John Stankey

Years in Cable: 33

Education: Loyola Marymount; MBA, UCLA

When AT&T tapped Stankey last year to oversee Time Warner’s businesses after the completion of AT&T’s acquisition of the company, he surely had no idea how long of a road was ahead of him. This magazine is set to print just days before a federal judge is expected to rule on the US Department of Justice’s attempt to halt the $85 billion purchase. It’s a trial that Stankey attended regularly and testified in, detailing how he raised the idea of a deal with AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson in 2016. Whatever the outcome, it’s clear Stankey will continue to be one of the company’s top lieutenants, even if he doesn’t end up heading Warner Bros, HBO and the Turner networks. He’s been an integral part of the company for three decades, helping lead the initial U-verse launch, the acquisition and integration of DirecTV and the expansion into Mexico and Latin America.

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