Adria Alpert-Romm
Senior EVP, human resources
Discovery Comm
An onsite daycare facility at Discovery’s hq? Sign us up. We miss Pandit Wright, but Alpert-Romm seems to be continuing
the employee-friendly tradition
at Discovery.

Peter Aquino
President/CEO, RCN
Aquino runs the overbuilder that just keeps going and going and going… With Verizon and AT&T out there, it’s easy to forget about RCN. Not a good idea. Aquino knows his stuff.

Janice Arouh
SVP, network distribution & service, Hallmark Channel & Hallmark Movie Channel
She should really be in the 100 every year, but we’ll give her a break this time around. Arouh’s one of the smartest, toughest… and nicest… people we know.

Peggy Ballard
VP, strategic communications
The quintessential Southern lady, Ballard’s the dean of vendor PR people (see, out of respect we didn’t say flacks) and is an active member of the Association of Cable Communicators.
Janet Barnard
GM, Cox Northern VA
No system GM faces more heat from the telcos than Barnard, whose wealthy subscribers in D.C.’s suburbs are inundated regularly with marketing materials urging Cox Cable subs to switch to Verizon. Barnard’s up to the challenge.

Jim Bates
Senior VP/GM, HRTV
Who’d a thunk it? Horse racing going mainstream? Bates may not have us there yet, but if anyone can do it, it’s this guy. He seems well on his way.

Char Beales
President, CTAM
Char doesn’t really care about being in the 100 or this list, but we’re putting her in it anyway because we love her so. Bottom line: She’s the industry’s face of marketing. And marketing’s never been more important.

Debby Beece
Former president, programming & marketing, Oxygen
What would NBCU have been buying had Beece not developed such great shows? We hope she lands somewhere fabulous. We think she will.

Ben Bennett
COO/Acting CEO
When Alan Guggenheim stepped down this year, Bennett stepped up. He’ll be put to the test in ’08 as he works to keep OpenTV relevant. We’ll be watching.

Lisa Berger
EVP, original programming and series development, E!
Berger works tirelessly to keep E!’s showbiz-focused slant constantly fresh (not easy in a world saturated with celebrity coverage and culture). She continues to cut deals that put a fresh spin on the entertainment business.

Nomi Bergman
EVP, strategy and development
Nomi’s a class act. Her strategic vision, along with a keen understanding of technology and what it can do for customers, sets Bright House apart.

Greg Bicket
VP/GM, Cox New Orleans
Out of the ashes of Katrina, Bicket and his amazing team in New Orleans are climbing back into glory. As the industry prepares to return to the Big Easy in the Spring, we’re all cheering Bicket on.

Dan Brenner
SVP, law and regulatory policy, NCTA
Brenner’s the backbone of NCTA’s legal arguments. With Kevin Martin at the FCC’s helm, the industry has never needed Brenner’s analytical mind more. Good thing he also knows how to crack a joke. 

Randy Brown
SVP, affiliate sales and mktg
Outdoor Channel
Brown’s making a smooth transition from Tennis to Outdoor. Now when we knock tennis balls outside the court and into the woods, Brown can take us on a nature walk to find them. Cool.

Louise Henry Bryson
President, distribution & affiliate business development
Lifetime; EVP/GM, Lifetime Movie Network
Talk about unsung heroes… Bryson has helped propel Lifetime forward since 1999 and is now the top exec for LMN. As Andrea Wong takes the brand in new directions, we’re hoping Bryson’s star stays high in the sky.

Bruce Campbell
President, digital media, emerging networks and business development, Discovery
David Zaslav didn’t blink before hiring Campbell to extend Discovery’s brand further into new media, as well as strengthen Discovery’s growing stable of new emerging brands. We wouldn’t bet against the Zas. Nor Campbell.

Dallas Clement
SVP, strategy and development
Cox Communications
Clement is one of those rare breeds of executive with a keen understanding of both technology and strategy—and how both work together to drive profits. The respect he commands among his peers is unmatched.

C. Michael Cooley
President/CEO, The Sportsman Channel
Cooley is just one of those guys who loves his work—in this case, a network devoted to the sportsmen among us. While not a household name yet, we’re not betting against someone this enthusiastic.

Lynne Costantini
SVP/chief business affairs officer
Time Warner Cable
Costantini doesn’t make an effort to get noticed, but she’s a highly respected force in the industry nonetheless—working closely with the Time Warner Cable brass to find strategic opportunities. Britt and the gang are lucky to have her.

Jennifer Dangar
SVP, domestic distribution
Dangar, who was just promoted at Discovery and recently took over the chairmanship of WICT, seems destined for more greatness. Dangar ahead! 

Channing Dawson
SVP, emerging media
Scripps Networks
Does anyone dispute that Scripps Networks’ multiplatform and online efforts have been among the best in the industry? In fact, Scripps is ahead of several larger content rivals. Dawson continues to keep Scripps on the bleeding edge of new media.

Ellen East
EVP, Time Warner Cable
Gosh. It just seems like Ellen East and Cox are one in the same. But East’s decision to take Lynn Yaeger’s job at Time Warner Cable—while sad for Cox—is great for East and Glenn Britt. Good luck, Ellen! We suspect you’ll be a 100 shoe-in for next year.

Kristine Faulkner
VP of product development and management
Cox Business Services
Mark Bowser may get more glory as head of Cox’s business services unit, but Faulkner has been a vital contributor often behind the scenes, developing commercial products and overseeing product lifecycle management. Knowledge, compassion… a rising star, to be sure.

Kathleen Finch
SVP/GM, DIY Network
A growing force at Scripps, Finch continues to grow DIY with creativity and ingenuity. It probably didn’t hurt that she spent 7 years at Food Network in the 90s. This Finch can fly!

Benita Fitzgerald Mosley
When it comes to women’s advancement in cable, Fitzgerald Mosely has done a fabulous job pressing cable’s leaders to strive for more than slow, steady progress. As women rise higher, she gains influence and stature. And we don’t expect her to start slowing down.

John Ford
President/GM, Discovery Channel
Discovery alum Ford left NatGeo to join Discovery’s new David Zaslav regime and run Military Channel and Discovery Times. But just a couple of weeks ago, Zaslav upped his profile considerably by putting him in charge of Discovery Channel. Everyone expects great things here.

Eric Frankel
President, Warner Bros Domestic Cable Distribution
With more than 3,500 movies and 350 TV series in his arsenal, this licensing guru is in touch with nearly 100 cable nets looking for content. Pretty much a Go-To guy.

Michele Ganeless
President, Comedy Central
Expectations are high for Ganeless as she takes the reigns at brand powerhouse Comedy Central. But she’s up to the challenge. After all, dealing with Matt Stone and Trey Parker requires a special talent.

Jennifer Gaiski
SVP, content acquisition
Working closely with Matt Bond, Gaiski is the person every programmer wants to see. Her vast knowledge of the industry and all of its evolving content avenues gives her considerable influence.

Lisa Gersh
President/COO, Oxygen
Gersh has it all—intelligence, fortitude and vision. Her efforts to put Oxygen on the map over the last 7 years culminated with the NBCU sale. Gersh deserves much of the credit. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her at NBCU.

Joan Gillman
Time Warner Cable Media Sales
Gillman is one of the highest ranking women in MSO ad sales, and she continues to impress with her understanding of the business and drive to succeed.

Ed Huguez
EVP, sales and affiliate marketing
Huguez has grown Starz and Encore by more than 1mln subs and 1.5mln subs, respectively. That’s impressive. Next up: more HD, VOD and broadband. Go Ed!

Kirk Iwanowski
EVP, marketing, Branded Entertainment and Sponsorship
Sundance Channel
Iwanowski has helped secure sponsorships from Lexus, Citi Smith Barney, Cadillac and many others for Sundance’s “The Green” programming block and other shows. He also exec produces the “Iconoclasts” series. Iwanowski’s an important part of Sundance’s success.

Marc Juris
EVP/GM, Court TV
As Court TV prepares for the switch to the truTV moniker on Jan 1, newly promoted Juris is charged with making sure the transition goes smoothly. With the marketing machine already gearing up this fall, Juris seems more than prepared to trumpet the new brand to the world.

Peter Kiley
VP, affiliate relations, C-SPAN
Kiley helps keep C-SPAN on top with its cable partners, all while navigating government and media relations in Washington. His honesty and frankness are refreshing. We’re Kiley fans over here.

Chuck Klein
President, CPK Productions
Cable’s resident events guy and trade show booth maven, Chuck’s been in cable so long he’s rumored to have catered Bill Bresnan’s first birthday party. Good thing, as food is one of Chuck’s loves, making his culinary guides must-reads before major cable events. 

Cyndi McClellan
SVP, research and programming strategy
Comcast Entertainment Group
McClellan’s knack for researching and analyzing trends for E!, Style and G4 has helped those networks stay connected with their respective demos. She also helps with strategic planning, scheduling and dealmaking. An invaluable asset to 3 great brands.

Gary McCollum
VP/region manager, Cox Hampton Roads, VA
A 19-year Cox vet, Gary did such a great job solidifying the jewel system in suburban D.C., the MSO sent him to its huge Hampton Roads, VA, operation. The part-time minister also headed the Virginia Cable Television Association’s convention this year.

Larry Meli
President, AmericanLife TV
With a rebranding campaign now in full swing, Meli’s AmericanLife is going after the elusive Baby Boomers with gusto. Now, if the net’s viewership ever matches the number of people who claim to have been at Woodstock… well, then we’re talking serious ratings!

Jeff Miller
President/CEO, ICTV
ICTV produces amazing innovations that other companies use to make themselves look good. That’s no problem for Miller, who is glad to help his customers truly develop convergence platforms. End users are the big beneficiaries.

Benita Fitzgerald Mosley
Fitzgerald Mosley has earned everyone’s respect as the leader of WICT. She’s a networking expert who leads by example and tirelessly works for female equality within the cable industry. WICT is lucky to have her.

Mary Murano
President, distribution
The bottom line: Murano has been at Oxygen from the beginning and was integral in growing the network to 72mln subs in only 7 years—eventually making it a must-have purchase for NBCU. She has persevered where others have failed. Bravo!

Bill Myers
Pres/COO, Starz
Myers has been an operational asset, but his financial pedigree makes him uniquely positioned to evaluate potential agreements and give strategic and financial guidance to his senior teams on negotiations. He’s a player.

Tonia O’Connor
EVP, distribution
Gemstar-TV Guide International
Since joining Gemstar-TV Guide in ’94 as an account manager, O’Connor has risen through the ranks based on her diverse talents and hard work. She’s now a master dealmaker—and even leads the company’s government affairs arm. There seems no stopping her.

JB Perrette
President, NBCU Digital Distribution
NBCU has never been busier in the digital arena, and Perrette is the guy in the trenches sifting through the confusion to create winning scenarios. With fickle consumers constantly changing their whims, Perrette’s experience and insight will become even more important in ’08.

Jo Petherbridge
SVP, communications
BBC America
There have been a slew of management changes at BBC America, but rock steady Jo Petherbridge has weathered them all, even filling in as Interim GM on occasion.  
David Porter
Executive Director
The Walter Kaitz Foundation
With the NCTA board on a concerted mission to cut down the number of cable functions out there, Porter’s challenge in ’08 is ensuring that Kaitz doesn’t become an unfortunate casualty. He’s got much support from those who support diversity.

Steve Raab
President, SportsOne NY
Raab has led SNY’s ad sales efforts to new heights in ’07, securing more than 40 new advertisers and growing ad sales revenue a whopping 80%. Raab continues to cut through in a crowded Big Apple marketplace.

Sean Riley
SVP, affiliate sales
Fox Cable Networks
Riley is a rare mix of intelligence, wit and affability that impresses everyone who meets him—whatever the context. Mike Hopkins can rest easy with Riley at his side.

Bob Rose
EVP, distribution
Rose has been a busy guy since joining CSTV in ’06, and he continues to navigate the complicated and competitive waters of sports programming with quiet finesse.

Daniel Roynane
GM, Lifeskool/Sportskool
Rainbow’s innovative VOD strategy has been turning heads, and the buzz has a lot to do with Roynane’s unique vision. He continues to take risks and try new things as VOD evolves. That takes guts.

Ellen Schned
We’re pretty much Ellen Schned fans over here. A master at networking, Schned simply knows everyone and uses those relationships to further the CSTV brand. As the sports network grows in ’08, rest assured that Schned will be an integral part of getting the word out to affiliates and the public at large.

John Skipper
Exec VP, content
Skipper is known for his aggressive pursuit of new platforms and his keen intellect. ESPN’s massive growth in recent years is a direct result of Skipper’s ability to identify new platforms and, more importantly, figure out ways to monetize them.

Clint Stinchcomb
EVP/GM, Discovery Emerging Networks Group
Stinchcomb has worn many hats since David Zaslav took over Discovery a year ago, but his latest gig working with Bruce Campbell could prove to his best one yet. Campbell’s business development and new media experience should mesh well with Stinchcomb’s institutional Discovery knowledge and emerging-net credentials.

Jack Wakshlag
Chief Research Officer
Turner Broadcasting System
Wakshlag is one of the best researchers out there. Why do we love him? Well, because he’s always available for some instant ratings analysis when we’re in an editorial crunch.

David Levy
President, Turner Entertainment Ad Sales & Marketing; President, Turner Sports
Levy also oversees all ad sales and marketing deals on TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Court TV, GameTap, Super Deluxe and Turner Sports. How does he do so much—and with so much skill? We have no idea.

Steve Villano
President, Cable Positive
Simple. Without Villano’s constant networking and persuasive skills, the cable industry’s AIDS fundraising wouldn’t come close to matching its current levels. Period.

Patrick Younge
President/GM, Travel Media
Younge has prospered despite a wholly new environment following the spin off from Discovery and takeover by Cox. And his knowledge of world destinations goes well beyond the call of duty. It seems like this guy has been everywhere!

David Zagin
SVP, affiliate sales and marketing, AETN
Zagin is simply one of the best affiliate marketers around, and he works closely with AETN chief Abbe Raven to keep the company’s diverse menu of content top of mind for distributors. With endless energy and industry knowledge, Zagin is poised to continue his streak of excellence into ’08.

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