Spectrum Enterprise Internal Brand Launch

Before heading to the market with a new brand identity that encourages business customers to “Be Unreasonable” and expect their technology provider to give them what they need to be successful, Spectrum Enterprise wanted to make sure its own employees were unified and ready to delivery on that promise. First came a tease of the launch via an Outlook invite from Spectrum Enterprise President Bill Archer to all 96,000 team members two weeks before launch. The new brand identity launched on Monday, Oct. 18, 2021. Employees walked into a different space than they had left on the previous Friday. Over the weekend, marketing personnel transformed workspaces with posters, pull-up banners, desk decals, elevator decals, tent cards and hero wall clings delivering messaging about the new identity and “Winning Ways.” Every desktop displayed branded lock screens and screen savers. Employees received a physical “engagement kit” with a printed letter from Archer, a brand book summarizing what it means to be Spectrum Enterprise and a sales brochure. Even the break rooms were transformed with signage, giveaways and breakfast. At breakfast and throughout launch day, marketing team members engaged with employees who had questions about the brand refresh. And at 2pm on launch day, an employee gift redemption site opened and everyone got to choose a T-shirt that promoted Spectrum Enterprise’s “Winning Ways.”

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