Startup is a show whose premise you might see on any network, but whose execution may only have happened quite this way on a risk-taking, scrappy platform like Crackle. It is a brutal commentary on the very idea of the American Dream, and a large part of the difference has to be the unique way the show handles the idea of a diverse cast as we follow real characters with very real motivations. Ben Ketai and his writers room are to be lauded for their clear efforts to keep the focus on the characters while also remembering to provide a story that walks the razor’s edge.

Honored For:

  • Cablefax Awards Gala 2017
    • Best New Program
    • Best Show or Series – Drama
    • Martin Freeman, Startup (Crackle)
      Best Actor
    • Otmara Marrero, Startup (Crackle)
      Best Actress
    • Ben Ketai, Startup (Crackle)
      Best Showrunner