Kevin Bennett

Years in Cable: 20

Education: BA, MA, West Virginia University

Bennett’s hyper-focused programming ap­proach with both ID and AHC stems from knowing his audiences—people who love true-crime stories and those who enjoy narrative, history-based documentaries—and securing boundary-pushing programming those audi­ences will love. With foundational programming “Barbara Walters Presents: American Scandals,” and “Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen,” Bennett is expanding offerings with ID’s first scripted series, Serial Thriller and by giving AHC’s production and development teams leeway to further explore the genre.

The biggest innovation in cable over the last year: The biggest innovation remains the fantastic content that keeps getting better and better. The future of cable is all about investing in quality programming content.

Favorite Podcast: “What the Crime?!”

Favorite binge: Rewatching “The Larry Sanders Show.” It’s even funnier than you remember.

I watch the majority of programming on this device: It is still the TV, even if I download shows I need to watch on a phone or tablet I generally stream (airplay) to a TV (home or office).

Hoverboard, driverless car or drone: Driverless car, of course. Can’t wait for all the other drivers on the road to get one.

My Starbucks order: Iced tea (unsweetened, black—I will take a large if you are headed there…)

Best way to spend a Saturday night: Ironically, watching “Friday Night Lights.”

What was the last costume that you wore and why? I dress as a giant Bat when Gotham is in trouble, but perhaps I have said too much.

Honored For: