Chris Albrecht

Title: President/CEO, Starz (not pictured)

Number of Years in Cable: 23

Education: BA, Hofstra University

Bill Myers

Title: President/CEO, Starz Ent (right)

Number of Years in Cable: 21

Education: BA, Accounting, NM State U

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Why Them? Albrecht began as a stand-up comic, but since taking over Starz he’s been serious about growth. Albrecht and Myers have successfully partnered with global content providers and made an immediate impact, delivering content with domestic and foreign appeal like Spartacus and Pillars of the Earth. Albrecht is still in his honeymoon at Starz, with much of his record TBD.

Year Ahead: With Albrecht, Starz seems on track to continue its impressive slate of originals. We’re anxious to see what surprises he unveils in ’11.

Chris Albrecht

On Your iPad: email, Starz’ series cuts

3DTV is: Our friend.

In ’11, Cable Will: Grow

Most Creative Part of My Job: Talking to all our talented people.

Non-Starz Fave: Gossip Girls, really

Best Business Advice: Do a good job

Bill Myers

On Your iPad: Primarily music

3DTV is: A niche product until we can eliminate the requirement for glasses.

Favorite Non-Starz Shows: The Good Wife, Big Bang Theory

Favorite City for Business: NY


Jerry Kent

Title: Chairman/CEO, Suddenlink

Number of Years in Cable: 27

Education: BS, MBA, Washington U

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Why Him? There’s something to be said about doing what you promised you were going to do. Kent believes this basic business rule was a significant part of the reason Suddenlink improved its J.D. Power customer satisfaction scores for the second straight year. Add increases in revenue, earnings and RGUs, and Kent has earned his high place on our list once again. He also gets points for his quiet but effective community service.

Just Imagine: Kent’s belief in staying competitive means investing. So he started Project Imagine, a $350mln plan focused on incremental improvement in the MSO’s network, infrastructure and services. The money is over and above normal capital investments. And at press time, Suddenlink said it was acquiring NPG Cable and its 83K subs.

Year Ahead: Kent’s focus on long-term thinking and investment bodes well despite competition and challenges for ops of Suddenlink’s size.

On Your iPad: Everything I need to make it my favorite connected device.

Biggest Threat to Cable: Failure to provide superior customer care.

Non-Cable Co That Knows How to Run/Market its Business: Apple

On Media, the New Congress Should: Worry about jobs and the economy.


Madison Bond

Title: EVP, Content Acquisition, Comcast

Years in Cable: 12 ( CFAX estimate)

Education: BS, BA, U of Denver; JD, U of CO

Why Him? Is it better to be respected or feared? Why not both? Bond has long overseen Comcast’s content universe with a no-nonsense style that has served the MSO well — yet he has mostly avoided the nasty public carriage battles and retrans fights that have plagued other operators. We’re sure programmers will miss lovingly staring into Bond’s eyes from across the negotiating table after he ascends to EVP, Content Distribution upon completion of the Comcast-NBCU deal. But we’re guessing they’ll somehow learn to go on without him. Seriously, we expect Bond will do especially well in his new role, considering he understands both sides of the business from his years at YES Network.

Trains on Time: Bond vowed Comcast’s authentication scheme would go into beta by the end of ’09. It did. Since then, he’s made dozens more deals that led to the company moving its Xfinity TV service into full launch in September.

Year Ahead: Bond no longer will be Comcast’s acquisition guy, but his new role puts him squarely in the multiplatform future. And it will give him a chance to show his softer side. Or not.


Josh Sapan

Title: Pres/CEO, Rainbow Media Holdings (below, middle)

Number of Years in Cable: 29

Education: U of WI

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Ed Carroll

Title: COO, Rainbow Entertainment Services (pictured, right)

Number of Years in Cable: 20

Education: SUNY, New Paltz

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Charlie Collier

Title: Pres/GM, AMC (below, left)

Ed: BA, Bucknell; MBA, Columbia

Why Them? It’s getting predictable. Once again, Sapan, Carroll and Collier produced an impressive Emmy-filled year. Last year we said they couldn’t top their previous year. We won’t do that anymore. OK, so Rubicon didn’t work out — you can’t win ’em all — but Mad Men and Breaking Bad did, helping Rainbow to a record 30 Emmy nominations, including its first for Sundance Channel.

Growing Where? As it has for many programmers, international expansion has become a major focus for Rainbow. Carroll spent much of ’10 abroad, expanding the footprint of Sundance Channel (6 overseas launches) and WE tv (3 Far East launches).

Year Ahead: Cablevision’s planned spinoff of Rainbow should give the company even more flexibility as it grows, including making it a potential acquisition target.

Ed Carroll

What’s on Your iPad? TV shows, books and Game 6 of ’09 World Series.

Favorite Non-Rainbow Show: Modern Family

Best Business Book: Death of a Salesman

Best Business Advice: Just because the person who criticizes you is an idiot, it doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

Most Underrated Drink: Diet Coke

Charlie Collier

What Should Cable Do to Improve Its Image with the Public? Scrap the idea of using Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen as spokespeople for authentication (but still let them host CTAM with Char).

When it Comes To Media Issues, the New Congress Should: Focus on the economy.

Who’d Win a Fight Between Kevin Martin and Julius Genachowski? Why would Julius Genachowski be fighting with a Houston Rocket?

Most Underrated Drink: The first one

Josh Sapan

What’s on Your iPad? Rainbow Programming: AMC’s The Walking Dead; Sundance Channel’s Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys; WE tv’s Downsized; IFC tv’s The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret; and other shows – The C Word, Boardwalk Empire, 30 Rock, Archer

In ’11, Cable Will: Integrate with alternative devices in the home to great success.

A Non-Cable Co That Knows How to Run/Market its Business: Apple


Tony Werner

Title: EVP/CTO, Comcast Cable

Years in Cable: 25+

Education: Dakota County Technical College

Why Him? In recent years, Comcast has taken a decisive leadership role in leveraging technology to satisfy consumers’ constantly changing whims. As Comcast’s top techie, Werner has largely led the industry mission to innovate and in ’10 continued the tradition by getting out front on authentication, which emerged from beta and seems to be humming along fine on the technical side. In addition, Werner is involved in lots of "unsexy" pursuits — such as back-office integration and engineering widgetry at the headend level — all of which help Comcast stay one step ahead of its nimble competition.

EBIF Hero: Werner has worked closely with Canoe Ventures and CableLabs on getting the EBIF spec ready for primetime, rolling out the widely anticipated iO6 in ’10.

Year Ahead: Werner will need to learn a new level of multitasking and project management as Comcast absorbs all that content from NBCU — integrating it across multiple platforms like online, mobile and VOD. He’s up to the task.


John Landgraf

Title: President, FX

Years in Cable: 7 at FX, 10 if you include my role as exec prod of Reno 911! for Comedy Central

Education: BA, Pitzer College

I Watch TV: Live (for sports)

Why Him? Landgraf has the secret sauce, consistently finding high-quality shows (like Sons of Anarchy) that keep viewers interested. That’s why he can bid adieu to Rescue Me next summer and feel comfortable that more good times are ahead. Maybe a lot more, as he plans to expand FX’s focus on comedy. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia continues to resonate. Maybe it or Sons will snag an Emmy nod in ’11. Many thought they deserved them in ’10.

The Protector: See Landgraf’s frank response about threats to cable ( below) and his admission at TCA that he wishes the DVR had never been invented, and you’ll know he’s constantly looking to protect content and business model.

Year Ahead: Things look good, but losing Denis Leary has to sting a little.

On Your iPad: Some kind of schmutz, probably from my 7-year-old, who plays electronic soccer and has a head cold.

3DTV Is: Going to revolutionize how fans watch televised baseball.

Biggest Threat To Cable’s Survival: The astonishing fact that the USA hasn’t passed a law allowing or encouraging ISPs to block consumers from stealing expensively-produced content from its rightful owners. Can you imagine there being no law preventing the theft of cars from dealerships? It’s cheaper to make a car than an episode of television.

Favorite Non-FX Show: The Simpsons, greatest comedy ever.

On Media Issues, the New Congress Should: Think about basic morality. Thou shalt not steal.

Motto: Take every challenge, every disappointment and use it as fuel to get better at your job.

Most Underrated Drink: Water. I have a doctor friend whose patients tell him they can’t drink water instead of soda because they "just don’t like the taste!"


Cyma Zarghami

Title: President, Nickelodeon, MTVN Kids & Family Group

Years in Cable: 25

Education: BA, U of VT

Why Her? Yes, we’re still enamored with iCarly and those disgusting spaghetti tacos, but Zarghami has raised Nick’s star higher this year with Big Time Rush. How popular is the new series about a boy band? BTR’s debut album entered the Billboard 200 at number 3. Watch out Jonas Brothers! Praising BTR and sister tween series Victorious, Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman touted Zarghami & co during a 3Q earnings call for "the consistent rate at which they continue to top themselves."

Reliving the Classics: In addition to the upcoming new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, Nick’s working on an animated preschool series based on the characters of Beatrix Potter. Both are expected to debut in ’12. Talk about something for everyone…

The Year Ahead: No rest for Zarghami as the competition includes not only the new Hasbro-Discovery jv The Hub, but Disney, which is gearing up to launch its preschool network.


Melinda Witmer *

Title: EVP/Chief Programming Officer

Years in Cable: 15 ( CFAX estimate)

Education: BS, U of AZ; JD, U of PA

Why Her? As content gatekeeper at the #2 MSO, Witmer wields considerable power to make or break the futures of countless programmers. And while the negotiating environment has never been more acrimonious (see retrans), Witmer refuses to buckle to demands she thinks would unfairly raise program costs. Witness Time Warner Cable’s now famous Roll Over or Get Tough campaign, which continues as the MSO fights with Sinclair over retrans. Witmer also has expertly navigated the increasing complexity of multiplatform deals as more content lands on digital platforms.

Flip This Deal: Though few would accuse Witmer of rolling over when negotiating content deals, turns out she loves to roll over real estate. She fixes houses and resells them. Fitting that Witmer’s hobby involves negotiating and calculating finances. Does she love her work or what?

Year Ahead: It’s hard to predict program negotiations, especially with retrans trouble looming. Will Witmer roll over? We doubt it.

A Non-Cable Co that Knows How to Run/Market Its Biz: Apple… well, maybe that’s a cable company… ok, Netflix… well, maybe it is, too… uh, Google… I give up…! What’s a cable company again?

When It Comes to Media Issues, the New Congress Should: Repeal and rethink retransmission consent.


Joe Abruzzese *

Title: Pres, Ad Sales, Discovery Comm

Number of Years in Cable: 8

Education: Bachelor’s in Marketing and Finance, Seton Hall

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Bill Goodwyn *

Title: Pres, Global Distribution; CEO, Discovery Education

Number of Years in Cable: Nearly 25

Education: BA, UNC at Chapel Hill

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Why Them? Cable vet Goodwyn landed a much-deserved promotion this summer and now heads global and domestic distribution, as well as Discovery’s education business. In ’10 he expanded carriage for Investigation Discovery from 55mln homes to 70mln. The ever-dapper Abruzzese continues to deliver — ad sales have been up all year, and in its most recent earnings report, Discovery showed a 16% increase in ad sales dollars to $304mln, driven by higher CPMs and strong ratings.

O Say: Abruzzese was instrumental in supporting OWN’s landmark launch deals with blue chip advertisers.

The Year Ahead: Many are betting on Discovery’s 3D network and OWN.

Joe Abruzzese

On Your iPad: Discovery Channel MythBusters app

If I Could Have Dinner With Any Cable TV Star, It Would Be: Jon Hamm for his coolness and Buddy Valastro for his desserts!

Favorite City for Business: NY

Bill Goodwyn

On Your iPad: Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber…My daughter has hijacked my iPad

My Motto: The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Best Business Advice: Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.


Denise Denson

Title: EVP, Content Distribution and Marketing, MTV Networks

Number of Years in Cable: 17

Education: USC

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Why Her? Last year, we thought Denson would struggle to get distribution for EPIX, the premium joint-venture movie channel. We were partly right. DirecTV, Comcast and Cablevision passed, but Denson inked Charter, Cox, Mediacom and Dish. A dedicated Deadhead, Denson also got a Netflix partnership and jumps nearly 40 slots on our list. She completed a two-year project, securing agreements with 85% of MTV Nets’ total distribution.

No Rest: Online distribution agreements will take up much of Denson’s time in ’11.

Year Ahead: Whether it’s Jersey Shore or Tosh.O, ratings are up, helping Denson as she negotiates.

Fave Non-MTV Show: Modern Family

Most Creative Part of My Job: Structuring high-value distribution deals that provide our brands and content across new and existing platforms.

Who Wins a Fight Between Kevin Martin and Julius Genachowski? Whichever one has J-Woww in his corner.

3DTV is: Another awesome opportunity for us to connect with our fans.


Michele Ganeless

Title: President, Comedy Central

Years in Cable: 20 (2nd from left)

Education: BA, Northwestern

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Doug Herzog

Title: President, MTV Networks Entertainment Group (pictured, below)

Number of Years in Cable: 28

Education: Emerson

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Why Them? This pair created tremendous value in comedy during a very serious year. After a slow ’09, Comedy and TV Land — two of Herzog’s three networks at MTV Entertainment — rebounded with 20%+ rating improvement in ’10. Much of that was due to Comedy’s consistent late-night hits: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. And did we mention Ganeless successfully negotiated contracts for Stewart and Colbert, keeping them at Comedy through ’13?

Betty White-Hot: Who knew? Betty White and Hot in Cleveland were home runs for TV Land. Up in ’11 is more Cleveland and comedy Retired at 35.

Michele Ganeless

What Should Cable Do to Improve its Image? Continue to develop high-quality programming

A Non-Cable Co That Knows How to Run/Market its Business: Apple

Dinner with A Cable Star: Tom Colichio from Top Chef – I would ask him to cook!

Fave Show Not on Comedy: Mad Men

Doug Herzog

My Goal on Foursquare is to be Mayor of: Yankee Stadium

Fave Non-MTV TV: Fri Night Lights

Motto: Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.


Michael Willner

Title: Vice Chair/CEO, Insight Comm

Years in Cable: 36

Education: BS, Boston U

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Dinni Jain

Title: Pres/COO, Insight Comm

Number of Years in Cable: 17

Education: Princeton

I Watch TV Mostly: Online

Why Them? Last year, we predicted a strong year for industry influence (Willner) and operational results (Jain). We were right. The duo running Insight can boast sub growth the past two years, despite unprecedented pressure on cable amid the specter of cord cutting and intense competition. 3Q ’10 results were especially impressive, with revenue up 7% and adjusted OIBDA up a whopping 15%. While Insight lost basic subs like everyone else (about 12K), Willner and Jain managed to gain nearly 22K digital subs and 4K high-speed data customers. Insight never allows its small size to translate into competitive surrender, despite clashes with behemoth AT&T in its biggest markets — Louisville and Columbus. In fact, Insight is pushing hard to roll out DOCSIS 3.0 by year end.

Blogger in Chief: Willner’s blogs at Michael’s Insight have become increasingly, er, insightful. Heck, we read it religiously and have gleaned news nuggets from Willner’s perspective.

Year Ahead: We expect continued success with Willner and Jain in charge.

Michael Willner

On Your iPad: WSJ, The Weather Channel, Michael’s Insight Blog

3DTV is: A challenge for those who wear regular glasses.

To Improve Its Image Cable Should: Improve customer satisfaction.

A Non-Cable Co That Knows How to Run/Market its Business: Is a fabulous role model for cable companies.

The New Congress Should: Re-look at retransmission consent.

Dinner With A Cable Star: Joe Scarborough, to talk sensible politics

Favorite Show: Dexter – how weird is that?

Best Business Advice: Keep your eye on the big picture

Favorite City for Business: Louisville, KY, of course!

Dinni Jain

To Improve Its Image Cable Should: Offer better customer service than everyone and do a much better job taking credit for the things we already do well.

Dinner With A Cable Star: Jon Stewart, we’d talk about how bad the media (and especially cable news) has become.

43 | SPARTA!

Dave Cassaro

Title: Pres, Comcast Network Ad Sales

Years in Cable: 20

Education: BA, Marist College

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Why Him? We joke that Cassaro won lifetime membership in the CableFAX 100 in ’09 when he turned in a 300 movie trailer spoof about his induction into our Sales Hall of Fame. It still makes us laugh. But the truth is Cassaro’s moving up regardless. After running sales at E!, The Style Network, G4, Golf Channel, Versus, PBS KIDS Sprout, Exercise TV, as well as new-media and VOD properties, he’ll be taking on even more responsibility as President, Cable Advertising Sales after Comcast officially takes over NBCU. Considering that Cassaro has smartly capitalized on E!’s record ratings this year, making the net a vital destination for brands trying to reach young women, it’s fitting he’ll be reporting to two of the best: Bonnie Hammer and Lauren Zalaznick.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Cassaro is one of the leading "Podbusters," working with advertisers on integrations and other innovative programs to improve viewer engagement with brands.

Year Ahead: Cassaro’s dominion will significantly expand following the Comcast-NBCU deal. That 300 video is looking more prophetic every day.

On Your iPad: Everything on my office computer plus music, photos, NY Times, Nook reader, Pandora (love Pandora!!!), Epicurious, Netflix, Shazam

3DTV is: Going to be BIG when they figure out the technology without the glasses.

In ’11, Cable Will: Be more important than EVER to advertisers.

Dinner with A Cable Star: Steve Buscemi, because he’s an amazingly weird and talented actor.

Favorite Show Not on a Comcast Net: Boardwalk Empire

Motto: Under-promise, over-deliver

Best Business Advice: Keep your head down and work hard.

Most Underrated Drink: Cranberry juice

Favorite City for Business: NY (with Philly a close second!)


Mark Cuban

Title: Pres/Co-Founder, HDNet

Years in Cable: 15

Education: BS, Indiana U

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Why Him? We won’t even try to profile the provocative billionaire. His responses ( below), sent within minutes of our ask, summarize him better than we ever could.

On Your iPad: Slingbox Player, email, newspapers

3DTV is: Going to be great for everything BUT sports. It won’t be something people watch all the time, but variety will create curiosity, leading to repeat usage. Sports seemed like a natural programming choice but a funny thing happened while people were watching — they were more interested in the cheerleaders, the crowd, and non-game entertainment. That’s why HDNet chose to put our travel and variety series in 3D for our distributors.

In ’11 Cable Will: Start to undermine online video with TV Everywhere, but will begin to understand the threat of apps running on devices like Google TV as an alternative to watching TV.

Biggest Threat to Cable: Its predisposition to keep set-tops proprietary. Google and Apple let developers do all the innovation. Cable must understand the power of that leverage… It needs to take a page from Google and Apple and open up boxes. The power of the 12-year-old mind trumps anything anyone in-house can create.

Favorite Biz City: Montreal


John Lansing

Title: Pres, Scripps Networks (at right)

Years in Cable: 7

Education: BA, Bellarmine U

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Ken Lowe

Title: Ch/Pres/CEO, Scripps Nets Interactive

Number of Years in Cable: 16

Education: BA, U of NC, Chapel Hill

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Why Them? Lansing and Lowe maintain low profiles, but with Travel Channel, they truly can claim to be the leader in lifestyle programming. Ratings and ad revenue are skyrocketing at Travel. Stalwarts Food and HGTV remain strong. The Cooking Channel bet is paying off, with total day and prime-time ratings up substantially.

What Recession? Scripps Nets is on track to exceed ’09’s $1.5bln revenue. Q3 profits rose 56%, ad sales grew 19%.

Year Ahead: Scripps’ traditional and new media assets remain strong.

John Lansing

On Your iPad: Food Network In The Kitchen, HGTV to Go, SportsCenter XL, Weather Channel, MLB at Bat, WSJ, NYT Ed Choice, USA Today, NPR, Men’s Health, Esquire, HuffPo, Netflix, Hulu.

Fave Non-Scripps Show: SportsCenter

Favorite City for Business: NY

Ken Lowe

Favorite City for Business: London

Biz Advice: The best way to predict the future is to create it. – Abraham Lincoln

Most Underrated Drink: Hendricks Martini

Favorite Non-Scripps Show: Modern Family


Rita Tuzon

Title: EVP/General Counsel, Fox Networks Group

Years in Cable: Part-time since ’97; full-time since ’04

Education: AB, Human Biology, Stanford; JD, Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley

I Watch TV Mostly: Live or Recorded

Why Her? Tuzon reviews thousands of complex deals and contracts at Fox Networks Group. Needless to say, she played a vital role during the ground-breaking retrans consent and cable network negotiations with Time Warner Cable. She also was at the center of things with Cablevision. Along with serving as the highest-ranking female at Fox, she is one of the most influential women on the legal side of the cable business. And while insiders say Fox chief Tony Vinciquerra considers her his right hand, she’s also known for being one of the most humble and pleasant people in the business.

Full Plate: As if her day job wasn’t busy enough, Tuzon is past president of the board of the Legal Aid Foundation of LA.

Year Ahead: More complex deals are coming.

On Your iPad: Plants vs Aliens

A Non-Cable Co That Knows How To Run/Market Its Business: Apple, of course

The Most Creative Part Of My Job: Strategizing the next big moves and new business ventures.


Peter Stern

Title: EVP/CSO, Time Warner Cable

Years in Cable: 7

Education: BA, Music and English, Harvard; JD, Yale

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Why Him? One of cable’s top strategists, Stern was contemplating cable’s technological evolution and multiplatform revolution before it was cool. He conceived of the wildly popular Start Over feature, which brings VOD power to linear TV. As CSO, he now has his hands in just about everything, with responsibility to create brilliant ways to mash elements into profitable products.

Start Over’s Start: Stern molded his strategic mind the old fashioned way, working at McKinsey & Co. His four years at the famous business consulting giant set the stage for everything he brings to the table today.

Year Ahead: With Time Warner Cable on sound financial footing despite tough competition, Stern has room to run with new strategic ideas that push the envelope. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

On Media, the New Congress Should: Not try to fix the Internet. It ain’t broke.

Dinner with A Cable Star: Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa. She cooks you a gourmet meal at her estate in the Hamptons, you get to be on TV just for showing up and she laughs at all your jokes.

Most Underrated Drink: Water


Ted Harbert

Title: Pres/CEO, Comcast Entertainment Group

Years in Cable: 6.5

Education: BS, Broadcasting and Film, Boston U

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Jeff Shell

Title: President, Comcast Programming Group

Years in Cable: 17

Education: BS, Math and Economics, U of CA, Berkeley; MBA, Harvard

I Watch TV Mostly: Live, On demand/recorded (tie)

Why Them? Harbert and Shell have worked closely for years, but each will be embarking on new adventures in ’11. At press time, we learned the post-merger world of Comcast-NBCU puts Harbert atop the business ops heap at NBC Broadcast. Shell moves to London to lead Comcast-

NBCU’s international content ops. We can’t get inside their heads and know whether Harbert worries about losing touch with his creative side or Shell relishes the fish-and-chips lifestyle. On paper, it’s a step up for both and a radical change.

Up, Up, Up: Season IV (early ’10) of Keeping Up with the Kardashians ranks as E!’s highest-rated and most-watched series in the network’s history across the board, averaging 3.7mln total viewers during its 10- episode run.

Year Ahead: It appears that life is good for Harbert and Shell in ’11’s Comcastic version of NBCU-land.

Ted Harbert (upper, right)

On Your iPad: Too many emails, music, books, magazines.

The Biggest Threat to Cable’s Survival: For a programmer, giving content away for free.

A Non-Cable Co that Knows How to Run/Market Its Business: Old Spice

If I Could Have Dinner with Any Cable Star, It Would Be: Glenn Beck, so I can hit him.

Favorite Non-ComcastShow: NBC Nightly News

Motto: Don’t choke.

Best Business Book: Barbarians At The Gate

Most Underrated Drink: Milk

Jeff Shell

3DTV is: The next big thing. Once consumers start buying TVs with 3D capabilities, they will demand content whether we like it or not.

When It Comes to Media Issues, the New Congress Should: Look to solve problems, not look to apply solutions to problems that don’t exist yet.

Most Underrated Drink: Good strong coffee.


Leo Brennan *

Title: EVP, COO, Cox Communications

Years in Cable: 37

Education: BBA, Ohio State U

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Dallas Clement *

Title: EVP/Chief Strategy Officer, Cox Communications

Years in Cable: 20

Education: BA, Harvard; MS, Stanford

I Watch TV Mostly: Recorded

Why Them? It figures highly reliable, forward-thinking, customer-friendly Cox would have vets like ops chief Brennan and strategy head Clement running things. Brennan’s portfolio includes 6.2mln residential and commercial customers, while Clement’s working with value creation, partnering and investment opportunities.

Leo Brennan
A Non-Cable Co That Knows How to Run and Market its Business: Apple
Favorite TV Show: Boardwalk Empire
Best Business Advice: The key to success is to surround yourself with great people who are smarter that you are.
Favorite City for Business: NY

Dallas Clement
In ’11, Cable Will: Extend its lead in high-speed Internet via innovation beyond speed and price.
The Biggest Threat to Cable’s Survival: Legacy thinking
When it Comes to Media Issues, the New Congress Should
: Recognize that the landscape is moving fast. The Internet has created vast new forms of media and therefore Congress should take a light touch approach to regulation.
My Goal on Foursquare is to be the Mayor of
: Big Olaf’s, Sarasota, FL
In a Fight Between Kevin Martin and Julius Genachowski, Who Would Win and Why?
Kevin Martin. He’s no longer burdened with the uncertainties of government.
Motto: No crying, be helpful, go fast.
Most Underrated Drink: Diet Coke

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