NCTI Customer Care Team

This team of four supports an NCTI student count of more than 6,000, and they do it well, with NCTI earning a 95%+ approval rating year after year in customer satisfaction surveys. The quartet is proof positive that customer care doesn’t just mean person-to-person interaction. They’ve elevated self-service to a science at NCTI. There is learning management platform Amp, which lets students track their progress at any time. There also are several virtual channels where students can provide feedback that is fed into an internal Customer Feedback Loop program that ensures the right team sees the feedback and responds. Of course, this foursome also uses social media, phone, email and live chat to manage customer needs as quickly as possible. Don’t just take our word for how awesome this team is. Check out some of the feedback the care team has received: “NCTI Customer Care are always very quick to respond to any issues that my employees may have or that I may have and get back to me within 24 hours.” “NCTI Customer Care are the best, always helpful and friendly some of the best customer service. I never dread needing to reach out. In fact, I look forward to it.”

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