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11/7/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Time Warner Cable Profit Drops; NFL Net Goes on the Offensive

11/6/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Writers Strike Gains Support; MSNBC Woos Rosie

11/5/07 Monday
Cable360AM: WGA Strike Impacts Late-Night, TCA; Bewkes Confirmed at Time Warner

11/2/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Comcast Refutes Net Neutrality Charges; FiOS TV Plans 150 HD Nets

11/1/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Sprint Calls Time Out on Pivot; AT&T’s U-verse to Resume in CT

10/31/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: MNF Clobbers Cable; NHL and NBC Expand HD Reach

10/30/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: BitTorrent CEO Addresses Comcast P2P Actions; Freston Joins Bono

10/29/07 Monday
Cable360AM: DirecTV and Dish Hit 75 HD Nets; Parsons Exit Rumor Boosts TW

10/26/07 Friday
Cable360AM: EchoStar Adds VOD to IPTV; Comcast Eyeing Wi-Buy?

10/25/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Dolan Rollin’ On; TV Decency Debate Heads to Supreme Court

10/24/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Cablevision’s D-Day; Google, Nielsen Pact on TV Ads

10/23/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Charter Fights Malibu Fires; Firestorm Continues

10/22/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Comcast Anti-Piracy Efforts in the Spotlight; Cablevision Faces Vote

10/19/07 Friday
Cable360AM: DirecTV Raises HD Rates; Pali Knocks Cable as HD Laggards

10/18/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Martin Pushes Must-Carry in DTV Hearing; DirecTV Sues Cox Over HD Ads

10/17/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Dolans’ Cablevision Offer Blocked; AT&T/Dish Talk Downplayed

10/16/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Scripps Splits in 2; U-verse Halted in Connecticut

10/15/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Fox Biz Net Goes Live; DirecTV Counts 72 HD Channels

10/12/07 Friday
Cable360AM: FCC Makes AT&T Deal; Jim Robbins Remembered

10/11/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Cable HD Quality vs. DirecTV HD Quantity; Verizon’s "Sexy" 100Mbps

10/10/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: DirecTV Ups HD Ante; With Oxygen Hitched, Who’s Next?

10/9/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Wal-Mart to Sell Broadband; TiVo Gets Real

10/8/07 Monday
Cable360AM: TBS HD, NHL, Big Ten Expand Carriage; Get Ready for Google Phone

10/5/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Cablevision Faces Investor Suit; Comcast Heading to Europe?

10/4/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: EchoStar and TiVo Head to Court; Verizon Hit With FiOS TV Suit

10/3/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Cable Ops Scurry as DirecTV Continues "100 HD" March

10/2/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Relaunches; AT&T Adds VoIP to IPTV

10/1/07 Monday
Cable360AM: DirecTV’s October HD Bonanza; Cablevision’s MSG Sues NHL

9/28/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Cable Ads Take Cross-Country Canoe; TBS Sweats MLB Postseason

9/27/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: DirecTV and Dish Add HD Nets; Cox, Hearst-Argyle Renew Retrans Deal

9/26/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Sling Sings EchoStar’s Praises; PTC Steps Up A La Carte Push

9/25/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: SlingDish, MicroFacebook, Comcastic HD

9/24/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Cox Nabs NBC Series for VOD; Arris to Buy C-COR

9/21/07 Friday
Cable360AM: A La Cartel? Cable Ops & Networks Sued; Cuban Slams Rival HD Nets

9/20/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: DirecTV Changes 100 HD Channel Plan; Fall TV Shows Hit Web & Mobile

9/19 Wednesday
Cable360AM: DirecTV HD & VOD Don’t Scare Cable Operators; Dolan Takes the Stand

9/18/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: More HD Network Launches; Cable Show Returns to New Orleans

9/17/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Comcast’s New Buddy; Chris Albrecht’s Post-HBO Gig

9/14/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Cablevision Sets Sale Vote, Flunks Diversity Test

9/13/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: DirecTV’s 100 HD Kick-Off; Big Ten Hopes Fade for Comcast Deal

9/12/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: FCC Backs Down to Cable; The (Very Big) Closer; Samples to HGTV

9/11/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: FCC to Tighten Cable Regulations; Comcast Parrots HD

9/10/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Apple May Slash iTunes Pricing; Comcast Not Swaying on Big Ten

9/7/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Dish Adds BTN, Comcast Willing to Talk; DirecTV Revs Up HD

9/6/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Apple Drops iPhone Price (and Jaws); Hulu, Lulu, Vudu

9/5/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Comcast to Sue FCC; Walter Cronkite to Cable?

9/4/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Apple Smacks NBC; Dish Will Miss DTV Deadline

8/31/07 Friday
Cable360AM: FCC Urges NCTA, CEA Deal

8/30/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: DirecTV’s Big Ten, HD and VOD Game Plan

8/29/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Comcast Kills Big Ten Hopes

8/28/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: DirecTV on Demand Launches Beta

8/27/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Big Ten a Big Zero on Cable

8/24/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Deloitte Backs Off Rigas Family

8/23/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Broadcasters Wilt, Cablers Soar in Summer Heat

8/22/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: A Social Network Crackdown

8/21/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: MTV & RealNetworks Have Urge to Merge

8/20/07 Monday
Cable360AM: High School Musical 2 Blasts Cable Records

8/17/07 Friday
Cable360AM: NBC Strikes Landmark VOD Deal

8/16/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Reading Paul Allen’s Mind

8/15/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: DirecTV Expands Broadband

8/14/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Comcast Limits Free VOD

8/13/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Noggin & The N Go 24/7

8/10/07 Friday
Cable360AM: NBCU Eyes Oxygen

8/9/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: DirecTV’s 2Q Slips

8/8/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Sprint CEO Down on Cable JV

8/7/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: USA Nabs Bourne

8/6/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Rigases—Six Days to Jail

8/3/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Oxygen Cuts Landmark Ad Deal

8/2/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Yankees’ TV Network For Sale

8/1/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Murdoch’s Next Steps

7/31/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Murdoch Lands Dow Jones

7/30/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Malone Eyes Virgin Media

7/27/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Cox Spurns Churn

7/26/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Comcast’s 2nd Quarter Pop

7/25/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: FCC Snubs Google Wireless Bid

7/24/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: TiVo HD Frenzy

7/23/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Murdoch Rival Proposes New Biz Net

7/20/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Senate Backs FCC Oversight

7/19/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: NHL’s Cable Bypass

7/18/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Comcast Channels Ren & Stimpy

7/17/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: WWE Board Seeks Tougher Testing

7/16/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Dice Rolls From Discovery

7/13/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Gemstar-TV Guide Busts a Move

7/12/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Discovery Eyes Facebook

7/11 Wednesday
Cable360AM: FCC Chairs’ Wireless Duel

7/10 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Google Scores FCC Wi-Five

7/9 Monday
Cable360AM: EchoStar Enters Dow Jones Race

7/6 Friday
Cable360AM: CableCard Flap Continues

7/5 Thursday
Cable360AM: AT&T Feels the Heat

7/3 Tuesday
Cable360AM: NBCU Axes Web Video Site

7/2 Monday
Cable360AM: iHype vs. CableCard

6/29 Friday
Cable360AM: CableCard Deadline Looms

6/28 Thursday
Cable360AM: HBO’s Peep Show

6/27 Wednesday
Cable360AM: WWE Releases Benoit Text Messages

6/26 Tuesday
Cable360AM: D.C. Violence Hearings Heat Up

6/25 Monday
Cable360AM: The iPhone Cometh

6/22 Friday
Cable360AM: Comcast v. Big Ten, Qwest

6/21 Thursday
Cable360AM: Chris Albrecht Helps HBO

6/20 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Comcast Sued, Wooed & Approved

6/19 Tuesday
Cable360AM: AT&T’s Cablevision Beef

6/18 Monday
Cable360AM: TV Upfront in Full Swing

6/15 Friday
Cable360AM: Sopranos Fans Chase for Clues

6/14 Thursday
Cable360AM: DirecTV and EchoStar Join Forces

6/13 Wednesday
Cable360AM: DirecTV Launching HBO’s HD Channels

6/12/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: David Chase Speaks

6/11/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Sopranos Whacks Viewers

6/8/07 Friday
Cable360AM: TBS Takes Pleasure in Payne

6/7/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Qwest Drops "DSL"

6/6/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: CBS Eyes Cable Cash Cow

6/5/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: FCC’s Indecent Proposal Rejected

6/4/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Sopranos’ Finale Fever Begins

6/1/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Upfront Ratings Mess

5/31/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: ComcasTiVo Ready for Primetime

5/30/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Comcast’s Monster Deal

5/29/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: NBC’s Exec Shake-Up

5/25/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Joost Looking

5/24/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Cable’s Big Tenn. Victory

5/23/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: FiOS TV 2.0

5/22/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Discovery Times Eyes CBS

5/21/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Comcast SportsNet Northwest A Go

5/18/07 Friday
Cable360AM: MLB Network Firms Up Launch
& PM Update: DirecTV Sues Comcast; Insight for Sale?

5/17/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Fox Business Channel Tab—$100M
& PM Update: Discovery Closes Shops

5/16/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: ESPN Mobile, Take 2
& PM Update: Verizon Touts Quad Play

5/15/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Disney Launches ITVOD
& PM Update: NCTA Urges FCC Reform

5/14/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Movie Biz Balks at Comcast VOD Plan
& PM Update: Cox, Discovery Complete Swap

5/11/07 Friday
Cable360AM: NFL Network Appeals Comcast Verdict

5/10/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Albrecht’s Fall From Grace

5/9/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: The Cable Show—Day 3

5/8/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: The Cable Show—Day 2

5/7/07 Monday
Cable360AM: The Cable Show Kicks Off

5/4/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Dolans Face Legal Challenge

5/3/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Cablevision’s Next Hurdle

5/2/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Dolans Taking Cablevision Private

5/1/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Cox Picks Up Phone

4/30/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Comcast Shores Up Sports Nets

4/27/07 Friday
Cable360AM: AT&T’s Whitacre Stepping Down

4/26/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Wong Makes Lifetime Commitment

4/25/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Comcast SportsNet Northwest?

4/24/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Comcast’s Wireless New England

4/23/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Time Warner Cable Eyes Wi-Fi

4/20/07 Friday
Cable360AM: MLB Extra Innings to Cablevision?

4/19/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: NBC, MSNBC Debate VT Killer Video

4/18/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: AT&T’s U-verse Coming to LA

4/17/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: NAB’s Anti-Cable Talking Points

4/16/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Comcast Expands Web Video Push

4/13/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Imus, the Morning After

4/12/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Cox Takes on Time Warner Cable in LA

4/11/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Baseball Channel Very, Very Good to MLB

4/10/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Cablevision Rewinds Network DVR Suit

4/9/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Discovery Slashes Workforce

4/6/07 Friday
Cable360AM: No Extra Innings on Dish

4/5/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Cable’s Ready to Play Ball

4/4/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Cable Gets MLB Extra Innings

4/3/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Comcast Buys Small Op Patriot

4/2/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Deal or No Deal? MLB, Cable Talks Continue

3/30/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Deadline Looms for MLB’s Extra Innings

3/29/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Discovery Buys Out Cox, Sheds Travel

3/28/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Hopes Fade for Cable/Baseball Deal

3/27/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Baseball Battle Heads to the Hill

3/26/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Ong Leaving Nat Geo Channel

3/23/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Cablevision Loses Network DVR Case

3/22/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: U-verse Jumps to PCs

3/21/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Statewide Video Bills Advance

3/20/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Cable Ops Prep for No MLB Deal

3/19/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Goes Mobile

3/16/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Time Warner Cable’s LA Tremors

3/15/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: DirecTV Discontinues GMC’s Local Feeds

3/14/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Martin Takes Aim at Cable

3/13/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: Viacom Sues YouTube & Google

3/12/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Cable Advertising on the Hot Seat

3/9/07 Friday
Cable360AM: Comcast, Sinclair Make a Deal

3/8/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: DirecTV/MLB Deal Announced

3/7/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Tandberg Accepts Ericsson Bid

3/6/06 Tuesday
Cable360AM: USDTV Calls It Quits

3/5/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Time Warner Cable Mobile Hits Cinci

3/2/07 Friday
Cable360AM: FCC Rules for Cable Phone

3/1/07 Thursday
Cable360AM: Sinclair Bows to Comcast

2/28/07 Wednesday
Cable360AM: Comcast Gets Sinclair Extension

2/27/07 Tuesday
Cable360AM: CBS, Cablevision Report Earnings

2/26/07 Monday
Cable360AM: Discovery Finds Jesus (and Kin)?

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