Mark Stephan, Mediacom

Years in Industry: 33

Education: BS, Economics, Colorado State University

Mediacom CEO Rocco Commisso has become so legendary, we moved him to the Above it All section this year. With the strong leadership team of Pascarelli, Stephan and Weinand at the helm, he is able to devote more time to his other venture, Italian Soccer Club A.C.F. Fiorentina. The trio has been especially busy ensuring Mediacom rises to the challenges of COVID-19. On the operations side, Pascarelli has kept on top of necessary network enhancements and frontline protocols during the pandemic. Weinand acted quickly to get employees working from home, encouraged testing and waived telehealth copays. And Stephan keeps an eye on the bottom line, with the company generating improved free cash flow and continuing to aggressively deleverage. Mediacom ended 2019 by completing the redemption of the entire balance of the $50 million outstanding principal of its senior notes due 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic forever changed my perspective on: 
The solidarity of the American people

How has the pandemic shaped the industry’s future?
It demonstrated that the industry (i) is essential to society, (ii) could successfully operate in a complete shutdown of Americans’ lives, and (iii) is effectively meeting the needs and requirements of consumers and businesses.

Without sports on TV…
I have survived and cancelled my sports tiers.

Last content I streamed:

Is cable recession proof?
Absolutely, and now the industry can add that it is virus-proof.

The first thing I’ll do when I’m back in the office is…
Give virtual hugs to all my co-workers because I miss them!

Honored For: