Sneakerella Shoes and DIY Decorating Box

Tchotchkes are fun, but it can be challenging to give them a personal feel since they’re small gifts that are typically sent out in bulk to influencers and reporters. Disney Branded Television found the solution with its promo for Disney+ original movie “Sneakerella.” The personalization started even before the Disney-themed swag box hit the mail, with the team reaching out to TCA members to ask for their shoe sizes. Even that small question helped build anticipation for the token. When the delivery arrived, TCA members were treated to a pair of plain white canvas low-top sneakers and an art kit for jazzing up the kicks. Reporters with a young Disney fan in their lives (as in our case) most likely had a lot of help with the project. The finished result was a colorful and special memento that elicits compliments every time we put them on. The tchotchke also was on point for the movie—a twist on the classic “Cinderella” fairytale that features a young sneakerhead in Queens who seeks to transform himself from a sneaker fanatic to a sneaker designer.

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