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May 14, 2015
What You Need To Know Now
  • Verizon-AOL: The Perfect Marriage in OTT Era?
    The $160bln Time Warner-AOL merger 15 years ago is viewed by many as one of the worst acquisitions of all time. While it’s another merger involving AOL, Verizon’s $4.4bln acquisition is different in every way, especially as the telco ventures into OTT and cross-platform advertising…
  • INTX Recap: 4K, OTT and More
    Like CES, 4K was front and center on the INTX show floor…
  • Top 10 INTX Moments
    Now that the 3-day marathon known as INTX: The Internet & Television Expo has wrapped and we’ve settled back into our offices, we’ve had a moment to reflect on what we think were the biggest moments of the show…
  • Is it a Bar, a Gym or a Comcast Store?
    Comcast's new Studio Xfinity retail store is an attempt at revamping customer service. Here's what it's like…
  • Parks Associates
    There will be 1.6bln video viewers worldwide at end of 2015, according to Parks Associates’ latest research…
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