Liz Hsu

Hsu continues to work on product development and enhancements for the company’s video product profile. Thanks to her, Altice One has services now available in more than 100,000 homes. Speaking of numbers, Hsu advises cable newcomers to network as often as possible. “This industry is one that is very open to sharing ideas,” she says. “I’ve always found it useful to have a broad network.”

What’s a recent example of a step forward for diversity in the industry?
Having an open dialogue across the industry has been refreshing. Recently, there has been a greater willingness to discuss diversity and representation. The industry at large is starting to realize that diversity across the ranks makes us better at serving diverse audiences. And while we have had moments that have been characterized as ground-breaking for diversity in this industry, they shouldn’t be anomalies. We should strive to make diversity at the forefront of all decisions because it makes good business sense.

What’s your best advice to someone just entering the video content/distribution industry?
Meet tons of people and build a network. This industry is one that is very open to sharing ideas and best practices. Given the pace of the change, I’ve always found it useful to have a broad network that I can use as a sounding board and inform decisions.

What’s been the most dramatic change in your sector of the business today vs. three years ago?
Consumers have way more content choices today than three years ago. We’re seeing not just professionally produced original content that generates viewership, but semi-professional and user-generated content are also growing in popularity as well. At Altice USA, we are committed to providing a diversified entertainment experience for our customers and are constantly evaluating new content to understand what resonates with different segments. We need to continue to evolve and find ways to serve up content in a user experience that is intuitive, seamless, and simple, given all the clutter.

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