Lori Locke

As the head of all things integration at legacy Discovery, Locke’s 2022 found her in the role of strategic and tactical lead during the planning of the WarnerMedia and Discovery marriage. She also supported the launch of Discovery+, diving into the accounting of DTC distribution agreements and developing subscription revenue as well as content processes and controls.

“Make your goals known, understand what you need to do and work toward achieving those goals. Proactively develop relationships that help you get to the next level and don’t be afraid to take risks to reach your goals.”

Favorite Life Hack: Emails can be stressful as we get so many and there could be an important communication you don’t want to miss. Read your emails every day and take the following actions: if it takes less than 3 minutes, respond to the email; if there is no action, delete it or archive it; if you need to respond, keep it in your inbox, put it on a to do list/folder or call the sender. Sometimes matters are too complex for email. This keeps email stress down.

Advice on embracing change: Change is one constant in life we can guarantee so embracing change implies that you see change as an opportunity to improve your life and try new things.

My personal theme song: My inspiration often comes from listening to “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus as it talks about resilience which is so important on life’s difficult but rewarding journey. Resilience provides strength and hope that you can always get through any difficulties. During the course of life, you will have to face many struggles and challenges. Your mind and emotions may tell you to give up, but you have to keep trying to unlock the rewards knowing there is always another mountain to climb.

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