A few of Diaz’ accomplishments include being the lead C-SPAN marketing person for the network’s partnership with Charter Communications in St. Louis, MO, for the second 2016 Presidential Debate, guiding C-SPAN’s corporate social media task force, and playing a strategic role in the network’s new 50-state capital bus tour. In fact, Diaz first learned about the network after a C-SPAN Bus visited her high school in Burke, VA, and subsequently sought out an internship at the network. “I realized the value of the network, its mission and how it came to be.” The rest is history.

What attracted you to this industry?
C-SPAN initially caught my attention when the C-SPAN Bus visited my high school before the 2008 election. I realized the value of the network, its mission and how it came to be. My interest in C-SPAN grew throughout college and more so during my internship on the C-SPAN marketing team. I learned so much more about C-SPAN, our beginnings as a network and the support we receive from the cable industry. Along with the knowledge of today’s politics, I was able to work with several cable companies around the nation with our C-SPAN Bus as we visited communities nationwide!

Best piece of professional advice you’ve received?
Not everyone is cut from the same cloth—stay kind, be confident, be yourself and work hard.

Favorite trending hashtag?

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