Yaron Dori

Dori recently advocated for Century Link in a $34 billion acquisition of Level 3 Communications and dealt with industry changes from the FCC reclassifying broadband as an information service. Dori’s expertise in net neutrality should serve him well in 2018 as he continues to advise clients on broadband regulation. His net neutrality forecast? “To quote the great Clubber Lang from Rocky III: ‘Prediction?  Pain.’ Dori’s 20 years in the industry includes strategic planning, policy development, investigations and enforcement, and regulatory compliance.

What have been the most important legal issues in communications for you in the past year?
The FCC’s decision to re-reclassify Broadband Internet Access Service and as an “information service.”

My net neutrality prediction is …
To quote the great Clubber Lang from Rocky III:  “Prediction?  Pain.”

What’s the biggest sleeper issue in communications?
Intercarrier compensation, though I may be interpreting the word “sleeper” differently than you intended.

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