Henry Schleiff *
Title: President/GM, Investigation Discovery, Military Channel, HD Theater
Years in Cable: 32
Education: BA, U of PA; JD, U of PA Law School

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Laura Michalchyshyn *
Title: Pres/GM, Planet Green, Discovery Health, FitTV, Discovery Communications
Number of Years in Cable: 17
Education: BA, Anthropology, U of Manitoba; MBA, York U

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Why Them? Michalchyshyn has bought into her role at Planet Green so much that she and her husband purchased an 18-acre farm very similar to the network’s eco-friendly The Fabulous Beekman Boys. But it’s not slowed her lifestyle. Along with her Planet Green organization, she’s added FitTV and Discovery Health to her responsibilities this year. Schleiff’s driven ID to ratings heights with breakthrough series like Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? while sustaining and growing On the Case with Paula Zahn. He also launched the net’s first public affairs initiative in conjunction with the Dept of Justice and created franchises like ID Investigates, 60 Minutes on ID and ID Films. Since he joined the network 1 year ago, ID has gained 10mln subs and regularly ranks in the top 40 in cable. Meanwhile, Planet Green became Nielsen rated this year.

Health to Go! With Discovery Health transitioning to OWN in ’11, some would have let the channel become a lame duck. Not Michalchyshyn; she added original programming and acquire content while managing the transition with OWN’s Christina Norman.

Investigation Henry? We hear Schleiff killed his office fish while long-time exec assistant Yvette Harrison was on vaca. Afraid to tell her, he bought a look-alike three times the size and told her he fed it too much.

Year Ahead: Michalchyshyn and Schleiff appear to have set their nets on upward trajectories.

Laura Michalchyshyn
If I Could Have Dinner with Any Cable Star, it Would be: Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) from Boardwalk Empire
The Most Creative Part of My Job: The day-to-day creative brainstorming, dialogue and pitching that goes on with our talent, producers and team.

Henry Schleiff
If I Could Have Dinner with Any Cable Star, it Would be: Martha Stewart, because it looks like we’d have the restaurant to ourselves.


Vince McMahon
Title: Chairman/CEO, WWE
Years in Cable: 25 ( CFAX estimate)
Education: E. Carolina U

I Watch TV Mostly: While downing an energy drink.

Why Him? Still featured during WWE events as perhaps the most accomplished smack talker of them all, McMahon celebrated 900 eps of Monday Night Raw in Aug. The series remains remarkably consistent for USA in delivering 18-49s — one or both of its hours nearly always ranks among cable’s weekly best in the demo. NBCU’s fondness for WWE can be seen by Syfy’s pickup of Friday Night Smackdown. McMahon keeps shareholders satisfied with returns and a robust dividend yield.

Don’t Tread On Us: McMahon vehemently defended WWE’s honor amid attacks during wife/former WWE CEO Linda’s failed bid for a Senate seat in CT.

Year Ahead? Will the long-mentioned WWE cable net arise in ’11 as claimed?


Kim Martin *
Title: Pres/GM, WE tv & Wedding Central
Number of Years in Cable: 19
Education: BS, Political Science, GA College & State U; MBA, GA State U

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Why Her? One of the nicest people in cable, Martin’s also a deft competitor. The popularity of wedding shows – Bridezillas, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and Amazing Wedding Cakes – propelled Martin and her team of bridesmaids to launch online destination Wedding Central, no small feat in a recession. She’s supported that launch with guyspeak.com, a site where women ask questions that are answered by men.

After the Honeymoon: Martin’s success will depend in part on her leveraging wedding viewers as she introduces non-wedding series like Downsized, which follows a family that’s been hit by the recession.

Year Ahead: Never bet against Martin.

3DTV is:
More interesting now that Gucci designs stylish 3D glasses.
Best Business Book: There’s one book that should be on the desk of every advertiser, media buyer and programmer working in the female demo. But why would I reveal the title when my competitors are listening?


Evan Shapiro *
Title: Pres, IFC & Sundance Channel
Years in Cable: 9, that’s 63 in dog years
Education: College drop out

I Watch TV Mostly:

Sarah Barnett *
Title: EVP/GM, Sundance Channel
Number of Years in Cable: 9
Education: BA (honors), Warwick U (UK)

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Jennifer Caserta *
Title: EVP/GM, IFC
Years in Cable: 13
Education: BA, Media Communications, Hunter College

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded (I heart my DVR!)

Why Them? By shedding traditional avenues, Shapiro has focused squarely on building the IFC and Sundance brands. With IFC, he depends on Caserta’s unwavering commitment to "Always On. Slightly Off." content. That’s created out-of-the-box ad/programming partnerships that have successfully blurred traditional media lines. IFC also added to its programming slate with original series The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, which premiered Oct 1 and starred David Cross and Will Arnett. The Onion News Network, a series based on the weekly fake newspaper and web videos, debuts in early ’11. Portlandia, created by SNL’s Fred Armisen, Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein and executive produced by Lorne Michaels, premieres in ’11, too. Under Barnett, Sundance launched Full Frontal Fashion, a multi-platform push to convert Sundance to an arts, style and entertainment net. And the net is now preparing its newest original series for ’11, All on the Line, featuring Elle magazine Creative Director Joe Zee.

Arrested? It looks like this year’s acquisitions of Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, and Undeclared have successfully put IFC squarely in the scripted-comedy discussion.

Year Ahead: Shapiro’s greatest challenge will be continuing to rally around Caserta’s IFC momentum while coaxing a brand transition at Sundance.

Evan Shapiro
3DTV is: I’m not wearing those silly glasses
In ’11, Cable Will: Continue to be the best part of television
A Non-Cable Co That Knows How to Run/Market its Business: Ford; $1bln in goodwill for not taking bailout money, and they make great cars.

Sarah Barnett
The Most Creative Part of My Job: Bringing Robert Redford’s mission to life on television.
Favorite Non-Sundance Show: Louis
Most Underrated Drink: Vodka & Coca-Cola

Jennifer Caserta
On Your iPad: Rough cuts of Portlandia, IFC’s new show with Fred Armisen; 3 seasons of Family Guy and the final season of Alias
If I Could Have Dinner with Any Cable TV Star, it Would be: Joel McHale, because The Soup rules and he’s super good looking.
Favorite Non-IFC Shows: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Soup
Most Underrated Drink: The Bloody Mary. Extra spicy, extra olives.
Favorite City for Business: Austin, TX. IFC has a big presence at SXSW and we have a blast there every year. Good food, good music, excellent vibe.


Johnathan Rodgers
Title: Pres/CEO, TV One (left)
Number of Years in Cable: 15
Ed: BA, Berkeley; MA, Stanford

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Keith Bowen
Title: Chief Revenue Officer, TV One & Radio One (not pictured)
Number of Years in Cable: 20+
Education: Loyola University of Chicago, Finance

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Why Them? Facing competition from Centric and a sluggish economy, TV One managed to grow revenue and ratings in ’10. Rodgers maintained a good mix of reality series (including one featuring The Donald and Omarosa) and more serious fare. Former Turner exec Bowen’s clever growth strategy was establishing One Solution, a cross-platform/integrated sales arm offering clients placement on TV One and Radio One.

Keith Bowen
Best Biz Book: How To Win Friends and Influence People
Underrated Drink: 57-degree glass of CA Cabernet
Fave City for Biz: Other than my hometown, Chicago!

Johnathan Rodgers
On Your iPad: Every newspaper, magazine and video app available
A Non-Cable Co That Knows How to Run/Market its Biz: Nike, P&G
Dinner w/Cable Stars: Glenn Beck & Keith Olbermann. I’d sit back and enjoy.


Jason Klarman
Title: President, Oxygen Media
Years in Cable: 17
Education: BA, U of Michigan; MBA, NYU

I Watch TV: Live, online, on demand, TiVo/Recorded

Why Him? He might not be a Gleek, still Klarman brokered a syndication deal to bring Glee to Oxygen, plus a reality series to find the next Glee star. He also oversaw the launch of dual-screen success story OxygenLive, whose virtual water cooler chatting helped drive record ratings for Bad Girls Club (season IV).

Cable Flacks: Klarman broke into the industry as a publicist at CNBC, where he handled press for daytime business news.
The Year Ahead: The Glee reality show premieres in ’11, and if Gleeks tune in, Oxygen will have a hit on its hands.
On Your iPad: NYT, WSJ, Google Earth
Biggest Threat to Cable’s Survival: Complacency
The Most Creative Part of My Job: Everything
Favorite Non-Oxygen TV Show: Glee (and after ’11?)
Best Business Advice: Get on board early


Henry Ahn
Title: EVP, Aff Sales, NBCU Television Nets Dist
Years in Cable: 19
Education: BA, Boston College; MBA, Fordham

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Mary Murano
Title: EVP, Affiliate Sales, NBCU TV Nets Distribution
Years in Cable: 20+
Ed: BA, SUNY, Stony Brook

I Watch TV: On Demand

Why Them? This veteran duo was key in bringing the ’10 and ’12 Olympics to cable. While Ahn was critical in the distribution of "enhanced" content offerings for the ’10 Vancouver Olympics, Murano and her team created the extensive marketing materials and promotional deals that helped make them the second-most-watched winter games ever. As Comcast prepares to acquire NBCU ops, we expect Ahn and Murano to prove their worth to the new bosses. And then some.

Give Her All Your Lovin’: Murano is a groupie for a ZZ Top tribute band called Cheap Sunglassezz, which features her husband on lead guitar.

Year Ahead: Ahn is a whiz at deal making and business development, while Murano expands and grows NBCU’s cable portfolio at the regional, divisional and corporate MPVD level. A powerful combination.

Favorite Non-NBC Show: Modern Family
Most Underrated Drink: Water
Favorite City for Business: NYC (I don’t have to get on a plane).

89 | O SO BUSY

Christina Norman
Title: CEO, OWN
Education: BA, Boston U
I Watch TV: On Demand

Why Her? No pressure, but Norman’s helming one of the most discussed launches ever. Since joining in Jan ’09, the former MTV exec has lined up 17 originals for the ’11 launch. She’s also garnered tremendous interest with Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star, receiving 15K entries and 143mln viewer votes.

Star Power: Oprah’s drawn Rosie O’Donnell, Julia Roberts, Forest Whitaker, Goldie Hawn, Gabriel Byrne and Mariel Hemingway tp OWN. Norman convinced O’Donnell to launch The Rosie O’Donnell Show on OWN. The others will host docs in ’11. Time will tell if Norman can harness the hype and create a prosperous network. Many signs indicate she can.

Year Ahead: So far, so good, but the proof will be in the ratings.

On Your iPad: Lots of news, the Night Sky, shows to watch on the plane (I’m behind on Glee!), my Kindle (I’m reading The Warmth of Other Suns), Scrabble and recipe apps, for when I actually have time to cook.

Most Creative Part of My Job: Every part of it is creative. Being able to lead this great team to OWN’s launch allows me to flex my creative muscles in more ways than I ever imagined.
Most Underrated Drink: Milk – sometimes nothing else will do


Jamie Davis
Title: President, Versus
Years in Cable: 14
Education: BA, Colgate; MBA, NYU

I Watch TV Mostly:
Live for sports, TiVo/Recorded for everything else

Why Him? Since joining in late ’08, Davis has led Versus to 36% prime audience growth, tops among cable sports nets; its highest-rated and most-watched year (’09); and fiscal success. Davis’ unwavering focus on digital expansion has been key, be it the re-launch of Versus.com or myriad mobile apps and online companion services Versus rolled out this year. It also broadcast the Oregon-Cal football game in 3D.

Power Play? Davis introduced better pre- and post-game content that’s greatly improved Versus’ initial anchor, the NHL. Now he must fend off larger suitors (read ESPN) to renew rights. Will Comcast’s naming Dick Ebersol to oversee NBC’s sports properties, including Versus, help topple Bristol?

The Year Ahead:? Much depends on renewing NHL hockey.

Favorite Non-Versus Shows: I love to watch sports on TV. If sports are excluded, my favorites are reality shows like Survivor, The Bachelor, Dancing With The Stars, etc. It’s embarrassing but true, I have the viewing habits of a 40-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl!
Motto: Always throw 100 balls in the air to find 1 or 2 great ideas. Being afraid to take chances is a sure way to fail.
Most Underrated Drink: A thick, chocolate milkshake. People underestimate its healthy dairy content (or at least that’s how I justify it to myself).


Neil Tiles
Title: President, G4
Number of Years in Cable: 15
Education: S.I. Newhouse School, Syracuse U

I Watch TV Mostly:

Why Him? G4’s G-forces include gaming, gadgets and "geek culture" for guys, and Tiles has used those tools masterfully to continue the net’s momentum after a record-breaking ’09. This year, aided by its coverage of gaming convention E3, G4 notched its highest-rated/most-watched day among men 18-34 and July became its most-watched and highest-rated month. Now nearly 100% focused on gaming, G4tv.com is growing too, showing consistent double-digit increases in unique visitors along with a rise in time spent/user.

Content Reset: Tiles’ plans feature expansion across genres. The net’s partnering with the US Navy for docu-series Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan, inspired by theatrical The Hurt Locker. And a deal with Sony Pictures TV will bring 4 anime series to G4 in ’11 based on Marvel characters, including X-Men.

Year Ahead: The NBCU/Comcast merger holds great potential for G4, which should receive extra clout and attention as the lone channel devoted to younger males. Tiles now will report to Bonnie Hammer.

3DTV Is: Going to happen too close to HDTV upgrades already made by the average American consumer.
Favorite Non-G4 Show: Family Guy
Motto: If it ain’t broke…break it


Randy Brown
Title: EVP, Affiliate Sales and Marketing, Outdoor Channel
Education: BBA, Western Michigan U; MBA, Loyola U

Why Him?
2010 was a very happy new year for Brown and Outdoor. In early Jan the network was named one of the top 5 cable sub gainers for ’09, up 15.3% to 34mln, per Nielsen Universe estimates. The 34mln mark was Outdoor’s best since initiating Nielsen coverage in ’02. The humble and soft-spoken Brown pushed the credit to others, telling CableFAX Daily, "The surge really has its foundation in rebuilding the network around quality programming, improved scheduling and more contemporary branding." True, but it was a great moment for Brown, too, who joined the net in ’07 with a goal to improve distribution. His extensive cable cred with ESPN and Tennis certainly helped facilitate deals to get Outdoor off sports tiers at Comcast and Time Warner Cable. A promotion to EVP came in February, as did a bit more good news — the net had jumped to 36mln.

The Year Ahead: It’s rough sledding growing anything in a sluggish economy, but Brown’s a proven commodity.


Bob Rose *
Title: EVP, Distribution, CBS College Sports
Years in Cable: 24
Education: BA, U of Wisconsin

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Why Him? One of cable’s deepest thinkers, Rose continues to drive synergies between CBS College and its HS sports site MaxPreps, delivering local sports content on VOD that so beguiles MSOs. Thanks to Rose, the net’s distribution and visibility continue to improve, marked by a free, 2-week fall preview carried by 7 affiliates, expanding the footprint to 57mln homes. CBS smartly centered that preview on the armed forces, no doubt leading to increased participation by ops and well wishes from viewers. The Army, Navy and Air Force football games also were simulcast on American Forces Network to bases overseas.

Luck or Planning? The net staged its top football match-up Nov 6 when TCU faced Utah. Both teams were in the top five. Oh, the game just happened to fall within the free, 2-week preview.

Year Ahead: Sports remains a good business.

Biggest Threat to Cable’s Survival: There is no threat to cable’s survival as long as this (survival) question gets asked in boardrooms. The industry has many brilliant people leading it. Entertainment and information are highly valued by American families. We want to consume boatloads of content. Even with an iPad in hand, TV’s will remain on and a focal point in our households… There will always be far more winners than losers. Fine tuning is necessary, but survival is not a question.
A Non-Cable Company That Knows How To Run/Market Its Business: The Pittsburgh Steelers (and I’m a Cleveland Browns fan). They have won the hearts and minds of generations of fans. They are always competitive. They create amazing fan loyalty. They have a clear brand image which reflects the toughness of their city. They have spectacular ownership.   Favorite show NOT on your network: Mad Men (hands down)
Motto: None of us is smarter than all of us
Best Business Advice: 1) Maintain an overwhelming passion for your product(s); 2) Skate to where the puck will be, not where it is today (Wayne Gretzky).

Favorite City for Business: LA


Brian Deevy

Title: Chair/CEO, RBC Daniels ( left)

Number of Years in Cable: 30

Education: BA, MBA, Dartmouth

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Randy Wells

Title: Managing Director, RBC Daniels

Number of Years in Cable: 22

Education: BA, Finance, U of OK; MBA, U of Denver

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Why Them? If deals are made, there’s a good chance old pros Deevy and Wells are involved. In ’09-’10 no financial advisor completed more mergers & acquisitions for cable companies than RBC Daniels. In fact, at press time RBC was advising NPG in a $350mln deal with Suddenlink. We’re starting to think that Deevy and Wells will be busy in ’11.

Year Ahead: With the economy starting to rebound and banks freeing up capital, it’s a good bet that Deevy and Wells won’t be slowing down in ’11.

Brian Deevy

On Your iPad: My ESPN fantasy football team and statistics (make sure George Bodenheimer sees this)

In ’11, Cable Will: Continue to grow.

What Cable Should Do to Improve Its Image: Keep working on customer service.

If I Could Have Dinner With Any Cable Star, It Would be: Chris Berman

Who Wins a Fight Between Kevin Martin and Julius Genachowski? Genachowski – he has reinforcements.

Best Business Book: Good to Great

Best Business Advice: Go west young man, go west.

Most Underrated Drink: Vodka

Favorite City for Business: NY

Randy Wells

In 2011, Cable Will: Have solid results, despite the tough economy, and continue to show it’s the broadband provider of choice.

Motto: Always do more than asked

Favorite City for Business: NY, always something new to see and great restaurants everywhere you go


Bob Benya

Title: Pres/CEO, iN DEMAND

Years in Cable: 29

Education: BS, Business & Public Admin, NYU

I Watch TV Mostly: On Demand

Why Him? Benya was a star at Time Warner Cable when iN DEMAND tapped him to run the VOD net in Jan. It knew him well, as he’d served on its board for years and had been interim CEO since mid-’09. Since then Benya’s launched authentication play Vutopia, iTV apps and re-organized the company for increased flexibility. The result? A record year, with revenue expected to reach $1.3bln.

Proud Moment: After three years on the CTAM Advanced Cable Services Consortium, Benya this year was named to CTAM’s board.

Year Ahead: VOD is hot, and iN DEMAND is in the middle of it. But with over-the-top and authentication come uncertainties. As Benya looks to launch more digital products and explore new areas of growth, he has his work cut out for him.

A Non-Cable Co that Knows How to Run/Market Its Business: Apple

Dinner with Cable Stars: Kenny Smith & Charles Barkley from The NBA on TNT, because they’re hilarious!

Motto: "Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest." – Mark Twain


Ken Solomon 

Title: Chmn/CEO, Tennis Channel; Chairman, Ovation (at left)

Years in Cable: More than 20

Education: BA, Sociology, UCLA; Paramount TV internship (the Harvard MBA of the business world)

I Watch TV: TiVo/Recorded

Charles Segars *

Title: CEO, Ovation

Number of Years in Cable: 10

Ed: BA, Loyola Marymount U

I Watch TV: TiVo/Recorded

Why Them? You must admire these scrappy independents, except if you’re Comcast. There are few feistier than Solomon, whose year-long carriage scrape with Philly gained steam in Oct when the FCC requested a hearing. A history buff, Segars, too is being heard. He was on the Hill testifying at a Senate panel in Nov for retrans reform and indie rights re the Comcast/NBCU merger. [Ed Note: ‘Hear’ these execs’ answers to our Qs at: cablefax.com]

Court Coverage: Tennis launched on AT&T U-verse in ’10, expanding to 30mln households (it’s at 50mln+ during US/French Open previews) and notched its first million-dollar ad partner (Mercedes-Benz). Ovation added 6mln subs, pushing it to 40mln. It also doubled Upfront revenue and earned its first Beacon.

Year Ahead: Tennis represents the sport well, but needs a win vs Comcast to jumpstart growth. Ovation enjoys what Segars calls a non-duplicative arts thrust. Concessions achieved through his Hill visits could spur growth.

The Biggest Threat To Cable’s Survival Is: The stifling of new or independent voices.  If customers aren’t able to get fresh new content from a multiplicity of creators, if they feel like their monthly subscription fees are being taken for granted and are simply being spoon fed the same old programming from the same few big companies, they’ll look for engaging material somewhere else. Fresh programming brands must continually be introduced.
On Your iPad: The Promise by David Alter, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live Anthology (New), Talking Tom The Cat (favorite new app), Daily Beast, WSJ, NPR, CableFAX Daily (bless, you, Ken), Pandora, Shazam, President Obama’s latest speech, Adobe Ideas (turns sketches and scribbles into a digital notepad), every Tennis Channel and Ovation sales tape…ever
Favorite City for Business: Paris–you can’t beat the “City of Light” and Roland Garros (the first major of our now four) in Springtime…Tennis and Art in the air and everywhere
Favorite Shows Not on Tennis: Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, Dexter, Men of a Certain Age, Rescue Me

Who Wins a Fight Between Kevin Martin and Julius Genachowski? Michael Powell and Reed Hunt
Best Business Book: My passport
What Should Cable Do To Improve Its Image With The Public? Make a commitment to include the arts on all their systems.

A Non-Cable Company That Knows How To Run And Market Its Business Is: Threadless.com
When It Comes To Media Issues, The New Congress Should: Revisit, review and abolish “must carry.”

If I Could Have Dinner With Any Cable TV Star, It Would Be: Roberta from A&E’s “The First 48”
In A Fight Between Kevin Martin And Julius Genachowski, Who Wins? Julius, because he has a mean left hook.

Favorite Non-Ovation Show: Top Gear
Motto: Situational awareness wins the day

Best Business Book:
John Adams by David McCullough

Most Underrated Drink:
Dry Martini
Favorite City for Business: Chicago


Marc Juris

Title: EVP/GM, truTV and IN SESSION, Turner Entertainment Networks

Years in Cable: 14

Education: Syracuse U

Why Him? You have to admire Juris. truTV started in ’08 as the re-branded Court TV, introducing a gritty, no-nonsense (some would say low-brow) slate aimed at younger men. Two years later, Juris has led the ‘Not Reality. Actuality.’ network into cable’s top 10 in that demo. He’s spearheaded originals – Operation Repo, All Worked Up and Hardcore Pawn – and created visibility with high-profile talent like Ashton Kutcher. The Juris is still out (sorry) on whether truTV can endure, but it’s hard to dismiss the initial gains.

Texas Toast? We’re especially intrigued by upcoming series Ma’s Roadhouse about a Texas bar run by a hippie and his chain-smoking, hard-drinking mom. Now, that’s actuality.

Year Ahead: Early signs are good. The only question is whether Juris and co can continue the momentum.

On Your iPad: Way too many apps – except for the new truTV Extreme Supreme App, of course.

3DTV is: Great for the movie business, but at home it’s just another pair of glasses to misplace, then replace.

A Non-Cable Co That Knows How to Run/Market its Business: Three answers, Apple, Apple and Apple!


Charles Humbard *

Title: President/Founder, GMC (at right)

Years in Cable: 22

Education: Music Business and Marketing, Belmont College

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Brad Siegel *

Title: Vice Chair, GMC

Number of Years in Cable: 22

Ed: BA, Wash U (St Louis)

I Watch TV Mostly: Live

Why Them? Humbard and Siegel’s indie net is seen in almost 48mln homes and has found a niche providing uplifting and feel-good entertainment. Ratings growth has been driven by a mix of originals and high-profile music specials.

Year Ahead: Humbard and Siegel plan to expand the channel’s original programming slate and seek faith-friendly and G-movies.

On Your iPad: My music playlist, GMC sales presentation, books, WSJ, Wired, USA Today
3DTV is: Excellent for television events; The Super Bowl, movies, concerts, and promotions.
In 2011, Cable Will
: Carry more GMC!
The Biggest Threat to Cable’s Survival
: Technology allowing the copyright holder and the keeper of the consumer data the only value points. 
What Should Cable Do to Improve its Image with the Public?
Carry more GMC and channels that uphold family values.
A Non-Cable Company That Knows How to Run/Market its Business is: Apple
When it Comes to Media Issues, the New Congress Should: Ensure that everyone is treated equally—same rules for everyone. 
If I Could Have Dinner With Any Cable TV Star, it Would Be: Chumlee of Pawn Stars
My Goal on Foursquare is to be the Mayor of: Park City, Utah
The Most Creative Part of My Job is: Managing People
Favorite Show NOT on GMC: Modern Family
Motto: Seize the day
Best Business Book: It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For
Best Business Advice: In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
Most Underrated Drink: Coke from McDonald’s
Favorite City for Business: Chicago

In 2011, Cable Will: Be where more advertisers decide to put more of their dollars for the best ROI.
What Should Cable Do to Improve its Image with the Public? Put GMC: Uplifting Entertainment in every cable home in the same neighborhood as the broadcasters
A Non-Cable Company That Knows How to Run/Market its Business is: Ford
When it Comes to Media Issues, the New Congress Should
: Revamp Retransmission Consent so independent programmers are on more of an even playing field.
Favorite Show NOT on Your Network: The Colbert Report
Motto: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging
Best Business Book: The Bible
Best Business Advice
: Only pigs get slaughtered
Most Underrated Drink: McDonald’s Diet Coke
Favorite City for Business
: NY


Allen Shapiro
Title: Chairman, TV Guide Network
Years in Cable: 1.5
Education: JD, Northwestern U School of Law

I Watch TV Mostly: TiVo/Recorded

Why Him? Since coming aboard in ’09, Shapiro has inked multi-year carriage agreements with Comcast and Charter, launched TV Guide Network HD’s first deal (with Time Warner Cable in NYC) and overseen its full-screen launch on Verizon. He also green-lit Curb Your Enthusiasm and the companion Curb: The Discussion.

Hollywood Heavy: Shapiro founded and is Managing Partner of talent firm Mosaic Media representing Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Green Day and Alanis Morissette. It also produced the films Get Smart and The Dark Knight.

Year Ahead: Shapiro has ambitious plans to land bigger talent, break-through programming and additional distribution (HD and full-screen).

3DTV Is: A work in progress.

What Should Cable Do to Improve Its Image? MSOs & networks need to stop fighting in public.

The New Congress Should: Enforce copyright protection.


Peter Intermaggio

Title: SVP, Marketing Communications, Comcast

Years in Cable: 2

Education: BA, MBA, U VA

I Watch TV Mostly: On demand

Michele Edelman

Title: VP, Marketing, Warner Bros

Education: BA, U of RI; Tuck Executive Program, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

I Watch TV Mostly: On demand, of course

Why Them? In the pantheon of great diplomats you must now include this unlikely couple. While Edelman and Intermaggio didn’t settle foreign wars, they did something that might have flummoxed even Henry Kissinger — they got 8 cable operators and 8 movie studios to agree on strategy, creative direction, marketing, media buying (broadcast and digital) and PR tactics. They spearheaded the CTAM co-op Movies On Demand (MOD) national advertising campaign this past summer dubbed The Video Store Just Moved In. After the $30mln TV, print and online campaign was over, research showed cable subs were far better aware that they could rent movies using their cable remote, without having to venture outside their home. About two out of three said they used MOD, up 12% as a result of the campaign. As more video rental stores leave the scene, MOD should be an increasing part of cable’s business.

Opening Windows: The largest impact of the campaign might be the momentum cable gained from the campaign for studios to increase Day-and-Date releases, where films are available for rent on cable the same day they appear in stores. In two years, there’s been a 7-fold increase in Day-and-Date titles offered to digital cable subs, iN Demand says.

Michele Edelman

On Your iPad: Everything from NPR to Skee-Ball… too many to list. I’m an appdict and may need an intervention.

3DTV is: Significantly going to change the way we consume (and appreciate) home media.

If I Could Have Dinner with a Cable Star, It Would be: Snooki… she is what she is.

A Non-Cable Company That Knows How to Market/Run Its Business: Intel

Most Creative Part of My Job: My team. They bring out the creativity in me.

Favorite TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Six Feet Under

Best Business Book: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith

Best Business Advice: Listen

Most Underrated Drink: Purple Slurpee. Can’t we all just get along?

Favorite Cities for Business: Philadelphia and NYC.

Peter Intermaggio

A Non-Cable Company That Knows How to Market/Run Its Business: Apple

Favorite TV Show: Mad Men

Best Business Advice: You cannot bore people into buying your product. – David Ogilvy

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Comcast Revamps Latino Programming Packages

Comcast is changing up its Latino video packages, nixing its assortment of different plans for a single package called “Xfinity TV Latino.”

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