Joel Hassell

Years at Current Organization: Almost 12

First Job in the Industry: Software developer

Bucket List: Hold my wife’s hand on my 100th birthday

What does the metaverse mean to you? Look at all the advertising inventory! (Alternately and cynically, “So I never need to leave my house again?”)

What’s your Wordle strategy? To not play

Boredom buster? Woodworking with my sons and sons-in-law

Band I’d go see live: Queen back in the day (1980s) with Farrokh Bulsara on vocals.

Which character are you in “Encanto”? Reply in Spanish here to fit the movie: Yo soy Bruno. Como el CEO de Canoe, prefiero que la gente hable sobre mi equipo, y no sobre mi. Ellos son la magia real de Canoe. (Translation: I am Bruno. As the CEO of Canoe, I prefer that people talk about my team and not me. They are the real magic of Canoe.)

My prediction for NFTs… will be commonplace in the metaverse

What childhood memento have you kept? Memories of my family

Favorite dish that I can also make myself: Pecan pie

What household chore could you win a gold medal in? Supervising

If my company had a mascot, it would be: An ant. Let me explain, our corporate culture is very communal. We all work towards a set of common goals and the team is exceptional at transitioning from one person to the next. Most important, the entire team carries far more than is typically expected of mere mortals. (Scientific research from 2014 shows that an ant can carry a theoretical weight of 5000 times their body mass – that’s Canoe.)

If I had a time machine, I would… go mad trying to sort out the butterfly effect of undoing so many human atrocities.

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