Greg Chapados

Years in Media & Broadband: 38

Education: AB & JD, Harvard

My personal superpower is: Eating Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies in lockdown

My proudest professional achievement over the past 12 months is… Three achievements: First, working with the entire GCI team to meet Alaska’s data services needs during the height of the pandemic. Second, GCI’s decision to launch a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative. We serve a diverse state and encouraging diversity at all levels within GCI will put us on a path to better understand and meet our customers’ needs. Third, launching GCI’s AU-Aleutians project to deliver fiber service to some of the most remote communities in the country, including Dutch Harbor/Unalaska of “Deadliest Catch” fame.

Favorite mask? I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, so my favorite mask has to be my University of Alaska — Fairbanks Nanooks mask.

What show/movie hasn’t been rebooted that you wish would be? “Gilligan’s Island.” People trapped on an island and can’t go anywhere? I think Covid audiences could relate. Seems like a missed opportunity.

Status of your sourdough bread starter? Sourdough starter is the basis for every respectable loaf of bread and pancake served in Alaska. I was born and raised in Fairbanks. My sourdough starter is thriving.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? Kayaking, fishing, and hiking in western Alaska.

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