Rob Kennedy

Years in Cable: 37 

Education: BSEE, Illinois; MBA, Chicago Booth School of Business 

Kennedy has been C-SPAN’s president and co-CEO since 2006, a position he shares with his colleague Swain. Together, they are responsible for operations at the nation’s only public affairs cable television network. They’re a well-oiled machine, having worked together since the late ‘80s. While they share daily operating responsibilities at C-SPAN, they each have their own areas of emphasis. Swain focuses more on content, marketing and communications; Kennedy’s areas of expertise are technology, finance, affiliate relations, and digital. The big decisions, especially strategic ones, however, are made together. The pair is active on Facebook and Twitter; they see YouTube as a complimentary way to distribute content and attract new viewers.  


What inspires you most about this industry? The continued support of C-SPAN—38 years and counting! 

The biggest innovation in cable over the last year? Continued development of voice-enabled navigation 

The best thing about fast broadband is… it keeps getting faster! 

What product or service could you not live without? Waze navigation app (See next question) 

How long is your morning commute? One hour 

Favorite Saturday morning cartoon from your childhood? “Jonny Quest” 

Last show I watched not on my network(s): “Hunted” on CBS 

New favorite binge: “Westworld”  

Favorite podcast: C-SPAN’s “Q&A”; also “The Next Track” and “Pace The Nation” 

Honored For: