At this stage in the overwhelming success of HBO’s groundbreaking series “Game of Thrones,” it might seem like all the marketing that could be done, has been done. Yet HBO has not rested, making a special effort to engage with fans of the show and remind them that indeed, WINTER IS COMING. Innovative promotions included a total takeover of Reddit, having stars from the show brought in to surprise fans at SXSW, innovative cross-promotions with MLB and unique winter-themed site takeovers that tied-in to 12 newly-released character posters to keep the hype going. HBO cast a wide net, even though the fish were already jumping into the boat.

Honored For:

  • Cablefax FAXIES 2018
    • Integrated Marketing Campaign
    • Marketing of a Continuing Series
    • Project Westeros: Hyping Game of Thrones Season 7 (SKY Cable Corporation)
      Marketing of a Continuing Series