodes of crime series The Closer and Leverage, along with the second season of drama Men of a Certain Age.


Carpio Family Project (series)
Launch Date: Q3
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: A follow-up to the TLC special Multitude of Multiples, this series follows the Carpios, a family living in New York City who have 18-month-old sextuplets in addition to an 8-year-old son.

Twist of Kate (series)
Launch Date: Q3
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Kate Gosselin travels around the country to find out how other people juggle work, family and the multiple challenges life throws at them.

Kate Plus 8 (series)
Launch Date: June
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Limited specials will follow Kate and the kids on new adventures — from activities at home to exciting field trips, viewers will experience all the fun with the family.

Homemade Millionaire (series)
Launch Date: Q3
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Kelly Ripa is sent tons of products from aspiring entrepreneurs asking for help and advice on marketing, manufacturing and distributing their inventions. Kelly teams up with TLC and HSN to see if she can help make these women’s dreams come true.

What’s next in Q4 2010?
Sarah Palin’s Alaska is a documentary series about the country’s most majestic and remote state seen through the eyes of its most famous resident, who will travel to meet extraordinary as well as "just plain folks."

Travel Channel

Bert the Conqueror (series)
Launch Date: June 16
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Comedian Bert Kreischer navigates and explores the hilariously absurd and frequently dangerous challenges American towns have to offer.

Best Places Ever (series)
Launch Date: Aug. 26
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Interviews with Travel’s globe-trotting talent about their favorite destinations and experiences.
Stars: Samantha Brown, Andrew Zimmern and others

What’s next in Q4 2010?
On October 2, Travel will launch Three in a Bed, a B&B owners competition show.

TV One

Donald J. Trump Presents the Ultimate Merger (series)
Launch Date: June 17
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Reality TV villain Omarosa, with input from Donald Trump, puts a cadre of 12 hot, successful bachelors through a gauntlet of tests in her quest to settle down and find the man of her dreams in this reality competition series.
Stars: Omarosa, with appearances by Donald Trump, Dr. Jamal Bryant, G. Garvin, Karrine Steffans, comedians Loni Love and George Wallace

Life After (series)
Launch Date: July
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: A reality series that explores some of America’s most intriguing celebrities from the perspective of the turning points that have changed their lives, be they public or private, triumphant or tragic.
Stars: Ron Artest, Mark Curry, Karrine Steffans

TV One Night Only: Live from the Essence Music Festival (special)
Launch Date: August
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Two-hour musical extravaganza features performances from the country’s largest annual gathering celebrating African-American music and culture, including expected performances by Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Gladys Knight, and LL Cool J

What’s next in Q4 2010?
New episodes of bio series Unsung, the story behind popular musical artists who never quite made the transition to superstardom; and a new reality series about the lives of brothers K-Ci and Jo-Jo of the hugely popular R&B and new jack swing group from the ’90s, Jodeci.

TV Guide Network

Curb: The Discussion (series)
Launch Date: June 2
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: A panel of celebrities, media pundits and prominent social figures who inject wit, humor and unique point of view as they debate a specific moral issue or ethical situation as sparked by Larry David in each episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Stars: Susie Essman and celebrity panelists including Jon Hamm of Mad Men.

Father’s Day Special (special)
Launch Date: June 13
Time Slot: 8 pm
Plot: Single or married, straight or gay, this Father’s Day special takes an insightful and hilarious look at the new generation of non-traditional TV dads.

What’s next in Q4 2010?
Weeds, Ugly Betty and Curb Your Enthusiasm will strip on TV Guide Network this fall.


Covert Affairs (series)
Launch Date: July
Time Slot: TBD
Plot: Drama follows Annie Walker, a young CIA trainee who is thrust into the inner sanctum of the agency when she is unexpectedly promoted to field operative.
Stars: Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Kari Matchett, Anne Dudek. Peter Gallagher

What’s next in Q4 2010?
USA will premiere another drama series, Facing Kate, starring Sarah Shahi ( Life, The L Word), about a top litigator who becomes a mediator. Other cast includes: Michael Trucco ( Battlestar Galactica, One Tree Hill), Virginia Williams ( The O.C., American Beauty) and Baron Vaughn ( Invasion). It’s the first co-production between Universal Cable Productions and Universal Networks International.


You’re Wearing That?!? (series)
Launch Date: May 14
Time Slot: 10 pm
Plot: Mother/daughter duos get to vent about what’s not working in the other’s wardrobe to NY stylist Luciene Salomone, who provides expert advice on how each woman can freshen up her style while addressing some of the womens’ underlying relationship issues.
Stars: Kimberly Locke, Annie Duke, and Charlene Tilton.

What’s next in Q4 2010?
WE tv will launch two original series: Mother Knows Best? starring Joan and Melissa Rivers and Downsized, the story of a nine-member family trying to survive difficult economic times.

The Daily



“Love During Lockup,” WE tv ’s newest installment of “Love After Lockup,” will debut on the network Jan. 7. New eps will become available on streamer ALLBLK every Tuesday following their WE tv

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