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  • Cablefax does a great job keeping me up to speed on the latest industry news.

    David Zaslav
    President & CEO
  • There is no better way to stay on top of our industry on a daily basis and be able to rely on the content with confidence.

    Kathy Zachem
    EVP, Regulatory & State Legislative Affairs
  • I consider Cablefax a must read every day. It keeps me informed and up-to-date on the important daily highlights of our industry and presents the information in a succinct, easy to read fashion.

    David Cerullo
    Chairman & CEO
  • Cablefax is a fast, one-stop shop read of what’s happening in the world of pay TV, media and telecom for the day.

    Andy LeCuyer
    Senior Vice President of Programming
  • Cablefax keeps me up to speed on what colleagues and competitors are up to.

    Amy Winter
    General Manager & Executive Vice President
  • Cablefax Daily keeps me on top of fast-moving industry developments.

    Mark Greatrex
    EVP, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
  • Cablefax keeps me apprised of important trends and industry dynamics.

    Courteney Monroe
    National Geographic Global Networks
  • Cablefax has always been (and still is) a great way to get a quick fix on what’s happening in the industry today.

    Art Block – Comcast
    EVP, General Counsel and Secretary
  • Cablefax has a laser like focus on the key issues in our industry in a way that few other content sources offer.

    Rob Sharenow
    President, Programming
    A+E Networks
  • Cablefax keeps me up to date. It’s on my core list of daily reads.

    Ed Erhardt
    President, ESPN Global Sales & Marketing
  • I’m a long-time reader and fan. It’s essential to any media executive.

    Mark Cuban
    AXS TV
  • A morning without Cablefax would be like a morning without my coffee!

    Matthew M. Polka
    President & CEO
    ACA Connects
  • Cablefax helps me figure out what’s next and why it matters.

    Carolyn Bernstein
    EVP & Head of Global Scripted Development & Production
    Nat Geo WILD
  • In our fast-changing industry, Cablefax gives me all the latest news I need to do my job well.

    Bruce Campbell
    Chief Development, Distribution and Legal Officer
  • Cablefax Daily: It’s worth reading.

    W. Erik Carlson
    President & CEO
  • Frequent reliable information = better decisions.

    Justin Connolly
    EVP, Affiliate Sales & Marketing
    Disney and ESPN Media Networks
  • Cablefax ensures that you have access to the most current industry information and trends as you make your day-to-day business decisions.

    Christine Driessen
    EVP & CFO
  • Reading Cablefax feels a little like eavesdropping on the most important decision makers in our business — including my competitors.

    Kathleen Finch
    Chief Lifestyles Brand Officer
  • Essential information in a quick, yet thorough presentation. A great thought-starter.

    Burke Magnus
    EVP, Programming & Scheduling
  • Cablefax is the best way to get succinct and current information about the most important happenings in the industry.

    Michelle Rice
    General Manager
    TV One
  • Cablefax allows me to stay on top of what’s happening in this frenetic, constantly shifting industry.

    Dave Shull
    CEO, The Weather Channel TV Network
    The Weather Channel
  • Cablefax is a quick summary of all the important stories. Zero fake news.

    Adam Stotsky
  • Cablefax Daily keeps me informed and competitive!

    Byron Allen
    Chairman and CEO
    Entertainment Studios
  • Cablefax is one of the first things I read because almost every day I will get an early morning email asking for feedback about something happening in the industry that was covered in the Daily.

    Andy Albert
    SVP, Content Acquisition
    Cox Communications
  • Cablefax is a great way to keep me up to date on our industry.

    Tony Werner
    President Technology and Product
    Comcast Cable
  • Cablefax Daily provides a fair and balanced scoop focused on our industry.

    Mark L. Dzuban
    President & CEO
  • It’s important for me to stay current with what’s happening in the industry & with our CableLabs members. Reading articles from an outside observer like Cablefax brings a different perspective.

    Phil McKinney
    President & CEO
  • Cablefax is a must-read because it gives you the latest and most groundbreaking news and information in our industry today. There isn’t another news source that captures what is happening in our industry like Cablefax does. 

    Rich Jennings
    Regional SVP, Mountain West Region
    Comcast Cable
  • I love getting the latest news and updates on programming and data. Cablefax is always on my short list of must-reads.

    Ed Renicker
    New York Interconnect
  • It’s fast, it’s easy, and it keeps me up to date. Along with my coffee—and occasional donut—it’s part of my morning routine.

    Jana Henthorn
    CEO & President
    The Cable Center
  • Cablefax Daily is relied on every day as a succinct, critical source of information about developments in our industry. It keeps all of us aligned and informed every day.

    Richard Shea
    Former President & CEO
    Atlantic Broadband
  • Cablefax Daily keeps me updated on activities impacting the cable industry.

    Steve Purcell
    Group Vice President
    Mediacom Communications
  • CableFax Daily is a must read to keep up with emerging trends in our ever-evolving business.

    Brian Monihan
    NBC Sports Philadelphia
  • Cablefax is my daily go-to for what’s happening throughout the industry broadly defined.

    Jeff DeMond
    President & CEO
    Vyve Broadband
  • Cablefax Daily gives me an up-to-date summary of what is going on in my industry, quickly and accurately every time. I trust Cablefax. No need to fact-check here!

    Patricia Jo Boyers
    President & Vice-Chairman
    Boycom Cablevision
  • I have been reading Cablefax since as long as I can remember and it’s always there for me when I need a quick industry news fix!

    Ann Carlsen
    Founder & CEO
    Carlsen Resources
  • I love reading about all the great things that our industry and our company are doing from a business, leadership and community standpoint, and how new business models are leveraging our network. We live in exciting times.

    Sam Attisha
    SVP, California Region Manager
    Cox Communications
  • I read Cablefax every morning to help stay tuned in to industry happenings. It’s a quick read that gives me a great overview of all things in and related to our industry.

    Julie Laulis
    Cable ONE
  • Cablefax Daily is a trusted source for me to get business news on relevant issues and matters that are impacting our industry.

    Paul Buccieri
    Group President
    A+E Networks
  • Cablefax Daily - great, tight source of timely information on the cable industry.

    Bob Bakish