HGTV’s Home Town/ Home Town Takeover Partnership with Comcast

Discovery affiliate marketing and HGTV marketing teams partnered with Comcast to promote Comcast’s Xfinity xFi product, help support Comcast’s Lift Zones initiative and create awareness for HGTV’s hit series “Home Town” and new spinoff “Home Town Takeover.” Comcast launched “Lift Zones” in community centers nationwide, creating WiFi connections as part of its commitment to connect low-income families. With new show Home Town Takeover breathing new life into the town of Wetumpka, Ala., HGTV and Discovery teamed up with Comcast to launch three custom social good projects at Comcast Lift Zones: a teen lounge, STEM room and kitchen renovations and computer lab upgrades. HGTV donated $50,000 to each Lift Zone for a revitalization project of its choice. In addition, a custom mural was designed specifically for each community by a local artist. The three-way partnership also included integrations with an xFi cross-channel spot and a Xfinity xFi Gateway integration in an episode of “Home Town.” Through strategic marketing tactics in partnership with Comcast and HGTV, Discovery’s Affiliate Marketing team generated over 218 million impressions and a ton of awareness for Comcast’s Xfinity xFi product and Internet Essentials program—as well as HGTV’s Home Town and Home Town Takeover.

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