Ken Lowe

Years in Cable: 23

Education: BA, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Unlike most other cable portfolios, the Scripps stable (headed by flagships Food Network and HGTV) has put up durable ratings and isn’t panicked about time-shifting since its live viewership in many time periods rivals that of ESPN. A study in March by the company showed the ads airing during its lifestyle programming scored 22 percent higher engagement than the same ads elsewhere. Lowe, whose run at Scripps began in 1980, will step down in 2019. But he will leave a company worth about $8 billion and with plenty of digital upside. Jablin was one of the programming execs who launched HGTV in 1994 and became COO in 2013. He also championed Scripps Lifestyle Studios, which helped generate branded content that netted more than 2 billion views in Q4 2016, up from 300 million views in the same period in 2015.

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