Xandr Tech Team of the Year

The Xandr unit has been hard at work integrating AppNexus’s legacy tech since AT&T acquired it, and that work is finally coming to fruition. The introduction of three major products within the past year and the key partners it has struck deals with (AMC, Disney and WarnerMedia) ensure that it will play a major role in the advertising industry for years to come. Xandr’s technology organization is made up of nearly 1,000 engineers around the world, and they’ve figured out a way to organize into a capability-based model to develop products quickly. And that they did. New Xandr offerings are: “Community,” a curated marketplace of premium publishers, fueled by AT&T first party data, that offers precise targeting and accurate measurement in premium video environments; “Xander Invest,” a strategic buying platform providing the tools and support for streamlined buying processes; and “Xandr Monetize,” a strategic selling platform that encompasses an ad server, SSP, and yield analytics.

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