Mark Greatrex

Greatrex is riding high with Cox Mobile celebrating its one-year anniversary in January. The offering now includes a full device portfolio, converged offers and multi-device discounts for residential customers. It’s early days, but Cox already is seeing better-than-expected churn impact to its core base when customers have mobile attached to accounts. Greatrex has also established himself as cable’s unofficial ambassador, holding various press events in D.C. to tout how access to broadband enriches rural Americans’ lives and how the Affordable Connectivity Program and other low-cost internet offerings benefit users, backing up the claims with Cox data. It’s not just talk. Under Greatrex, Cox has committed to bridging the digital divide with network expansion and by growing the number of customers on its affordable internet programs.

What emerging industry trend are you most excited by? We’re at the tip of the iceberg for AI. There is a lot of potential to leverage it in ways that delight customers and turbocharge our businesses.

My prediction for the $42 billion BEAD program: It has the potential to empower individuals and communities to achieve greater economic prosperity by enabling access to a high-speed internet connection. Cox has original survey data from our customers and community influencers who have benefited from affordability programs and market expansion into rural areas, and they’ve shared firsthand experiences about students, adults and communities that are now on a better path to prosperity.

Book, movie or TV series that greatly influenced my leadership style: I recommend the book “Dare to Lead” by Brené Brown. Her research on meaningful human connections is inspiring.

Favorite way to de-stress? Getting outside in mountain territory.

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