Spectrum Mobile Ozuna Campaign

For the second year in a row, Spectrum Latino Mobile paired up with Reggaeton mega-star Ozuna for a multi-platform media collaboration collaboration led by Infusion by Castells that targeted the Hispanic community. Touchpoints included a 45-minute streaming concert with Ozuna that was expanded to showcase the reliability of Spectrum Mobile service. There were pre-concert video and social, and on the day of the concert, the team had interviews, social tune-ins and watch parties. After the concert, it was made available on-demand to re-target new audiences. The 10-day production for all the assets was still a 75% virtual shoot with multiple virtual feeds, chats and tech to connect cast, talent, crew, post-production, and client/agency teams in numerous locations and required sequential small crews, shooting people interacting but separately and green screens to digitally re-create scenes later. The concert drove over 11 million views and the campaigns tied to Ozuna drove 30% of total mobile additions and 37% of total sub gains.

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