Etzkorn champions QRG’s belief that there’s a third way to shop beyond traditional brick-and-mortar stores and transactional ecommerce. Globally, the company is first in video commerce, reaching 370 million homes worldwide via 16 television networks and other platforms. Etzkorn has been in charge of some of the company’s largest technology endeavors and advancement projects. Fun and engaged with her team, she also provides a laidback work atmosphere in order to promote productivity. “The key to our success is investment in people,” she says. “Teams are trained to move with fluidity and speed, all fixated on one goal: results.”

What’s been the most dramatic change in your sector of the business today vs. three years ago?
People desire to be connected. The most dramatic shifts of the last century transformed how people share their story with the world. What technologists have come to expect, and encourage, is constant change. We are always moving forward and fixated on enabling the business to connect with our customers, team, and community, and have them connect back. Over the past three years, the shear demand for technology and services required a dramatic shift within ourselves. As quickly as our customers can click, the entire system, from cloud to ground, must work flawlessly. The key to our success is investment in people. Agility of thought and rapid adaptation have become standard. Teams are trained to move with fluidity and speed, all fixated on one goal: results. This new way of thinking has moved us from “why?” to “why not?” and that’s where innovation and diversity of thought will prepare us for even greater demand ahead.

Who is an inspirational woman you admire, and why?
I have had the pleasure and opportunity to be inspired in both my career and professional life by many amazing women. One woman who stands out is the late Vivian Stephenson. Vivian was my boss, mentor and especially my advocate at a former company. Not only did she have an amazing life–emigrated at an early age from Cuba, but also an amazing career culminating with COO and CIO roles with major retailers. Vivian taught me to never shy away from a challenge and to always have confidence in my capabilities. To this day, I will think about what she would tell me to do as I hit a snag, challenge or issue–and she continues to inspire me to be a better leader.

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