Stephen MacDonald

Hometown: Westboro, MA

Favorite Sports Team: Patriots

I want 30 seconds in an elevator with: Steve Jobs

Pickleball or tennis? Skiing

My prediction for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube: Huge success.

My biggest irrational phobia: I need to do more.

Which website or app do you visit most when procrastinating? Flip Board

Last TV series watched: “Your Honor”

Where do you work most frequently—home, office, road? The perfect Blend.

How do you personally give back to your community? Board Member of Orthopedic Institute for Children at UCLA.

Streaming app I use the most: I’m agnostic.

My best ideas come when… When I’m in flow.

Favorite place you’ve ever visited? Anywhere new

Podcast or radio or audiobook? “The Rise of Superman”

Honored For: