Pat McAdaragh, Midco

Years in Media & Broadband: 40

Education: BA, Accounting, Augustana University

My personal superpower is: Ability to keep pace with my 3-year-old grandson Ronan

What habit are you keeping post-pandemic? Washing my hands more frequently.

How does the country narrow the digital divide? Start at the foundation by developing a precise, continuously updated mapping system that all benefactors support (dreaming).

Has the pandemic forever changed programming? No, it just speeded the changes up a bit.

My prediction for the future of regional sports networks: Migration to direct to consumer except for season-ending play-offs and championships.

What’s the future of direct-to-consumer streaming look like? Confusing.

Favorite C-SPAN Bus memory? Seeing the bus at the Cable Shows.

If you could host a Clubhouse chat with anyone, who would it be? Frederick Douglass.

How many times have you flown in the past year? Once.

Favorite mask? Standard blue hospital mask.

Honored For: