Under Slowikowska’s leadership, Sling TV has vastly expanded its international library to more than 3,500 on-demand assets, and Sling became the first OTT provider to carry the World Cup in multiple languages. Slowikowska has three core principles that define her leadership philosophy: Lead by example, “walk the talk,” and treat others how she wants to be treated. She’s a member of the steering committee for the DISH Women’s Network, and mentors young professionals across DISH and Sling. Slowikowska references her mother as a woman in her life who has inspired her. She “always grounds and guides me through my life choices and whose sacrifices shaped the person I am today,” she says.

What’s a recent example of a step forward for women in the media industry?
Women now seem to have more voices and are finally finding a place at the table vs sitting always behind.

Who is an inspirational woman you admire, and why?
Marie Curie—she was an extraordinary woman whose perseverance and determination (against all odds, being a woman scientist when men controlled that field) changed the world by winning two Nobel Prizes. Also my mom, who always grounds and guides me through my life choices and whose sacrifices shaped the person I am today.

What’s been the most dramatic change in your sector of the business today vs. three years ago?
Over the past three years, I have seen an abundance of free content appear online, which makes it more difficult to sell paid subscriptions. Additionally, consumer viewing habits are changing; consumers are moving toward short-form content and watching content on-demand instead of live content, which is why Sling has invested in adding more on-demand content, with more than 83,000 on-demand assets across the service. The growth of piracy has also impacted the industry, making it difficult for legitimate paid services to compete with free pirated content.

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