Peter Hutton

Years in Cable: 34  

Education: Cambridge University 

One Word that Best Describes Me: Traveler  

It’s been a banner year for this Discovery duo. Eurosport has become the epicenter of the company’s sports coverage in Europe and Asia, and with the 2018 Olympics approaching, Hutton is busier than ever overseeing the channel’s profile and distribution avenues, including a new deal to keep it as part of the Sky suite. Leever is one of Discovery’s most forward-thinking execs. She has to be, it’s a primary part of the job description. Under her watch, the Discovery GO suite of apps continue to gain momentum—more than 18 million streams and 225 percent growth—as does Discovery VR, a market leader with more than 2.5 million app downloads, and its Seeker digital network. She also led Discovery’s $100 million investment and strategic partnership with Group Nine Media last year. 


What inspires you most about this industry? The people, and their constant flow of new ideas. 

What are the top three qualities you look for in a hire? Curiosity, Determination, Inspiration. 

My OTT prediction is… It will allow sports fans worldwide to become more and more obsessed with their team. 

If President Trump tweeted about you, he would say… “You’re fired,” I can’t see us getting on. 

What product or service could you not live without? Coffee  

Best way to spend a Saturday night: At a soccer game 

Honored For: