John Cinelli

Years at Current Organization: Nearly 20

First Job in the Industry: Kentucky Data Link

Bucket List: White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon is on my list and I am excited to cross it off this summer.

How will inflation impact the media and broadband space? It appears that the spaces have managed to be untouched by inflation. During a time when people are needing connectivity the most to work, learn and entertain, the industries have seen a large uptick in demand and have been able to stabilize prices. Government programs have also been introduced to assist consumers with the connectivity the want and need.

What will it take to see a seismic shift away from linear television for sports? Direct-to-consumer streaming provides real choices that consumers have wanted in video for a long time. Metronet’s goal is to help its’ consumers take advantage of this trend. Streaming requires fast, consistent internet speeds, and a fiber connection is the best way to deliver these services with the highest video quality. Some streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube TV, offer programming “live” as it airs while others provide access to a library of previously aired programs. Being able to watch your favorite programs without interruption is very important. In order to have the best possible experience, consumers will need fast, symmetrical internet connection speeds that can accommodate multiple devices simultaneously, without buffering.

The phrase “digital divide” will go away… once accessibility and affordability are addressed. Mayors and other city leaders currently are faced with a wide range of choices for their cities when trying to bridge the digital divide. Our strategy of building 100% fiber optic networks and connecting directly to homes and businesses without the use of public funds has proven to be a very effective approach. And now the small towns that Metronet serves are Gigabit Cities and have access to affordable, ultra-high-speed broadband.

Has the telco rollout of 5G wireless in North America impacted your business? The 5G rollout has proven to be complimentary to our business.

What household chore could you win a gold medal in? I believe I could win a gold medal for dishwashing. I’m very effective and efficient when the opportunity presents itself. It also provides to moment to focus on the task at hand and clear my thoughts.

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