Josh Reader AMC

Years in Industry: 9

Education: Brown University, BA; Columbia Law School, JD

Kelleher only joined AMC Networks in September, but her team moved quickly to unveil a new trade campaign in October featuring all five network brands. Renewals are Reader’s game, and he was able to strike long-term deals with distributors like DISH while also bringing the company’s content to AVOD Pluto TV. He’s also had success growing the company’s stable of SVODs. Schupack led stunning campaigns around the launch of nature micro-net Wonderstruck as well as the premiere of BBC America’s latest nature epic “Seven Worlds, One Planet.”

The COVID-19 pandemic forever changed my perspective on: Pandemics.

The first thing I’ll do when I’m back in the office is…
Wash my hands, and then finally hang some pictures on my office walls.

Best Zoom background goes to…
A kid in my daughter’s preschool class: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Obi Wan Kenobi in the Millenium Falcon

Working from home has taught me…
That it’s not nearly as good as it sounded before we were forced to do it.

Last show binged not on your networks:
“The Last Kingdom” (okay, so the first season was on one of our networks …)

Without sports on TV, I have…
Not really noticed their absence.

Honored For: