Linda Dillman

Years in Cable: 4

Education: Business Admin­istration from the University of Indianapolis

QVC’s global growth will continue to be a top priority this year for George, who encourages and pro­motes within the network core val­ues such as teamwork, customer focus and honest communication. Dillman and her team, meanwhile, have provided tremendous support for the expansion of the QVC expe­rience into new platforms, such as Apple TV and Apple Watch, helping to align QVC with the future of retail and entertainment industries. Execs make time for charitable endeavors, as well. Campbell is an advocate for the Housewares Charity Foundation, a charity group that supports the Breast Cancer Research Fund. She also supports one of QVC’s featured charities: Dress For Success.

My dream would be for… food storage containers to be con­nected to the Internet of Things so it could tell me when contents need to be thrown away.

What was your first job? Working the counter at Kentucky Fried Chicken

Best way to spend a Saturday night: Playing Euchre

Favorite binge: “Crossing Lines”

I watch the majority of program­ming on this device: TV/Roku

Honored For: