Spectrum Reach Marketing Team

Charter’s advertising business Spectrum Reach reorganized this group last year into a fully integrated team. The marketing unit is divided into four departments: brand marketing and strategy; market research and insights; field marketing; and production and creative services. The team supports Spectrum Reach as a one-stop shop for advertising solutions, offering video expertise, actionable data insights and local expertise in neighborhoods in 91 markets across 36 states. The Spectrum Reach marketing team hit the ground running in 2021 with its “Connected Communities” initiative which highlighted how Spectrum Reach has always been a champion of small businesses as well as its expertise in helping those businesses during the pandemic. The initiative was a $50 million commitment in media, resources and creative services to help businesses reach and engage multicultural audiences. The commitment included $15 million in advertising and support for diverse-owned businesses through the “Pay It Forward” program, and $35 million in advertising value to help small and medium-sized businesses create affordable and authentic advertising campaigns. With 1,366 registering businesses, 292 MM Impressions, a 35% increase in website traffic, and a 138% increase in multicultural ad sales, the Spectrum Reach team hit a home run. The Pay It Forward program continued in 2022, with $10 million offered in small business grants to 1,200 businesses and $5 million offered in matching value.

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