Greg Butz

Butz and Rigdon share more than the same first name. They share a commitment to offering customers what they want before they even want it. Last summer Butz took on his new role as president of the company’s new mobile unit, carrying with him the traits and customer insights that helped him drive growth in his previous consumer marketing role for Xfinity. Rigdon negotiates programming and distribution agreements that make TV Everywhere a reality for Comcast subscribers, ensuring they can watch their favorite programs and events on just about any platform or device they prefer. Werner’s been leading the charge for some of Comcast’s biggest platform developments and, under his leadership, last year the company began rolling out its DOCSIS 3.1 powered gigabit service to customers in four major markets, with additional markets to come in 2017. Even more impressive? Werner and his team have already processed more than 1 billion voice commands from the 10M+ voice remotes already in use by X1 customers.

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