Kim Bui

Sponsor: Michael Bass

Bui is what we call a Natural Born Journalist. She joined CNN 27 years ago as an entry-level video journalist. Since then, she’s held more than 12 positions and now leads a team that empowers and inspires with storytelling across linear and digital platforms. Bui has built CNN’s “Impact Your World” franchise, empowering viewers to respond philanthropically to the news of the day. For example, more than $8 million has been raised to benefit the people of Ukraine. Her team also creates the multi-platform human-interest series “Champions for Change,” where CNN talent goes into the field to introduce viewers to the people who have made a positive impact in the world. “My CNN colleagues strive to get it right every time. Our multiple broadcast and digital platforms reach more than 2 billion people globally. With that comes the responsibility to tell stories that reflect our world and motivate individuals, governments and organizations to take action,” Bui says. The journalism gene is part of Bui’s blood. Her grandmother was a journalist who challenged political institutions in war-torn Vietnam and her parents owned a bilingual Vietnamese/English newspaper in the United States. It’s important to her that CNN tell stories that represent the world, with DEI woven into everything she does. That includes using an “Audience Reflection Tool” to measure whether the team’s work is reflecting all various aspects of social identity. Through everything, Bui wears her enthusiasm on her sleeve—sometimes literally. Michael Bass, EVP of Programming for CNN U.S., recalls walking into CNN’s Atlanta offices on its 35th anniversary. There was Bui wearing her anniversary T-shirt. “She was so happy to be celebrating CNN. Every day, proud and passionate to represent those three red letters in the very best way she can,” he says. “Working hard, demonstrating concern for others, both in the company and in the outside world, stressing diversity and inclusion, making an impact.”

“Kim’s concern for others and passion for creating an inclusive and collaborative work environment has been a key component of her leadership style.”

 – Michael Bass

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