Gary Levine

Years at Current Organization: 21

First Job in the Industry: Director, current programs, Columbia Pictures Television (after 10 years of producing non-profit theater in NY)

What’s your Wordle strategy? Start with “adieu” to get your vowels in place.

How many companies have you worked for? Just in my time at Showtime, alone, I’ve been employed by four different companies: Viacom, CBS, ViacomCBS and now Paramount Global!

Boredom buster? Sitting down at the piano to play and sing a song or two

What creative property do you hope does NOT get adapted into a show, movie or remake? The lurid dramatization of my sudden and scandalous fall from grace!

What childhood memento have you kept? The hardhat I wore working as a teenager on a soda plant assembly line, to remind me of what hard work feels like

I was today years old when I found out… there was an expression “today years old”!

TV show I always recommend not on my networks: There are other networks??

If I had a time machine, I would… go back to my childhood days in Brooklyn and buy a brownstone.

Honored For: