Grace Abblitt

Sponsor: Jill Arbet

Abblitt got her start in the industry through a six-month Honors Marketing Practicum with Fox Sports that involved creating an extensive 360-degree marketing and branding campaign to promote the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. She was bitten by the bug and then spent six years at a full-service marketing and branding firm in Oklahoma City. One of her clients was Vyve Broadband, which she joined full-time in 2020 to lead in-house digital marketing. Her achievements have included working with Customer Experience and Operations to develop a fully automated sales referral program for technicians and retail employees with customized and personalized business cards with unique QR codes for each technician. It’s a win-win, with employees paid commissions for referrals and Vyve adding subscribers. While digital is Abblitt’s jam, the Vyve team quickly realized Abblitt will pitch in on any special project or wherever there is a need. “When Grace leads a project, she pays attention to every detail, completes it on time, tracks results and keeps the team updated. Grace makes an impact at Vyve in numerous ways and on an ongoing basis,” says Vyve Marketing SVP Jill Arbet. Abblitt credits a keen sense of curiosity helping her grow. “Consciously being open to learn and ask questions is, in my experience, critical to professional and organizational growth. Digging deeper below the surface has allowed me to generate new ideas and identify solutions for complex problems,” she says. “Most importantly, being curious and asking others questions have given me the opportunity to get to know my colleagues and teammates on a deeper level and have more meaningful conversations.”

 “I appreciate that Grace will stand her ground and provide information to support her ideas and beliefs. This determination continues to help Vyve grow and keep relevant.”

– Jill Arbet

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