Grown-ish: Senior Year Campaign

With “grown-ish” gearing up for Season 4, the Freeform team crafted marketing messages along some of the loose ends that the season would tie up. Specifically, it asked fans “who gets married?” Freeform began the tease campaign with a “Save-the-Date” post on Instagram, using the mystery of who’s going to say “I do” as a hook. Freeform quickly followed suit with a barrage of social posts, teasing the developing romances between each of the couples in the show. All marketing elements were co-branded Freeform and “Next Day on Hulu” to maximize tune-in. Grown-ish also created a series of Black Student Union videos, giving viewers and real college students a forum to interact with the cast and have meaningful discussions on real events impacting college life, such as cancel culture and spirituality. Black Student Union became a hub for meaningful dialogue surrounding the excitement and stress of college life.

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