Mac Budill

Years in Cable: 26

Education: BA, Yale; MBA, Harvard

One Word that Best Describes Me: Cheesehead

With this trio of leaders guiding the NBCU universe, the company is the embodiment of the law of motion in a landscape filled with potential obstacles. Witness its recent digital commitments via a $500 million investment in Snapchat parent Snap, $400 million investment in Buzzfeed and $200 million stake in Vox. Bond identifies strategic opportunities for growth, pricing and distribution on multiple platforms, and in 2016 he led his team to approximately $6 billion in annual revenue including extensive agreements with distributors including AT&T DirecTV and DISH Network, and distribution of the Rio Olympic Games. Right-hand man Budill was a significant factor in all distribution growth, including deals with a slew of OTT platforms, and for NBCU’s sports programming. Manfredi brought in more than $1 billion in revenue in 2016, and etched out new distribution strategies for Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Universal Television, Universal Cable Productions and more.


If President Trump tweeted about you, he would say… “Love watching Mac Budill fail!!!”

New favorite binge: “Suits” (of course)

Honored For: